How to Harness Moon Energy to Manifest Your Dream Life

moon energy

Did you know that the moon has an impact on a woman’s menstrual cycle and frequency of births? The moon has a powerful influence on us all, whether we know it or not. Its power has been attributed to both mythos and scientific observations.

Tapping into this moon energy is a common practice among healers, astrologers, and mystics alike. There are different rules that match the different stages of the moon. Learning about each stage will help guide you in how to use its mysterious power to improve your life.

Passion, bravery, fertility, and communication are areas that you can enhance with the power of the moon. Let the moon pull you in with each one of these phases.

New Moon Energy

While the new moon is invisible to the naked eye, it’s power is still present. A new moon occurs when the sun and moon are on the same side as the Earth. The sun casts a shadow onto the moon, leaving a black void.

In some cultures, the new moon is a time of caution. Women often went off by themselves on the new moon to increase fertility. This same concept can apply to today, where the new moon offers a time to reflect and recharge.

Spiritual guides recommend a new moon tarot reading to realign intentions. It can affirm or change your path, depending on the layout. You can use the new moon energy to clear any blockages in your energy.

A new moon is a time for cleansing and disconnecting yourself from the business of modern lifestyles. Plan your new moon rituals in advance, so that no one may interrupt you while you are taking time off.

Waxing Crescent Energy

That first slice of the moon that you see is the waxing crescent. It marks the start of planning and setting intentions. All your hopes and desires need seeds to blossom.

How you plant these seeds is up to you. Writing down your intentions and putting them into small vials, burning them on candles, or burying stone engravings are good ideas. While setting your intentions, try to go with your gut, this is not a scientific process.

You can incorporate song, dance, and prayer with a waxing crescent ritual. This ties everything in spiritually and emotionally.

1st Quarter Energy

We’ve reached the halfway point towards the full moon, which means there’s work to do. It only takes the moon a week to reach this phase, which is why it is called the first quarter. Think of this first week as a test of willpower.

Did you take steps towards achieving your intentions? If not, ask yourself “why?” Is it because you are afraid of failure?

During the first quarter, you will face many challenges and obstacles. These challenges manifest in both mental and material realms. It is your job to take action and decide on how you will overcome these obstacles.

Don’t let unexpected events throw you off course. Reaffirm your intentions and write down how you will overcome barriers that are in your way.

Waxing Gibbous Energy

When the moon reaches 95% full, it is actually only half as bright as a full moon. That last phase presents an opportunity to refine and adjust the path you have taken. Waxing Gibbous is a reminder to all the stubborn people out there to let go if you have to.

Don’t get pulled into energies that you are unfamiliar with. Be at peace with the choices you have made and recognize the mistakes. If you feel unsure or confused as to what you need to do before the full moon, seek guidance.

This moon energy is a test in humility and compassion. Answer the call, don’t ignore it!

Full Moon Energy

When the moon is fully reflecting the sun’s energy onto the Earth, it is at its brightest and strongest. Full moons require patience and dedication to harvest. The phase itself used to be known as the harvest moon, coinciding with the harvesting of crops.

This is where you can reap the benefits of setting intentions. That doesn’t mean you have to reach the end of your goals to benefit. When you reach the full moon, you’re supposed to look back on your progress.

Even if that progress is small, it is something you should celebrate. The full moon is a time when you should share your journey with others. Party, have fun, and use this energy to amplify the blessings you already have in your life!

Waning Gibbous Energy

Once the moon returns to its original illumination and starts to wane, you’re back on the horse. Now, you should have a clearer idea of where you’re going. Use this newfound confidence to give back to those along your journey.

Give thanks to the spirits guiding you through this process. Help others start their own journeys, and spread positive energy around them. The full moon’s energy has granted you the gift of experience.

It’s important to share your knowledge and resources now, so as not to lose momentum going forward.

Last Quarter Energy

The last quarter of the moon is notably dimmer than the first quarter. It represents a time of release. The last push of the moon’s energy before going into reformation. Here you should focus on matching this push of any remaining negative energy.

If you’ve been hanging onto grudges, heartbreaks, or anger, it is time to release. You can’t bring these energies into the beginning of the new moon. These dark energies will linger and prove difficult to cleanse later.

Art, outdoor activities, and good conversations are some practical ways to release any pent-up energy.

Waning Crescent Energy

A sliver of the moon is your “last call” of spiritual to-dos. This is a time to focus on your health, reflect on your journey and prepare for your next chapter. You should sleep on any changes that you wish to make to your intentions.

Sometimes we say things we don’t mean or rush to conclusions. Use this opportunity to listen to what the universe is telling you, then prepare for the new moon to come.

Astrological Guidance for All

Don’t be afraid of any of these stages of moon energy. It is accessible to everyone, familiar and unfamiliar with spiritual manifestation. It helps to have some understanding of spirituality and astrology, of course.

If you would like to know more about the sun, the moon, and the stars, start here with this guide.

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