Heal Self-Destructive Patterns In Your Life With A Reiki Session

You’ve done it again. You snapped at someone you didn’t mean to snap at and now you’re left with a hole in your chest from your mistake. You don’t know why but for as long as you can remember you’ve pushed people away.

This is a form of self-destructive behavior that the ancient practice of Reiki can help you deal with. It allows you to get to the root of your problems and take control of them. To help you decide if you should schedule a Reiki session for yourself, here is everything that you need to know about what the practice could do for you.

1. Promotes Relaxation

Life gets busy. Between work, dealing with bills, and family issues, you end up putting way too much on your plate. You put so much stress on yourself that you forget to take a moment to relax and breathe. This stress builds and builds over time until you’re holding so much tension in your body that you feel like exploding.  

Reiki helps you clear out all of this negative energy and relax your muscles. While you can’t completely stop how busy your life gets, scheduling regular Reiki sessions can help bring a little balance to the craziness. 

2. Calms Anxiety

One of the most common mental issues plaguing the world right now is anxiety. More of the population have it than not. Everyone has their emotional triggers that cause anxiety to droop over you like an unpleasant fog. 

Nothing clears this fog out quite like practicing Reiki. Again, it clears out any negative emotions that you’re feeling so you’re able to handle stressful situations that come your way rather than being terrified of them. 

3. Helps You Deal With Trauma 

Everyone’s life is sort of like chapter in a book. Sometimes these chapters end in ways that leave emotional scars that take some time to heal. These scars cause emotional trauma which in turn, makes you shut people out or build a wall so you won’t be hurt again.

Sometimes you don’t even realize how badly your past has affected you until you go in for your first Reiki session. You’ll be able to address the feelings that your past has left you with and learn how to tackle them in a healthy way rather than lashing out. 

4. Allows You to Sleep

There are times when work may keep you so busy that you only get a few hours of sleep at night. Your body, unfortunately, needs sleep for you to be able to function not only physically but emotionally. 

You can bring the healing power of Reiki to your home once you’ve been to a few sessions and get a feel for how it works. Incorporate the practice into your usual bedtime routine to put you in a calming mindset for sleep. 

5. Gives You More Energy 

While you can incorporate Reiki into your nighttime routine for more restful sleep, you can also mix it into your morning routine for more energy to tackle your day. Most people choose to do this with an energy drink or coffee but this can just put more stress on your body. 

Instead, Reiki can help put you in the right place to manage your daytime stressors. This will give you more energy than any cup of coffee would. 

6. Heals Obesity 

Everyone deals with stress differently. For some, this means eating the anxiety away with fattening foods. Sometimes people overeat because of a specific something that’s happening in their lives.

Reiki helps you become aware of these feelings and stop you from overeating. Also, you may have been wanting to start an exercise regimen for a while but depression that you’ve been under has stopped you from fulling committing.

Reiki can help you gain the motivation that you’re lacking by allowing you to tackle your depressive tendencies and have more energy to workout. 

7. You’ll Be Able to Overcome Addiction 

Often times drug addiction comes from the negativity that’s going on in your life. Perhaps you got fired from a job, or you and your partner are fighting, either way, these common stressors are enough to turn some to drugs and alcohol. 

If this sounds like you, Reiki will help you. You’ll be able to look inside yourself to find the root of your addiction and push this negativity away. 

Reiki also helps if you’re a recovering addict. Sometimes the only one that has your back when you get out of rehab is yourself because your family is pumping out negative emotions towards you. This can be damaging to your self-esteem

It’s hard to have your own back though, that’s why Reiki is so helpful. The practice can help you see how far you’ve come and allow you to love yourself again. 

8. Connecting with Others

People are social creatures. From a young age, you do have this pull to interact with others and get to know them but past trauma can stop you from really connecting. You may push them away rather than accepting their love and support. 

When you’re able to address your past you’re more likely to let someone break down your walls and help you in the healing process. This also makes it more likely for you to help someone else with their healing in return. It’s a whole circle of good energy. 

How a Reiki Session Can Bring You Peace 

If daily stressors have you so miserable that you can’t enjoy your life then you may want to look into a reiki session. Reiki can help you tackle all your past traumas and handle your negative energy in healthy ways. Start the healing process today. 

If you’re not really sure where to begin when it comes to Reiki then it may be time for you to consult Psychic Paige. She’s a natural clairvoyant psychic, a master of yoga and Reiki, and a radio personality. You can get in touch with her today by calling 1-866-407-7164 Ext 7621. 

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