Easy Tarot Spreads to Help You Make Decisions and Answer Your Questions

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It’s clear that tarot cards have a permanent place in human history and culture. In the past few years, we’ve seen tarot cards take hold and rise in popularity with our younger generations, including Millennials and Gen Z.

That being said, today’s youth are far from the first to feel the allure of tarot. Although some of the first reported uses of tarot cards as divining tools date back to the 18th century, tarot cards date back to at least the 14th century. 

Tarot spreads can be intriguing and useful to young and old, alike. However, if you’re new to reading tarot cards, you may find the process a bit confusing. Don’t be afraid to ask for a psychic’s help as you seek answers and guidance.

Now, let’s take a look at a handful of tarot spreads that will help beginners become more familiar and comfortable with reading tarot cards.

Start With the Single Card Daily Draw

One thing you’ll quickly notice about reading tarot spreads is that it’s not just about understanding the alignment of the cards. It’s about understanding the cards, themselves.

The more familiar you become with both the Greater and Lesser Arcana, the easier it will be to make sense of what your tarot cards are trying to reveal to you. The single card daily draw is a great way to not only learn about your cards but to see how your divining skills apply to your day-to-day life.

Think of your single card daily draw as a sort of horoscope. You do not have to ask of it any questions, although you may if you wish. 

Each day around the same time, draw a single card. Research its meaning and sit with that meaning. You don’t have to try to think of what it might mean in your life but instead, just absorb that meaning.

Over time, you will begin to notice the patterns that make reading tarot easier. Pay attention to the meaning each card possesses and the feeling those cards provoke within you when you draw them. With practice, you will see your intuitive skills emerge.

If you are pulling your daily card in the morning, it will speak to your day ahead. If you are pulling your daily card at night, it will speak to the following day.

Three-Card Tarot Spreads That Can Guide Decision Making

Three-card tarot spreads are also simple but effective ways to practice reading tarot while also guiding your decision making. Let’s take a look at three different three-card tarot spreads you can try out right away. In each of these spreads, you will find the most success if you focus your mind on a specific question or problem, rather than leaving the question open.


This three-card spread forms the backbone or foundation of nearly every tarot reading. The concept is as simple as it sounds. 

Your first card represents your past, the circumstances that informed it, and the way it made you feel. The second card represents your current circumstances, including your possible desires, fears, and obstacles. The third card represents the future of this question or problem, should you choose not to change your course.

Current Situation/Obstacle/Guidance

Perhaps you have a situation at hand in the present moment that is causing you to feel stuck. Maybe you sense blockages within yourself surrounding the situation. If you’re looking for guidance, rather than something more predictive, this tarot spread is perfect for you.

The first card represents the current situation and can give you insight into what that situation truly is. The second card provides clarity regarding the primary obstacle that is preventing you from resolving or moving forward from the current situation. The third card provides spiritual advice or guidance that will help you proceed in a manner best suited to achieving your goals.

If you feel as though the guidance could lead to more harm than good, it may mean that you have more internal work to do than you thought. Currently, your path is one of self-destruction. You may try another tarot spread to learn more about what is leading you down this path and how you can move away from it.

What You Think/What You Feel/What You Do

This tarot spread is vital if you are experiencing mental, emotional, or spiritual blockages. Although we are more familiar with the daily events in our own lives than anyone else, we are not always capable of staying in touch with our inner selves. By creating this tarot spread, you can reveal the correlation between thought, emotions, and behaviors.

Once again, it is vital that you call to mind a specific circumstance, event, or question to get the most of this spread.

The first card represents what you think of the situation you have in mind. Our thoughts and feelings are closely intertwined but they are not the same, which is why the second card represents what you feel about the situation–you may be surprised at the way your thoughts are designed to distract you from your feelings. Finally, the third card represents how you react or behave in the situation, which is often the most destructive element of a disunited spirit.

Practice Reading Tarot Spreads to Strengthen Intuitive Skills

Tarot cards are beloved by generation after generation because they are a joy to read and because they provide the guidance we need. These easy tarot spreads will help you to strengthen your intuitive skills and improve your ability to hear what your cards are trying to tell you.

Sometimes, we need answers before we are able to find them, ourselves. If you seek answers right away, take a look at our directory of available psychics. The answers are waiting if you’re ready to ask the questions.

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