General George Patton And Reincarnation

When most people hear the word ‘reincarnation’ they think of the Dalai Lama, karma, and humanity’s spiritual evolution. However, there is ‘more to heaven and earth than your philosophies have dreamt of…’, and General George Patton and his perspective on reincarnation is a case in point. General George Patton made it clear during his career as a military officer that he was born to fight. During Patton’s military career he wasn’t sure how or when, but he knew he was born for an important military mission that only a warrior such as himself could accomplish. And, he felt it imperative to win or see the end of freedom for humankind.

George Patton was a deeply religious man, a devote Episcopalian, and was not shy about expressing his spiritual belief in God. He was also voracious reader of both military and all manner of religious text. Not someone who could be told what to believe, Patton was as fierce a free thinker as he was a warrior. It was not uncommon for Patton to go from quoting the Bible to reciting Rupert Brooke’s poem The Soldier to discussing the ancient Hindu scripture The Bhagavad Gita. Many historians have recorded that reincarnation was often a favorite topic of Patton’s.

General George Patton And Reincarnation To General George Patton, reincarnation was not a ‘belief’ but a fact. Once, Patton’s nephew asked him if he believed in reincarnation. Patton’s response was, "I don’t know about other people, but for myself there has never been any question. I don’t just think it; I know there are places I’ve been before, and not in this life". When Patton was very young he rigged a wagon to smash the turkey shed while playing ‘war’. Asked where he got such an idea, Patton explained that during the Middle Ages John the Blind of Bohemia defeated the Turks (whom the poor turkeys in the shed were suppose to signify) using the first known armored vehicle. Pressed further as to how Patton knew this he replied, "I was there". (You can learn more HERE).

In 1937, while riding with his beloved wife Beatrice, Patton was brutally kicked by a horse. His leg was broken in three places and he nearly died from the accident. After Patton was kicked he went into what can only be described as shock. While in that dream-like state had a vision of himself dying as a Viking and an escort appeared to take him to Valhalla, the Norse mythological Warrior Heaven of the afterlife. Then, one of the escort shook his head and they set Patton down. Just as suddenly, the vision vanished. (This incident recorded in George S. Patton: World War II General & Military Innovator). For Patton, the concept of Valhalla, a warrior’s afterlife, was real. It was a place where warriors waited to be called for incarnation to serve a mission, a mission that would help shape mankind’s destiny for the better. Later, during World War 2 a military aide in 1944 wrote, "Patton earnestly believes in a warrior’s Valhalla…He honestly thinks it is to the glory of a man to die in the service of his country".

It was not uncommon for Patton, even in his youth, to lead a group through an old battlefield and unerring describe the battle that once took place there. His family members commented on how Patton, when leading friends and family through civil war battlefields, would provide descriptions and details that left people awe struck. During Patton’s military career it has been reported how he would know things about the country and/or the terrain (such as knowing where ancient battles had taken place or where ancient ruins were located) that would indicate he had been there before, and yet, it was his first time visiting.

Though Patton himself never expressly wrote out his precise beliefs regarding reincarnation. It is the impression of most historians that General George Patton regarded the mystical and metaphysical, the rightness and wrongness of things, as questions best left to God. He also seemed to lump all the ‘psychic’ phenomenon into the same category whether it was visions of a previous life or knowing things before they occurred or reported visitations of spirits. And though anything tinged mystical Patton seemed to appreciate, he never wasted time trying to explain or justify them. All Patton knew was that he was a warrior born for a purpose with particular skills and gifts, and when done with this mission, he would be reborn again to serve as a warrior towards some greater purpose.

Karl F. Hollenbach authored an excellent article for Venture Inward, later expanded to a booklet called Patton: Many Lives, Many Battles exploring Patton’s firm belief in reincarnation. With his perspective covering life times gave Patton a larger perspective of the destiny and purpose of humanity and seemed to enhance his leadership skills. In Patton: Many Lives, Many Battles Hollenbach also closely examines Patton’s famous poem on reincarnation called, "Through A Glass, Darkly".In this poem, Patton hints at some of his experiences in past incarnations: With Hannibal; as a Roman legionary under Julius Caesar; an English knight during the Hundred Years War; serving as a marshal under Napoleon; a prehistoric mammoth hunter; an ancient Greek citizen soldier fighting the Persians; and a soldier serving Alexander the Great fighting at the siege of Tyre.

The importance of General George Patton presence during World War 2 is undeniable. When various politicians and the media were screaming for Patton’s resignation due to his often reported ‘political incorrect’ comments and actions, General Dwight Eisenhower, leader of the allied forces wrote, "Patton is indispensable to the war effort – one of the guarantors of our victory". And, that is exactly how events in World War 2 played out. (To understand how important a role Patton played in the Allies victory over the Nazis go HERE).

No one could doubt George Patton’s patriotism and commitment to God has he understood God. What he must surely have known to his core was that no where else on earth could a character such as his exist except in America. America provided Patton with the opportunity to freely think as he wished and explore the world’s greatest thinkers on any given topic (he once famously commented, "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking"). Patton enjoyed his right to read whatever he liked, express his sense of spirituality however he wished, without the fear of either governmental or religious persecution. America allowed him to freely express all aspects of himself from scholar, to poet, to warrior, to believer in an afterlife and reincarnation. Patton could even be as loudly confident and profane as he wished, something he did proudly, perhaps to add punctuation to his right to be free. So, it seems very likely that Patton’s fight for America’s survival in World War 2, though a duty and mission, was also personal. More, Patton deeply wanted all men and women to be afforded the same opportunities and rights to speak, worship and live as they wished. In a very direct way, General George Patton, the warrior, helped secured the freedom for this very website to exist.

The noted psychic Ruth Montgomery once wrote how soldiers received special consideration in the afterlife. Soldiers had endured the horrors and atrocities of war. They had endured impossible choices in the taking of life and when to spare life. More often than not, soldiers had little choice who they fought for or against, they only knew they were called upon to do so by kings, despots, Presidents, Prime Ministers or a cause that required their services. So it has been throughout history. The same standards of judgment for a person living in society could not be applied to soldiers who did what they had to do to save themselves and their comrades and fulfill their duty as it had been handed to them. This doesn’t sound to distant from Patton’s sense of a Valhalla beyond this mortal realm.

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Reincarnation may well be a cycle to perfect the human soul. Reincarnation may well also be the vehicle to raise humanity to a higher sense of spirituality (so that war and conflict no longer bring heartbreak, pain and sorrow to this material world). But, until we reach that point of universal enlightenment by all, it is interesting to think that there are warriors who wait in some sort of Valhalla afterlife to be incarnated, and whose mission it would be to oppose those who would use violence to silence our right to choose our spiritual path. It is a bit of guilty comfort to think, when needed, Patton eagerly awaits his return to defend what is right and good in this world. By the way, if you are up there in your heavenly Valhalla Mr. Patton … thanks.

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