Combining Signs: Your Ultimate Guide to Primal Astrology

primal astrology

The oldest astrologer’s board ever found dates back more than 2,000 years.

That makes astrology an ancient practice and science. One that’s made its way into our contemporary world – and for good reason. It gives us a way of understanding our lives and behavior, as well as that of others.

There are many different kinds of astrology. Of the lesser-known forms of astrology is Primal Astrology.

But the insights that Primal Astrology can give us are often profound, so it’s worth knowing more about. Keep reading for more information.

Primal Astrology versus Zodiac Signs

Astrology involves studying the movements of the celestial bodies. Some ancients used the stars to help guide them on long journeys and others used it to track seasonal changes.

But somewhere along the line, someone realized that the stars could also be used to understand human behavior and characteristics.

Today, we understand astrology as the practice of looking for signs, predictions, and guidance within the movements and alignment of the stars. One of the most common forms of astrology is the Western zodiac.

Even if you’re not into astrology, you’re likely aware that you have a zodiac sign. You probably even know what that sign is, and maybe even some of the basic traits associated with it.

But the Western zodiac is only one form of contemporary astrology. And whether you occasionally read your horoscope or you’ve memorized the entire zodiac and what it means for your life and relationships, there’s more to the celestial bodies than that.

Beyond being an Aries or a Taurus, you have other zodiac signs. Knowing these can help you understand your behavior and characteristics more deeply. It can help you understand your life path, which strengths will help you fulfill your purpose, and what might be holding you back.

Primal Astrology is one of the studies that build on the zodiac to offer a more in-depth understanding of your life and your life plan.

What Is Primal Astrology?

Primal Astrology is a form of Karmic Astrology. Karmic Astrology is based on the notion that we have more than one lifetime. Each lifetime is only long enough to give us a glimpse of the experiences that are available to human beings.

We come back to this earth to live multiple lifetimes. Through each of these lifetimes, we learn, grow, and balance out the karmic debts that we owe and that are owed to us by others.

The ultimate purpose of coming back, again and again, is to get to know the purpose of our spirit and, eventually, fulfill that purpose.

Our purpose is the unique spiritual goal that drives our behavior and connects us with certain people. Everything in our life, and all of the people in it, are there to help us drive us toward fulfilling that goal.

What Is The Purpose of Primal Astrology?

In this form of Karmic astrology, you can find out your entire life plan. This mapping strategy puts you in the best position to fulfill your purpose.

In order to draw out your life plan, the astrologer uses your birth date. With this date, you find out your Primal Zodiac sign. Also known as your animal spirit, your Primal Astrology sign tells you everything you need to know about how you should approach this lifetime.

The basic premise of your animal spirit is that an animal represents your instinctive nature. These are natural and unique characteristics and behavior that belong to you. In the same way that animals have instincts that guide their behavior subconsciously, so does your spirit.

How to Find Your Animal Spirit

Finding your animal spirit uses both the Western Zodiac and the Eastern Zodiac (also known as the Chinese Zodiac). You combine both of these zodiac signs to find out your animal spirit.

Your Western Zodiac sign depends on the month and day of your birth. It will be one of the following: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.

Your Eastern Zodiac sign is an animal. It depends on the year you were born. It will be one of the following: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, or Pig.

What Can Your Primal Zodiac Sign Tell You?

As mentioned, your Primal Zodiac sign lays out your strengths and your weaknesses. But it can also tell you about your compatibility in terms of love, friendships, and other relationships. It goes even deeper than that to reveal information about your career and life goals.

Examples of Primal Astrological Signs

Below are a few examples of Primal Astrological signs as they relate to famous people throughout history. As you can see, the animal spirit of these infamous people relates closely to what they became and accomplished in their lives.

Abraham Lincoln: Boa Constrictor

The boa constrictor Primal Zodiac sign is intelligent and intuitive. They know how people are going to behave and they calculate their behavior based on that intuition.

They’re also very good at convincing people of their goals with carefully thought-out words – but they don’t do this in a manipulative way. Instead, they tend to act on behalf of the greater good.

Adolf Hitler: Yak

The Yak doesn’t take no for an answer and pursues their goals without compromise. They see the world in black and white and resist change. They’re stubbornly determined, don’t question their feelings or actions, and are incapable of finding middle ground.

Dalai Lama: Lobster

Lobsters are complex and emotional on the inside, but they don’t show that chaos to the world or people around them. Instead, they tend to dedicate their lives to helping others.

More Astroligal Information

Primal Astrology is a way of mapping out your life plan using your birth date and year. It combines your Western and Eastern zodiac signs to give you your animal spirit. With this information, you have a better chance of fulfilling your life’s purpose in this lifetime.

But this only scratches the surface of the information available to you in the celestial bodies. For more astrological insight, check out this list of the best astrologers out there.

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