Are Ouija Boards Legitimate or Just Games?

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Unlike spiritualism as a whole, Ouija boards have a traceable and comparatively recent history. They seem to have appeared on the American market in the late 18th century when spiritualism was sweeping the nation. They were given the name “Ouija” when one medium, Helen Peters, asked the board what to call it.

Today, the Ouija board is manufactured by Hasbro and sold in toy stores everywhere. It comes with a rule pamphlet and a “planchette” made of plastic. By all intents and purposes, it appears to be a toy.

The question is, does the Ouija board have merit? If so, what can it tell us? Are we communicating with the beyond or are we unlocking our own subconscious minds?

Read on to find out!

What Are the Ouija Board Rules?

To use an Ouija board, you must place the board between the players, either on their laps or on a table. Only two players at a time should actively use the Ouija board, though others may witness the process.

The planchette is then placed in the center of the board. The planchette is a triangular-shaped device with a round, clear window toward the tip. The planchette is used to identify letters or indicate whether the answer to a question is yes or no.

To play, both players should place their fingertips—as lightly as possible—on the planchette. They must then settle on one question at a time, ask the question allowed, and continue to focus mentally on the question. The planchette will allow the board to reveal its answers.

What Science Has to Say About Ouija Boards

Scientists tend to approach the Ouija board with skepticism. The goal is to determine why or how the board works, excluding the possibility of unexplainable spiritual phenomena.

One psychological study concluded that the Ouija board works because we have naturally predictive minds. They sought to prove that players took turns pushing the planchette and that this turn-taking flew under their conscious radar.

The theory goes that while the first chosen letter may be random, the following letters require predictive logic. The mind naturally fills in the possible remaining blanks to create an actual word or name.

In the end, this study was arguably inconclusive. It was no easier to prove that players were participating in a tricky mind game than it is to prove that the Ouija board is operating on a spiritual level.

Are Ouija Boards Dangerous?

If we’re not sure how Ouija boards work, how do we know if they aren’t dangerous?

The truth is that without the presence of a practiced intuitive individual (like a psychic), you may run into minor trouble. Opening up your mind to both the spiritual realm and your own subconscious can cause discomfort or stress.

However, remember that these spaces are not going to cause you physical harm. You are not in physical danger when you use an Ouija board. As long as you are prepared to uncover things about yourself or your psychic energy that you may not have expected, you will be perfectly fine.

What Can We Learn From Ouija Boards?

Truthfully, spirits do not need specific tools to communicate. An Ouija board, alone, will not open the door to the spiritual world.

That being said, you may end up communicating with someone who has passed on while using an Ouija board. If this occurs, it has more to do with the players than the board itself. One or both of you may be more intuitive and connected to the spiritual realm than you realized!

Even if you don’t communicate with another being, you may still tap into your own subconscious mind in a special way. Not unlike certain meditative practices, the Ouija board asks you to focus your mind on a specific question or thought. During that time, you feel as though you’ve let go of both your body and your conscious mind.

What results is the release of a thought or a feeling that you may have been repressing. If the Ouija board’s answer surprises, delights, or startles you, it is worth examining. You may have uncovered the answers you were seeking within yourself.

Ouija Board Alternatives

As we mentioned earlier, it is suggested that you work with a psychic or medium to communicate with spiritual beings. If there is someone you desire to communicate with who has passed on, consult one of our many qualified psychics.

Psychics have experience with navigating the spiritual realm while relying on their intuition. They are in touch with their own spirit guides and can access the spirit guides of others. Because of this fine-tuned experience, they know what to let in and what to turn away.

Rather than leaving your questions up to chance, bring them to a psychic who can get you closer to the answer or communication you are seeking.

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