Love Tarot Card Reading and More: The Different Types of Card Readings

The word ‘tarot’ is short for taromancy, which means premonition through the use of cards. Love tarot card readings are one of the most popular forms but there are others! What if I told you there are readings for every issue in life and not only love? Tarot is a powerful tool and you should use it to provide guidance in life or to answer questions. Keep reading below to learn about different types of spreads that can help you figure out life’s unanswered questions.

1. Love Tarot Card Reading

Everyone wants insight into their love life and most look to the deck for tarot card readings for love predictions. Tarot cards are great for love because they help to see everything that is helping or hindering your relationship.

There are many spreads that can be used for the question of love. The most important thing to remember is to concentrate on your question. If you are thinking of a person, concentrate on them.

This will help your psychic give the most accurate reading.

You can ask your psychic for a reading on your readiness for love. This will help reveal what you want, what you have learned, and what holds you back. The end of the reading will show the readiness of your mind, heart, and spirit.

Another popular question asked is, “When will I find love?”

There is a spread for this that answers if you’re ready, describes your lover, if and how you will meet, and the potential of your relationship.

These are great love tarot card readings for singles!

2. Relationship Spreads

Even though love is one of the most common questions asked in tarot readings, relationship questions are brought up about just as often.

There are spreads to understand you and your partner in the relationship, and others to help troubleshoot issues.

A five-card spread can help you see you and your partner’s role in the relationship, the past, and the future.

You can have your psychic do a reading on compatibility. This will show what you want and what your partner wants in the relationship. It will explore compatibilities in mind, body, and spirit.

A broken heart spread can be useful when things are a bit rough. This will show each of your stances in regards to the problem at hand.  It will then go onto answer if the relationship is salvageable.

You can even ask the cards if you should stay or walk away from a significant other. This spread will show the outcomes of going and staying. It will then provide some overall advice to help with your decision.

3. Career Spreads

Your psychic may be great at giving love and relationship readings, but that’s not all they’re good at!

Career readings can be helpful to make decisions and understand your professional path in life.

A self-alignment spread centered on business is perfect for someone thinking about starting a new venture. It will answer why you want to start the business and show the outcome. This six-card spread will even answer if you’re ready for this step in life.

If you feel stuck in your current position, have the psychic do a reading on business opportunities.

This will show what you are gaining in the position you currently have. It will also touch on the challenges and weaknesses while telling you where to focus. This spread ends showing your opportunities to help answer some questions about the situation.

Job-hunting questions can be answered with a job search spread. This will help to put your attitude and what blocks you into perspective. The cards will also tell you what you bring to the table, advice, and the outcome.

4. 3 Card Tarot Reading

Three card spreads may not sound as detailed as the ones laid out above, but don’t let this fool you!

Three card spreads are the most popular card readings and are the most powerful at times.

You will tell your psychic the question that’s on your mind. While focusing on the question at hand, your reader will layout three cards and read them.

Three card readings can answer questions such as:

  • The past, present, and future
  • Mind, body, and spirit
  • The current situation, challenges, and guidance
  • You, your partner, and the relationship
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and advice
  •  Your mind, Your feelings, Your actions (think/feel/do)

This spread is great for having any questions answered or insight into the future in a few minutes.

5. Spiritual

Spiritual spreads can be useful to find the answers to mind and spirit related inquiries.

You can ask the cards to reveal what your unconscious is saying to uplifting spreads to help on the down days.

The most popular spiritual spread is the Celtic cross. This spread contains ten cards that are laid out in a cross to provide detail answers to life’s questions.

The cross will show the past, present, future, and what is currently crossing you. It will then reveal what your conscience and unconscious are saying while showing the outcome.

Some spreads can help you decipher dreams and even help you make decisions by showing two possible outcomes.

Your psychic can help find the correct spread for your question.

6. One Tarot Card Reading

Now that we’ve discussed detailed readings, let’s talk about a one-card reading.

One-card readings are quick and get straight to the point.

Even though they aren’t as detailed as other readings, they will provide you with an answer to the question asked.

Pulling a card may be straightforward and answer your question right away.

Then you may pull a card that is confusing.

If this happens, take the time to sit down and perform a detailed reading. Try to listen to what the cards have to say.

What are You Waiting for?

We have discussed the power of tarot in love, relationships, careers, sprit, and everything in between.

If you have a question that has yet to be answered turn to the power of the cards by having a psychic do a reading.

For more information on love tarot card readings and more, please check out our website here.

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