How to Communicate With Spirits Safely: A Beginner’s Guide

how to communicate with spirits

They’ve always said communication is key.

You might be struggling to communicate with your romantic partner, or you could be stumped on how to tell your boss you aren’t happy. Whatever it may be, there are specific steps you should take to properly communicate with people.

What if healthy communication didn’t just extend to living people? What if communication could go further, into higher energy?

If you’re curious about this, keep reading to learn how to communicate with spirits. Tapping into the spiritual realm can be tricky, but it is possible to do it on your own.

What Are Spirits?

Before you learn how to communicate with spirits, it’s important to learn exactly what spirits are! You can’t have good communication without understanding.

One of the biggest misconceptions about spirits is people thinking they are always the same thing as a ghost. This is false. Spirits can be ghosts, but they are not always ghosts.

Ghosts are spirits that are still tethered to Earth due to some unfinished business. This unfinished business isn’t necessarily bad. It could literally just be they don’t want to leave their homes.

Spirits are entities that include ghosts, angels, spirit guides, and so much more. Because of their ability to exist on the Earth side, we are able to communicate with them.


Just like many of us mentally prepare for a big speech or difficult conversation, we should mentally prepare when communicating with spirits. Don’t worry, it’s not scary business like the movies make it out to be.

With that being said, calm yourself. Spirits want to communicate with you, and if they are causing trouble around you, it’s just them being naughty. While reading haunted stories is fun, don’t let them intimidate you.

One big no-no before communicating with spirits is using sage. Sage will be used in the process but not until the end. It is used to end a conversation, and spirits will be confused if you use it and then try to talk with them.

Lastly, set up your space for communication. Make sure the space is calm and doesn’t contain anything offensive or distracting. You can use things like crystals or candles if you wish.

Make sure you also clear your mind from distracting thoughts. Your mental space is just as, or even more, important as your physical space. Meditate for a bit before communicating with spirits.

If you have any in-depth questions, don’t be afraid to reach out to specialists.

Start with Specifics

As you open up the spiritual doorway, make sure you’re specific. Being intentional and focused in communication with the spiritual world is important because if you’re not, you’re giving room to every other spirit.

You can say or write down who you want to speak with and why you want to speak with them. Make a point to say you’re coming in peace and love. Bring no hostility to the communication.

As you speak, make sure you are using a calm tone. Like someone on Earth, no one wants to talk with you if you come into the conversation angry or yelling.

If you are attempting to communicate with unknown spirits, take an extra step of caution by asking your spirit guide to mediate between your worlds. They can be a protective guide for you.

Once you start communicating, identify who you are speaking with. Whether you are personally addressing the spirit or writing it down, you should know exactly who you’ve started the conversation with.

Get Rolling

Now that you’ve set your communication boundaries and have identified who you’re speaking to, get into the conversation. Much like practicing conversational skills in real life, use them with the spirit.

Ask open-ended questions, and allow time to listen to the spirit. It may take a bit for a response, and the response may come in a number of ways. Because they aren’t a physical person, the answer may not be loud and clear.

When receiving answers, be open to a number of ways they are responding. They could be responding with different sensations in your space. You could feel tingling, see movement around you, or they could be using your hand to write.

Since communicating with spirits can be a tricky business, using an ouija board early in the practice is typically not the best idea. You could become overwhelmed with the flood of communication.

Tools you can use for communication include candles, glasses of water, and audio and video recording tools. Spirits will use a number of ways to communicate including moving the flame, causing water ripples, and sound.

If they don’t seem to be speaking to you, don’t be upset. They may not want to talk, or maybe you need to refocus your mind on the communication. Trust your gut through the whole process.

When communicating with spirits, they may choose to speak to you through a dream. If you have a vivid, tingly dream, make sure to write it down as soon as you wake up.

Wrap It Up

Once the communication is over, it is time to properly wrap things up with the spirit. Wish them a proper goodbye by announcing the communication is over, and you wish to leave them with peace and love.

At this point, you may bring out the sage. Sage is used for clearing and will send a signal to the spirit you are done with your conversation. After you clear an area, don’t forget to write down anything important from the conversation.

Learn How to Communicate with Spirits

Understanding how to communicate with spirits can be difficult at first, but it also takes tons of practice and focus. Once you get over the Hollywood hump of thinking it’s a spooky thing, you’re on your way to success.

When communicating with something on the other side, make sure your mind is clear and your boundaries are set. Tap into opening up the hotline to the other realm but remain alert in what you come into contact with.

If you have more questions about this or psychic readings, make sure you check out our site and psychic directory.

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