How do Psychics Work When Making Predictions Over the Phone?

how do psychics work

In the past two or so decades, the industry of employed psychics has grown to a worth of about $2 billion. The question for many is, what’s all the excitement about? Plus, where are people finding bonafide psychics to speak with?

Much of this growth in psychic readings come from the growing network of phone psychics who can offer you answers from the comfort of your own home.

Now you might be wondering, how do psychics work over the phone? Don’t you need to be in the same room as a psychic in order for them to get a clear read of your energy?

The answer is no, and we’re here to explain why. Read on to learn how psychics work over the phone and why you can trust your reading even if it doesn’t happen in person.

What Can You Learn During a Psychic Reading?

Psychics can channel your energy and use their heightened intuition to provide insight into your present or future. If you’re uncertain about an upcoming decision or the trajectory of a relationship, a psychic can provide you with some much-needed clarity.

That being said, what a psychic predicts and what may actually happen to you don’t always line up. Why? What a psychic is reading is your trajectory in the present moment based upon the path you seem to be on right now.

Each of us has agency, which means that at any moment, we may make a decision that will go on to affect many or all aspects of our future. Because you possess the power to change your own course at any time, what a psychic predicts isn’t set in stone.

For that reason, it’s not beneficial to ask strictly yes or no questions. For example, rather than asking, “Will my partner and I get married?” it’s more productive to ask something like, “What should I expect from the relationship that I’m in now?”

You may want an exact answer to all of your questions in life, but the beauty of a psychic reading is that it can inform the decisions you make. If you’re unhappy with the outcome of your reading, you can choose to set yourself on a new path with renewed opportunities for positivity and growth.

How Do Psychics Work Over the Phone?

Popular culture tells us that in order to provide a reading, psychics must sit in close proximity to their clients. The reality is that you don’t need to be anywhere near a psychic in order to get a psychic reading. You just need to open up your energy field to them.

All of us possess an energy field that exists on a different plane than our physical beings. Because we are so attached to and familiar with our physical presence, it’s hard for us to imagine the way that two energy fields could connect from different physical locations on the earth. However, that is exactly how a psychic connects with you and your path over the phone.

In fact, some psychics prefer doing their readings over the phone because it eliminates any distractions that might cloud their intuition. All of us have a tendency to come to conclusions about a person based on their appearance, their clothing, and the way they carry themselves. Even psychics can struggle to tune out these first impressions when tapping into their psychic abilities.

In other words, without being able to see you in person, a psychic can only access the vibrational energy that exists in your energy field. This is the purest form of energy we possess, as it is free of our self judgments and free of the projections we carry with us when trying to create an impression on others.

What Divining Tools Can a Psychic Use When Making Predictions Over the Phone?

Just like an in-person reading, a phone reading will involve the divining tools your psychic is most connected to. The only divining tool that doesn’t translate to phone-based predictions is, of course, palm reading!

Let’s take a quick look at some of the divining tools a psychic may use during your phone reading.

Visions, Hearing Guidance, and Spirit Guides

When a psychic taps into your energy field, they may be met with a number of the divining tools you don’t realize you are bringing to the table. They may experience visual or auditory visions. They may also contact your spirit guide who can tell them what your true purpose is and what paths you can take to fulfill that purpose.

Tarot Cards

Contrary to what you may believe about tarot cards, they cannot read your future on their own. A psychic who uses tarot cards is simply allowing the cards to access your higher self or spirit guide and allow those expressions to come forward more clearly. Many psychics prefer using tarot cards because they are able to listen when the cards “speak” to them.

Heightened Intuition

All psychics possess heightened intuition. On a day-to-day basis, intuition allows us to parse out how someone is feeling, what they are doing, or what they are going to do based on their words and actions. For a psychic, these abilities extend beyond the observational level, allowing them to dive deep into what we can’t see in the physical plane.

Get Answers to Life’s Questions Today

We are accustomed to seeing imagery of psychics operating face-to-face with their clients. As a result, many of us can’t quite answer the question, how do psychics work over the phone?

We hope that we’ve shed light on this question and opened the door for your questions and the answers you seek to come forward. To get started, find out which psychics are available now and give them a call.

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