Your Guide to the Pagan Gods and Goddesses: Who Are They and What Do They Represent

It’s easy to call yourself a Pagan. The truth is, anyone of any religion can do tarot readings, say they have a connection with nature, or work with crystals. Being a Pagan is about the deep connection that you have with the gods and goddesses.

The unique thing about this beautiful religion is that you have a choice. There are a million Pagan gods and goddesses out there. Which one or ones that you choose depend on what you’re wanting to get out of your worship.

To help you make a decision here is a quick guide on a few of the different common deities and what they represent.

1. Gods and Their Domains

Again, being Pagan is all about creating a relationship with the deity that you choose. Honoring them is the core of your ritual work. You consult them through the changing of the seasons and other aspects of your life as well.

With this in mind, let’s jump into a list of reasons why you may invoke a god or goddess and which ones are best for which reason.


Do you need a little help in getting inspiration for your creative work? You’ll want to turn to Lugh.

Lugh is known as the Celtic blacksmith. He’s not just good as a smithy though. He’s a god of many skills.

If your talents are centered more around domestic creativity than metalwork then Hestia, Vesta, or Brighid would be a better choice for you.


You’ll want to be careful when doing any work that’s centered around destruction. The Morrigan, the Celtic war goddess is an option. You shouldn’t take her lightly though.

If you want to be a little more on the safe side then try Demeter. She’s the Dark Mother of the Harvest. You could also go with Shiva, Sekhmet, or Kali.

Fall Harvest

Every year the Fall Harvest comes around. When and if you celebrate consider taking a little time to give honor to Herne. He’s the God of the hunt.

Osiris is associated with harvest time and grain. Again, you can go with the dark mother of the harvest Demeter or her daughter Persephone.

Ponoma is known for the abundance of trees and orchards. These are only a few of your options. There are a ton of harvest deities.

Feminine Energy, Fertility, and Motherhood

Artemis, Isis, and Venus are all-powerful goddesses associated with femininity. Juno will watch over you and your little one when you’re going into labor.

If you’re trying to have a baby then you take your pick. There are about as many fertility gods and goddesses that there are harvest ones.

Freya represents sexual energy. There are also Cernunnos and Bona Dea. Again these are only a few of the many options that you have.

Love, Marriage, and Lust

If you need protection over your marriage or help saving it then you should invoke Juno, Vesta, or Frigga. Aphrodite and Venus give assistance to those that are still looking for love. Eros and Cupid both represent lust.


There is magic in all things around us. If this is your belief then you may find comfort in invoking Isis.

She’s called upon by many who are doing general magical work. Hecate is another good option. She’s known as the goddess of sorcery.

Masculine Energy

We’ve been over the gods and goddesses that represent femininity. Now we’re going to go over the ones for the men who are reading.

Cernunnos is a powerful option. You could also go with the Norse gods Thor and Odin.

3. Can You Have More than One?

There are no rules that say you can’t choose more than one of the gods or goddesses that we’ve listed. Pagan deities aren’t the jealous type.

You can align yourself with one and then do a ritual that invokes another. This is encouraged while you’re still on your search for your patron god or goddess.

4. How to Find Your Patron God or Goddess?

It’s not always easy to find your patron deity when you’re new to Paganism. You’ll be called and be given signs but they can be easy to miss if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

Being Called

You’ve probably heard the term “calling” associated in many religions. It’s the same for Paganism. You may start to see visions in your dreams.

They may contain images that are associated with a certain god or goddess. At times, these dreams are followed by inner voices and strong pulls.

Look for Signs

Sometimes visions and signs will come to you if you put yourself into a deep meditative state. Your deity may even contact you directly and put you on the path you’re destined for.

Not all signs are that obvious. You may experience subtle hints like animals or feathers in your walking path.

It’s Okay if You’re Not Called

You may not experience a calling and that’s okay. Not everyone does.  You may be too new to Paganism to work with a specific deity.

You could be experiencing signs but you’re not catching on to them. You may need to be the one to put forth a little bit of initiative and contact the deities yourself.

Your Guide to the Pagan Gods and Goddesses

Are you new to Paganism? There will come a time when you’ll need to start your journey toward choosing a patron deity.

Use some of the Pagan gods and goddesses that we’ve listed here as a starting point. Good luck in your search.

It doesn’t hurt to get extra help when looking for your deity. Chat with us today for a bit of guidance.

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