Ouija Board Safety

If you happen to believe that there is a spirit world, an afterlife, then you may find that when used properly Ouija boards can be a valuable tool for communicating with the world beyond. However, it is worth noting that those familiar with ouija boards and spirit contact recommend certain precautions be taken. With a few simple precautions, a Ouija board can be used without worrying about attracting mischievous spirits (sometimes called ‘jokester’s’) or spirits who are less than friendly. By reading the tips below almost anyone will be able to use a ouija board safely.

Ouija Board SafetyBriefly, let’s cover the history of the ouija board. The Ouija Board game was introduced to the U.S. and European public in 1890 by a game making company. It’s popularity expanded in the early 1900’s when a noted Spiritualist medium embraced the ouija board as an acceptable method for spirit contact. However, the roots of the ouija board trace back over a millennium to China.

There is nothing wrong with considering Ouija a simple board game that explores spirit contact. For those who hold that there is no such thing as an afterlife or a spirit world, them playing with a ouija board is nothing more than a form of amusement. Most often nothing comes from playing with a Ouija board and more than one hoaxer has used the board to create the illusion of spirit contact (and many a scary youtube video has been staged with Ouija boards). But, every now and then, strange events seem to occur around those using a Ouija board. There is no predicting when or if something paranormal may occur. Maybe it has to do with the particular group using a ouija board, or someone in the group happens to have unknown clairvoyant or psychic talents, or the location lends itself to spirit contact. What may happen is impossible to say. Maybe a spirit or spirits just decide to join in the activity, maybe not. Regardless, it’s a good idea to take a few safety precautions recommended by those who know more about spirits and spirit contact.

Deciding on who will be in the group for a Ouija session is important. The group should be friendly and have a good attitude regarding spirits and the spirit world. One should not invite anyone who is harboring strong negative energy. By that I mean anyone who is very angry, considers hateful thoughts normal or who is consumed with envy or jealousy. Anyone who thinks it would be ‘cool’ to contact an evil spirit or ask spirits to harm others (either directly or indirectly) should never be allowed anywhere near a ouija board. These types of individuals will only draw the worst of the spirit world to the ouija board group.

Though some say people who are skeptical of spirits or the spirit world should not be involved in a ouija board seance, my research shows this is not an issue. Being a skeptic really is not a problem. Historically, skeptics have been welcomed to attended ouija board sessions. There is nothing wrong with healthy skepticism as long as the heart of the skeptic is good. Far worse is the believer with ill intentions. It is understandable, however, not wanting a skeptic who will verbally question everything during the ouija session. What you want is a good group, positive energy and a respectful attitude towards both spirits and the spirit world.

As a general rule, it is best not to experiment with a ouija board alone. Of course, those with advanced experience in spirit contact or with working with ouija boards will differ in this opinion. Ouija is best appreciated by the vast majority of people in groups, not as a solo expedition. If it is not convenient to gather a group for a ouija board seance, and you want to work on personal spirit contact, then consider learning automatic writing. Also, never push or use peer pressure to make someone join a ouija board session or seance. If someone is not comfortable working with a ouija board there is likely an important reason. Respect other’s opinions about not wanting to play with a ouija board.

Setting the environment is important. Although bad movies and poorly produced videos often show people around a ouija board in a dimly lit room or in the dark, this really isn’t recommended, especially for beginners. For one reason, it is too easy for hoaxers and those who enjoy pranks to play mind games with members of the group. For another reason, you are looking to call on beneficial, kindly spirits who are naturally more attracted to the light, not the gloom. So, a well lit room with a few candles is recommended. Other ouija board enthusiasts disagree and feel mild to dim lighting is best. Some experts recommend flowers and that is a nice touch. Incense is NOT recommended. Smoke of any sort tends to hinder the presence of spirits. In fact, in Asia, incense is often used to drive away spirits and residual energies from past events. Many Native American tribes burned ‘smudge sticks’ to clear away unwanted spirits or impure energies.

Just about any location is fine for a ouija board session or seance. Under high voltage lines or anywhere you have high voltage current is generally not a good idea. Many in the paranormal investigation field have noted that spirits, ghosts and so forth seem to avoid strong magnetic fields. If you are considering going to a ‘spooky’ location or a place where ghostly events have occurred to hold a session with a ouija board my only recommendation is that someone in the group have experience with paranormal events or be an experienced psychic medium. Should some unusual event occur it is best to have someone around who can reassure the group and provide some sort of guidance. Another tip is for everyone in the group to make sure they turn off their cell phones and electronic devices.

Now, the most important ouija safety precaution for a ouija seance session is to open with either a prayer for protection and/or a ritual clearing of the space of negative energy. It can be as simple as a moment of quiet meditation on meeting only ‘good’ spirits and a spiritual request to have only a positive ouija experience, but some form of request for protection or clearing should be done. Most experienced ouija board users have some form of a positive, spiritual ritual prior to using a ouija board. The idea is to attract only benign, helpful spirits and/or spirits who have no ill intent towards others. Sometimes a harmless, but tormented, spirit may join the group (especially if the spirit or ghost inhabits the location where the ouija session is taking place) This can be disturbing but is not really dangerous in any fashion. Also, many psychic mediums and spirit mediums recommend that the ouija board is ‘blessed’ with a prayer prior to use.

Every session with a ouija board is different. There is no telling what may occur. What is important is to plan your ouija board session and FOLLOW THROUGH with proper opening and closing rituals and practices with safety in mind. Setting a time limit is generally not a good idea. It is best to just let things unfold. If nothing is happening and the group is losing interest, call it a night and close the session with your standard rituals. If a ouija board session is spontaneous (in other words someone drags the ouija board out of the closet during a party or a guest finds the board on a shelf while browsing the host’s books), it still remains important to do the proper opening and closing of the ouija board seance.

During a ouija board seance keep all the questions simple, positive and formal. Ask any spirits present to make themselves known by using the planchette (the pointer on the ouija board) and to introduce themselves. You can ask the spirits name; if they lived in this world previously; does the ghost or spirit have a message for anyone in the group; are there pet spirits nearby; and so forth. For ouija safety do NOT ask negative, disrespectful questions or ask the spirit to do ‘tricks’ like a trained pony. Never ask spirits to do you favors; to cause anyone else trouble; or ask if the spirit is ‘evil’ or if evil spirits would be willing to make contact. Asking such negative questions only invites ugly spirits who would most likely just torment the members. Such spirits could care less what the members want or don’t want. Think of it this way: You only want to invite good, kindly, harmless spirits to your party. Don’t open the door to a harmful party crasher who will only ruin it for everyone. It is that simple.

Closing a ouija board seance is as important as the opening. If there is some sort of spirit contact during the ouija board session, then ask that spirit to say good-bye and thank them for visiting. Send all the spirits on their way by formally closing contact and making it known that NONE of the group wants any further contact. It maybe necessary to ask firmly for a spirit to say good-bye if the spirit wants to continue. Assert your right to close the session and NOT have any further contact. On rare occasions a spirit may want to continue to ‘play’, especially if it is a child spirit or a very lonely ghost is contacted. Close the session with a prayer, thanking all involved and ask all spirits be at peace (and that all spirits leave the members of the session in peace). Perform whatever positive energy clearing ritual works for you spiritually. The closing ritual need not be long nor involved, but it does need to be sincere. Lighting incense or lighting a ‘smudge stick’ and moving it through the room is not a bad idea.

Once the closing ritual is performed some experienced ouija board users enjoy a brief discussion about how the session went, what experiences struck them positively or negatively.

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This is about creating closure and allowing people to express their feelings about the ouija board session. The host of the session should reassure any members who may have fearful or negative feelings about the session. Ideally, people should leave a ouija board session with food for thought, a touch of excitement and without any fear or worry about the event.

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Ouija boards can be a very interesting tool for investigating the spirit world and spirit contact. A few simple ouija safety precautions can create an experience of a lifetime (and give you some interesting Halloween stories to tell, if nothing else). But, let’s be safe out there, eh?