5 Ways Reiki Healing Techniques Can Help Ease Anxiety

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Are you looking for an effective solution to anxiety?

Nearly 20 percent of American adults struggle with an anxiety disorder of some kind.

Despite this high statistic, however, it can be hard finding remedies for anxiety that actually work. It is possible to take medications, but many prescriptions are either ineffective or have nasty side effects.

If you are seeking a way out of your anxiety, there is an answer for you.

Reiki healing techniques are an ancient modality designed to give you more clarity in your life and relief from anxiety.

In this post, we’ll take a look at how Reiki can help ease your anxiety today!

What is Reiki?

Reiki healing techniques operate on one underlying principle: energy.

Your body is made up of many forms of energy. Even Einstein knew about this!

This energy is called different things in different cultures. It can be defined as a life force, of sorts, or even a robust spiritual energy.

Chinese cultures often refer to this spiritual energy as “Chi.” In fact, many Chinese practices and arts are founded on this principle of every body’s Chi.

During any given day, your energy–your Chi–is constantly shifting, dimming, and deepening. Energy can change with our moods, simple experiences, and impact of relationships.

When it comes to energy and the body, Reiki aims to move, clear, or otherwise empower your Chi so that you can operate at your highest good.

A Reiki practitioner acts as the channel or tool for the movement of your Chi. Typically, a practitioner will identify a client’s needs before a session in order to maximize the effect of the energy work.

Reiki doesn’t involve acupuncture or, sometimes, even physical touch. Most practitioners will simply move their hands on and around an individual’s body, shaping energy fields to encourage release.

1. Reiki Helps Release What Doesn’t Serve You

Reiki healing techniques are so effective at easing anxiety because they encourage the release of what isn’t serving you.

It is so easy to carry emotions and thoughts within is that ultimately hold us back. This can include stress of any kind, worry, or anxiety.

Anxiety, in particular, can limit your focus on things that fulfill you. It can harm relationships, impair work performance, and lead to negative self-talk.

None of these things serves you for the better.

Reiki can encourage the body’s conscious release of anything that isn’t serving its best interest. Most practitioners will encourage clients during a session to consciously identify areas of pain or anxiety that aren’t serving them.

Reiki can clear these energy pathways in order to make way for vibrant, fufilling energy that serves you.

2. Balance Your Body’s Energy Fields

Stress or anxiety of any kind can change your body’s energy alignment, often for the worse.

Energy blockages can impact you physically. Imbalances can affect the way you pursue your goals, how you view yourself, and how you think.

Reiki healing techniques are designed to help the body rebalance itself emotionally and physically. It aims to release blockages and shift energy fields into proper alignment.

It’s common for many clients to experience the resurfacing of negative emotions following a Reiki session. This is a good sign, as it indicates that the body is working through its energy fields and attempting to rebalance.

3. Find Relief for Physical Pain

Many times, anxiety can manifest itself as physical pain in the body. Individuals with anxiety may suffer from back pain, ulcers, or headaches, for example.

The beauty of Reiki healing techniques is that they can even help individuals find physical pain relief.

In a typical Reiki session, clients participate in what could be called a conscious meditation. They focus on deepening their breath and consciously engaging with their personal Chi.

This physical activity alone can encourage deep relaxation in the body, the prelude to the release of physical manifestations of anxiety.

It can also coax the body from an anxious “fight or flight” mode to a resting mode. This can ease tension in muscle fibers, encourage proper blood circulation, and help release pain.

4. Reiki Encourages Awareness

Much like meditation or yoga practices, Reiki healing techniques are designed to shift the client’s focus away from negative or anxiety-producing thoughts.

In fact, they encourage an active awareness of the body’s energy fields. The most successful Reiki sessions come about as a result of both the practitioner’s and the client’s participation.

Awareness is an important factor in easing anxiety. If an individual is aware of what is stressing them out, that’s one thing.

But identifying how this stress may be manifesting itself in their body is quite another.

Reiki encourages this deep awareness of a person’s engagement with their own anxieties and environment. This means that Reiki healing techniques can impact a person beyond the session itself, coaxing sustained awareness of what’s going on.

5. Reiki Can Alleviate Anxiety Disorders

Reiki healing techniques are best practiced consistently over time. One session alone can be powerful, but extensive practice is your answer to consciously releasing an anxiety disorder.

Reiki doesn’t wipe away anxiety disorders, but it can supplement other mindful practices for easing anxiety.

Regular Reiki healing can, over time, train your body to naturally release anxiety on its own. The modality can essentially start operating at the subconscious level, making it easier to face life’s stresses in the long run.

What’s more, it’s possible to perform Reiki on yourself. Building Reiki into your self-care routine can be more impactful than a pharmaceutical.

Reiki Healing Techniques and Your Anxiety

You don’t have to face anxiety alone. With the help of Reiki healing techniques, you can discover a powerful solution to effectively managing your anxiety.

Reiki can help you release what doesn’t serve you and ease the physical pain in the body. It can balance your spiritual energy and foster an awareness critical for alleviating anxiety in the future.

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