What to Expect When Attending a Séance


Séances have long been a part of humankind’s spiritual search. In the late 19th century, they became more popular in the United States, and even First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln held séances in the Red Room of the White House.

A séance involves the attempt to communicate with those who have passed. While anyone may attempt to perform this communication, they often involve a psychic or medium.

If you are attending your first séance, you may be feeling nervous or perhaps a bit skeptical. Both feelings are understandable.

In order to go in with a relaxed and open mind, it may help to learn more about what to expect. Read on to find out everything you need to know about attending a séance.

How Do Séances Work?

When attending a séance, you will often be asked to gather in a circle or confined room. The medium will sit either at the head of the table or at the front of the room so that they may be seen and heard by everyone in attendance.

In order to understand what your medium is capable of, you must reframe your understanding of death.

Death, as commonly imagined in the western world, is the end of a life. However, this is not the end of being. Instead, it is the passing from the physical realm to the spiritual realm.

Mediums and psychics are highly intuitive individuals. They possess the ability to send their own spirit into the far reaches of the spiritual realm. Here they can see, hear, and even smell things that are not physically in front of them.

When you attend a séance, you are watching this process happen in real-time. Because you are near a conduit of the spiritual realm, your loved ones will gravitate towards your call. They will recognize the medium as someone who can tell you what they want you to hear.

Tips for Attending a Séance

Let’s take a look at some of our tips for attending a séance or inviting those who have passed onto the spiritual realm to communicate with you.

1. Ask Yourself, “Am I Grieving?”

We often work with individuals who are grieving the loss of a loved one. While communication with that loved one can help the grieving process, it can also cause undue pain.

Ask yourself if you are grieving and, if so, what stage of the grieving process you have entered. We recommend that if you are angry, you prepare yourself mentally to remain calm during your séance.

2. Reach Out to the Person You Wish to Hear From Ahead of Time

When a medium enters the spiritual realm, they often discover a line of folks who are waiting for their chance to speak. For a number of reasons, a medium may not be able to communicate for each person who is waiting for their turn.

Before the séance, we suggest that you reach out to the loved one(s) you hope to hear from.

This may feel unfamiliar to you and that is okay. Simply focus your thoughts on them and your desire to communicate with them and allow yourself to meditate on these thoughts for a few moments.

If they are ready to communicate, they will likely receive the message and begin searching for ways to make that connection. This can put them, so to speak, at the front of the line when the medium begins the séance.

3. Do Not Seek Out Negative People

A good séance should be a positive, healing experience. Most reputable mediums will not allow negative energy through their spiritual door. It is harmful to their mind and soul and could cause harm to those around them.

For the safety and comfort of both you and your medium, do not ask to speak to someone who you know to be dangerous or terribly unkind. Chances are, your medium will not let them through, anyway.

4. Be Prepared for Silence

Mediums have been given the gift of spiritual communication. However, it is not quite like picking up a phone and dialing a specific number. It’s more like turning on a phone and waiting for it to ring.

Sometimes, attendees do not get to hear from the person they hoped to. This is not a personal attack on you by the medium or by your loved one. Your loved one is simply preoccupied at the moment and didn’t quite recognize that you were standing so close to the phone.

5. Take Notes or Record Your Session

We recommend that you log what you’ve heard during your séance in the event that one of your loved ones comes through. Always ask your medium or psychic if they have a preferred method and if they are comfortable with you recording their voice.

The reason we suggest doing so is that séances are extremely emotional. People are often so overtaken by various emotions that they can’t recall later what was said to them.

Plus, you may not always understand what was said to you right away. Your loved one may have spoken to something that has not yet occurred or to something you did not know about. When you log what they’ve said, you can ask other family members about it or mull over it for days and weeks to come.

Where to Find a Reputable Psychic

Because the spiritual realm exists on a separate plane from the physical realm, you can request to hold a séance over the phone. Connecting mentally and vocally to your psychic gives them permission to explore your own spiritual plane while opening the door to your loved ones.

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