Science and Spirituality Don’t Have to Be Incompatible

science and spirituality

There is a widespread belief that in order to believe in science and, more so, to practice science, a person must part with their spiritual beliefs. One study found that, in actuality, only 32% of scientists worldwide believe that there is unavoidable tension existing between the scientific and spiritual worlds.

In this age of division, it is important that we find harmony between science and spirituality. When these two are at odds, we risk the spreading of misinformation as well as harm and bigotry.

The truth is, science and spirituality are not incompatible. In fact, when we de-politicize both, we see that they are complimentary.

Read on for our discussion of the scientific and spiritual worlds and why they are not as incompatible as some make them out to be.

Science: Understanding Our Physical World

The object of science is to understand how our physical world functions. It is based on certain facts and laws that we’ve come to understand through the scientific method. The scientific method relies on experimentation, observation, reasoning, and the testing of hypotheses.

For example, it was through the scientific method that Sir Isaac Newton came to explain the reason that our earthly bodies stay rooted to the earth. It was through the scientific method that this same gentleman came to explain the laws of motion. The scientific method allowed Einstein to explore the concept of wicking, which made possible the invention of absorbent cleaning items like paper towels.

Science has also allowed us to make advancements in protecting our earthly bodies. Medical science and nutritional science give us the opportunity to improve our physical health and live long and healthy lives.

Even when science deals with those things we can’t see with the naked eye, it remains focused on the physical world. Atoms, for example, are not optically observable, and yet, they physically exist. Because science is so attuned to the physical world, it often explains things that our spirituality cannot.

Spirituality: Understanding Our Souls

When we talk about the spiritual world, we often think of it as outside of the physical. We may sometimes refer to this as the metaphysical world. This is where we consider questions of reality, perception, and, above all, meaning.

For example, the concept of good and evil have burdened humankind for all of our existence. Yet, it is not a physical essence and there are no laws or tests that can define it objectively. Instead, we turn to philosophy, ancient texts, and our inner souls in search of answers.

When we experience inner turmoil or loss, we often find that spirituality is more helpful than science. We may appreciate the scientific progress that brought us the internet, allowing us to reach out to psychics or others who can offer us spiritual guidance. However, in this instance, science is a vessel that transports us to the spiritual realm we seek.

Spirituality allows us to ask questions about our past, present, and future in ways that cannot be tested with the scientific method. It allows us to explore our dreams, our sadness, our love, and our joy. It allows us to consider the non-physical part of ourselves: the soul.

Why Science and Spirituality Do Not Contradict One Another

As we’ve demonstrated, science involves the physical realm while spirituality involves things that are less tangible. When we say less tangible we mean that you cannot point to it, touch it, or pick it up. Instead, you must have faith that it exists.

Like spirituality, science involves curiosity, inquisitiveness, and the desire to understand our lives. In some ways, it even involves faith.

When we think of science in the present moment, we think of laws that have been proven to be true. Yet, science would not be so mysterious and so fascinating if it didn’t require a little revision now and again. That does not mean that the original law was false, but that we’ve acquired new information that has expanded our understanding of the law.

One thing that science can’t prove or disprove is the existence of the soul, of a higher power, and of spiritual meaning. Perhaps this is why we so often assume that the two are at odds. If scientists share the goal of finding proof and they can’t prove that these things exist, then they must believe that they don’t exist at all.

The truth is that when we combine our beliefs, accepting both the spiritual and the scientific, we come much closer to understanding what it means to be on this earth.

Science can explain how we come to be born, why our bodies may behave in certain ways, and what we must do to keep our physical presence alive and well. Spirituality can explain what it means to be alive, how we connect, and how to become better, kinder people.

In other words, there are no incompatibilities. There are only compliments.

Deepen Your Spirituality

In many ways, it can be easier to accept science than spirituality. What do we mean by that?

Science is there for the taking. Even if you do not understand the laws of physics or the ways that chemicals interact with one another, you can accept that what has been proven is true.

This is where science and spirituality may differ. Because spirituality is faith-based, it is easy to get lost, confused, or disheartened. Sometimes, we need help coming back into our spiritual consciousness.

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