Astrology 101: The Powerful Differences Between Your Rising and Sun Sign

Astrology 101

Astrology has become more popular in recent years due to people turning away from organized religion and toward ancient practices that resonate with their spirits. Knowledge about astrology makes meeting new people interesting as you can dissect them and discuss their personalities. While Astrology 101 tells you about your personality, life path, and tips for creating a more successful life, the further you dive into astrology, the more complex it becomes. 

As you gain more facts about astrology, you can use it for divination, manifestation, and more. That’s why a gifted psychic who specializes in using your astrology chart can be of great help to you as you first begin learning about your chart. If you want to understand the basic difference between your sun sign versus your rising sign, keep reading.

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the interpretation of the position of the stars in correspondence to the Earth’s rotation around its own axis and around the sun. There are different types of astrology, such as sidereal, tropical, natal, and planetary astrology, to name a few. For the purposes here, natal or horoscope astrology will be discussed.

Celestial bodies are astronomical objects in observable space. The position of celestial bodies in their relation to a specific person’s chart relates to how it’s interpreted. A natal chart is based upon the coordinates of the horizon and zenith at time and place of birth. The positions of the planets or the zodiacal positions are relative to the markers within an individual’s birth chart. 

Each sign or zodiac has certain typologies. They each express their own characteristics, nature, traits, tendencies, and motivations that become more pronounced and nuanced depending on where a certain planet lies within your chart.

Astrology 101: Understanding Your Sun Sign

Even people who are not into astrology or believe in astrology know what their sun sign is. Your sun sign is the zodiac sign in which the sun is positioned at birth. The sun sign is the core of your personality. It is the deepest part of you reflected in your engagements with close friends and family members.

The sun’s characteristics can mean ‘to be’ or, in other words, are the truth of the situation. Sometimes this means that it represents what is hidden or beneath the surface. The sun sign represents an authentic version of you, which is not always accessible to everybody.

The sun correlates to your ego, which is your conscious mind that identifies with the self. The ego is based upon your higher self, the version of yourself you aspire to be and are at your core. So, the sun represents both the ego and the self, the part of your identity that has aspirations.

The sun also represents a person’s inner self and will. The sun is masculine, representing male figures such as your father and husband. Regardless of your gender, the sun provides clues to the type of relationship you will have with the men in your life. 

The sun represents life, nobility, courage, pride, generosity, and loyalty. It is a sign of youthfulness, relating to the time in your life you have many hopes and ambitions. 

Understanding Your Rising Sign

A person’s rising sign or ascendant sign is the zodiac sign that crosses the eastern horizon at the time you are born. The rising sign of your chart describes your physical appearance, general behavior, and the way others perceive you. 

While the moon sign is associated with your inner emotional world, your chart’s rising sign is associated with appearance and how you come across the external world. 

The ascendant represents your spontaneous behavior and the ways in which you react to situations. It is a tangible manifestation of both your inner and outer worlds. Because of this, the rising sign is helpful in understanding how your style reflects your inner personality. 

Your rising sign very much makes up how you present yourself in a social setting, making it the ruler over your social personality. It determines what motivates and drives you to behave the way you do. This is why the ascendant sign can also be misleading because it does not characterize yourself to the inner core, only the way you present yourself to the world. 

Sun Sign Vs. Rising Sign

The rising sign can be more instinctive than the sun, along with being more physically associated with appearance and health than the sun is. But, they both can relate to vitality and health.

As the sun relates to your deeper inner world, the rising sign more so represents what is ‘to seem’ rather than ‘to be.’

Your rising sign is often referred to as the mask, while your sun sign is referred to as the self. It’s interesting because you could have a sun and ascendant sign that are very different from each other, making others perceive you in a way that isn’t true to your core identity. 

Understanding How The Signs Relate To Each Other

Knowing your sun and rising signs are the first steps to getting to know yourself and the prospects of your life better. Your chart can help you in social interactions, gain more fulfillment in your career, or even help your love life.

Through gaining knowledge on your sun sign, you can gain insight into the type of male partner that would be ideal for you. This can help to confirm your current relationship or confirm the type of love that works for you. 

Your rising sign, for example, could be helpful in understanding how you come off to employers. But, it could be helpful to get help reading your chart from a professional psychic. With the help of a verified and authentic psychic, you can get a personalized reading for any type of insight you’re seeking. 

Whether you want confirmation on your love life, advice about manifesting your dream reality, or financial guidance, a qualified professional can help you tap into all this and more. 

Book A Psychic

Keep teaching yourself astrology 101 basics. Astrology facts are helpful to learn. The more you self-educate, the more advanced you’ll become in utilizing the celestial bodies’ positions to your advantage. 

With help from a psychic professional, you can tap into this potential even more. Scroll near the bottom of Psychic Directory’s phone psychic page here and book a phone reading with a clairvoyant astrologer to gain wisdom on the course of your future today.

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