How Many Archangels Are There and What Do They Do?

how many archangels are there

Have you ever faced a crisis and found the answer through a voice in your head? Or had a gut feeling that leads you the right way?

Do you ever wonder where those feelings and answers come from?

Throughout time and history, there have been stories of spiritual beings.

These beings interact with and influence humankind. They help us through difficult times when we invoke them.

These beings that come to our aid we know as Archangels. 

How many archangels are there, and what are they?


What are Archangels?

Archangels are angels of high rank. The term Archangel means “chief angel.” They are an extension of God and are classified as the second-highest spiritual beings.

Archangels are healers and messengers. Involved in vital roles in the universe and intervening during challenges with humanity. They are powerful, intelligent beings that watch over other angels and humankind.

The number of Archangels is unknown. The numbers range from seven to nine. Some even say twelve to fifteen. The Book of Enoch discusses seven.

The following are the ones we call on the most to help when we’re lost and need to heal. They are here for you and to help guide your path.

They all have different roles and purposes on how they can help with your struggles if you invoke them. 


His name means ‘he who is as God.’ Michael’s known as the “warrior angel” and is often portrayed with a sword. He’s the warrior who helped the children of Israel.

He’s considered the most powerful of all the angels and the military commander of them.

Micheal’s known for his righteousness, mercy, and justice. He’s the angel of strength, protection, justice, and courage—the main force behind divine judgment. 

When called upon, he does healing work and can help release fear and doubt. Invoking him can give you direction, energy, and vitality. He can motivate you to be more organized and productive. 

There are signs he is near. Michael’s aura is a cobalt blue. Communication can be through dreams, voices in your head, or a gut feeling. 


Raphael means ‘God heals.’ He can aid in your healing. Whether it be physical, spiritual, or emotional, he will aim to your needs.

He can help heal addictions and cravings and maintain harmony and peace.

He’s often seen holding a staff or fish, and the fish symbolizes healing.

Raphael’s known for his sense of humor that’s shown as witty physical action. Books falling off shelves is a sign he is near.

Another sign he is near is noticing the beauty in the world and the strong desire to protect it. 

He can “whisper” suggestions that you can hear in thoughts and dreams. Raphael can also come through in visions and gut feelings.

If you’re experiencing any broken or rifts in relationships, you can invoke him to help heal that. He’ll encourage you to communicate feelings to those around you.

Then nudges you towards your true feelings and brings you closer to loved ones.

Anytime you call, he will be there. Raphael may present a green light when near.


Gabriels’s name can mean ‘hero of God’ or ‘God is my strength.’ He’s often depicted with a trumpet. Is also sometimes depicted as a female. 

Known as the top messenger of God and the angel of communication. Always pay attention because he gives an important message. 

Gabriel is the archangel of wisdom, revelation, and prophecy.

Invoking him will help you express and communicate. He helps provide fulfillment and direction and removes issues with procrastination.

Pray to him when tempted by material needs. Also can help in all areas related to children, from conception to childrearing. 


Jophiels’s name means the ‘Beauty of God.’ She’s responsible for all the beauty you see around you. 

She’s the patron saint of artists, helps with creativity, and reminds you of your creative gifts.

Invoke her when you need to cleanse the negative, and she will bring you back to the path of positivity. She guides with beautiful thoughts and emotions.

Jophiel will help tame your ego and see different points of view.


Ariel’s known as the ‘lioness of God.’ She’s the patron saint of the animals and the environment. She also protects the Earth and its ecosystems. 

She oversees the order of the physical universe and the four elements—water, Earth, Wind, and Fire.

She has the power over animals and plants and can help make peace in nature.

Ariel will assist you in becoming closer to nature and will aid you in the protection of it. She likes to communicate through animals instead of dreams.

Connect with her when out in nature.


Azrael means ‘Whom God Helps.’ He is also known as the Angel of Death. 

He records all new lives and deaths on Earth.

He doesn’t cause death but gives those that have passed comfort and helps them transition to the spiritual realm. Azrael also gives comfort to the living who are suffering from loss and grief. You can pray for his healing powers.

Azrael also helps with transitions and endings in life. Like moving, change in career, or ending a relationship.


Chamuel means ‘He Who Sees God’. He’s also known as the Archangel of connection. He sees the interconnectedness of the world. 

His role is to bring peace to the world and protect the world from fear.

He helps you to find unconditional love in yourself so that you can share it with others. Turn to him for your life’s purpose. New job, friendship, or to find love.

Chamuel will give strength and courage to face adversity. Pray to him if you need to find peace from a circumstance or to heal your own mind. He can help deal with anxiety and bring peace.

Find Your Angel Guide

These are some of the main Archangels. They are here to guide us. They can each assist you in different aspects of life. 

Happiness, love, and creativity are just a click away.

Find your angel guide and connect to the spiritual realm today! Start the journey of getting your true desires in life.  

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