Knowing the Truth: How to Unlock Your Psychic Powers

how to unlock your psychic powers

When you think of psychic powers, you probably think of the most famous psychics, like Edgar Cayce, the “sleeping prophet,” who went into a sleeping trance and spoke on reincarnation, Atlantis, healing, and wars and answered so many questions for so many people, including President Woodrow Wilson and Thomas Edison. Or you think of the Delphi Oracle, Nostradamus, Jeane Dixon, Baba Vaga, Daniel Dunglas Home, or Sylvia Browne.

But do you ever wonder if you have psychic powers? Or how to unlock your psychic powers if you do? Maybe you’ve always felt a little different on the psychic front. Or maybe you had an experience that you just can’t explain.

Most people have at least a smidgen of psychic ability. Maybe it’s intuition or the occasional hunch. Most people ignore these, and they go to waste. But you can develop psychic abilities with practice. Even the top psychics exercise their psychic gifts to keep them well-tuned.

To help uncover your psychic strengths, including those you may not know about yet, we’ve put together tips on how to unlock your psychic abilities. Keep reading to see which speak to you and then go ahead and give them a try.

Psychic Basics

If you’re psychic, it means you can perceive something that others can’t. Hence the term “sixth sense.” It means your intuition is really on fire and you are able to hear it, listen to it, and trust it. Sometimes you can’t explain what you sense by natural laws.

Psychic abilities come in a variety of senses. Think third-eye visions. Some are clairvoyant, meaning they see spirits or can remotely view something in another location. Clairaudience lets you hear and relay messages from spirit. Some psychics can levitate themselves or other objects. Some see or sense auras. Some see the future and some understand what is happening in the present for others.

Enjoy the psychic abilities you discover as you learn to unlock your spiritual powers. And remember that even though intuition is available to us all, it’s up to you to harness it. Not everyone is able to harness it or understand the wonders of it. Enjoy!

1. Meditate Regularly

Meditation lets you clear your mind of the clutter and noise of life. This helps you focus on mind, body, and spirit. You hear your breath and the life force moving through you. You feel the spots in your body that are clenched and let them relax. You hear the message coming from spirit. You are aware of it all, and the more you meditate, the more tuned in you become. Your intuition and spirit talk to you.

Meditation raises your energy vibration to the place needed to resonate with spirit energy, which is at a higher frequency. This connects you to your deeper self, your soul and spirit, your spirit guides, and others in the world.

Ideally, meditate daily for at least 10 minutes. Sit in a quiet place. Let go of all thoughts of the day ahead or behind. Imagine yourself in a safe, serene spot, and listen. This is a good place to start. If you’re too busy for that, just take a few minutes at different times during the day. It all counts.

Meditation can be done in a variety of ways, like guided meditation, chanting, mantras, just sitting, walking, doing a creative activity. Find the one that lets you clear your mind and relax. Once relaxed you can best hear your intuition.

2. Trust Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities

Believe and accept that you have psychic abilities. If you’re not quite there, be willing and aware of what you sense as you do your meditation and other practices.

Listen to your gut feelings, which is your intuition. Don’t judge them. Your ego wants to judge and rationalize, using only your mind and logic. It’s a natural defense but if you can listen to your gut and heed your intuition, you can learn to trust. Make it a habit to listen to your intuition.

Think of your intuition as a spirit guide, your inner voice or wisdom, or your inner compass. You don’t have to be afraid of it. Embrace it like the amazing gift that it is.

3. Give Your Cognitive Abilities a Workout Too

Psychics use their psychic intuition and process the information quickly using cognitive, or thinking, abilities to understand the meaning and context. Cognitive function lets you take the symbols, sounds, and other sixth-sense messages and make sense of them in our real lives.

Cognition is how you process information. To exercise it, do things that use your brain. Do crossword puzzles. Learn new things, like a language, cooking, or how to code. Play music.

4. Embrace Your Spirit Buddies

By buddies, we mean guides. They range from guides that come to you in meditation or dreams to simple messages or words from a friend that say exactly what you needed to hear or maybe it’s something you see on a TV show or personalized license plate or hear in a lyric. Pay attention. Be friendly to your guides and the messages. Some may appear to guide you often.

5. Embrace Your Senses and Thoughts Throughout the Day

When you meditate, you are super aware of everything inside you from a twitch in your calf to that thought that just raced through your head. Practice paying attention to, hearing, and absorbing what your senses and thoughts tell you all day.

This is much easier in meditation, but this is where practice comes in. You can stop throughout the day and check in with yourself too. You can ask your intuition a quick question and take note of the first thing that pops in. You can keep a notebook of what you experience.

6. Get In Tune With Others

Key to reading others is empathy. Develop empathy. Stay open unless you sense negative energy. Then it’s okay not to engage. Try to put yourself in the shoes of others. Some psychics will touch another person to sense their energy.

7. Try Psychic Exercises

Try to predict a few things. Predict what will happen during your day or tomorrow. Sit down, get quiet, and write three predictions on a piece of paper. You can also predict the outcome of a sports game or a political vote.

Try to read someone’s mind. Have a friend think of something. Write down what you sense that they’re thinking. Or have them draw a picture and guess what it is.

Try to read an object and its past by touching it. This is called psychometry. Close your eyes and have a friend put a personal object in your hand that you don’t know about. Read its history and the feelings you sense. Use your instinct. Feel the energy. Tell your friend all. Don’t edit or judge yourself. It may seem like nonsense to you but may be right on for the truth.

Practice the skills you’re interested in to strengthen them even if they don’t work so well at first.

Now That You Know How to Unlock Your Psychic Powers

Your abilities are there waiting to go, and now that you know how to unlock your psychic powers, it’s time to start your workout.

Reading this was your warm-up. You stretched your mind. You imaged how to develop psychic abilities fast but steadily. And now you can start on the exercises that spoke to you. Which ones did? Get started with those.

You can also read about how to create a calm space at home if you want to get going on meditation, the cornerstone of your psychic development.

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