Follow The Bimini Road … To Atlantis?

The ‘Bimini Road to Atlantis’ is a real underwater ‘road’ made of limestone blocks. The road is about a quarter of a mile long and is located near the Bahamas. Some people that believe it is a clue to the ancient city of Atlantis, archeological evidence of the pre-historic advanced civilization once mentioned by Plato. The catastrophic destruction of Atlantis was said to leave to trace of existence. While some scientist claim the structure is a natural occurrence and is not something manmade. Other researchers are not so sure, and some recent evidence may tilt the argument towards those who claim it is part of a much larger archeological discovery. What keeps the story of the Bimini road alive is the fact that it’s discovery was predicted.

The History of the Bimini Road dates back to 1968. Two commercial pilots spotted a rectangular feature in the shallow waters off Bimini. Pilot Mason Valentine decided to investigate and flew over the area and reported he saw what looked like a road a mile off shore of Bimini. The structure or formation was so large that the full scope of it could only be fully appreciated from the air. Atlantis Bimini Road Unbeknownst to Valentine was that his report came exactly when the late psychic Edgar Cayce said evidence of Atlantis would be discovered. Cayce predicted in 1936 that evidence of Atlantis would be discovered near Bimini in 1968. Little did pilot Valentine know that his discovery would turn into world wide news given Cayce’s prediction Geologists, film makes, tourists and archaeologists and researchers would all soon descend on the same island of Bimini.

The Bimini Road is composed of irregular shaped rocks that appear like blocks fitted together to create a smooth surface. The blocks are arranged in two parallel rows and are about 20 feet beneath the crystal clear sea around Bimini. The weight of the average block would be in the tons. Although two different scientific studies have been done on the formation, each has reached different conclusion. One study says it is a natural formation created by the ocean’s movement on the limestone rock. The other study concluded there is evidence it is possibly man made, or that some form of human activity has been involved with the structure. Some have argued that the lack of archeological evidence around the road (pottery, man-made metals, hand carved artifacts, etc.) leads to the conclusion the structure in a natural formation. Others have argued that given the estimated date of the catastrophic destruction of Atlantis (between 10,000 to 12,000 years ago) it should not be a surprise there are no other archeological remains.

Although Scientists think that it is nature’s doing and that no man made the road, there are some theories that support a man-made road. Because of the irregular shapes and how the rocks fit, some people think that the rocks were hand picked and placed one-by-one until the road was complete. There are some scientists that also argue that there were multiple layers of rocks, a man-made characteristic. Multiple layers of rock provide stability and control, and help to provide support. Some counter-arguers say that the rocks could have formed separate layers just by sedimentation. Until other evidence is found the debate will continue. There have been attempts to discover the age of the Bimini Road. Scientists have conducted tests on the rocks to find out when the rocks where created. Radio-Carbon dating has been used on the rocks that compose the road. Unfortunately, testing on something that could be a natural formation cannot provide results acceptable to many scientists.

Since the original discovery in 1968 there have been numerous documentaries on The Bimini road. The Philippe Cousteau, son of Jacques Cousteau, filmed there for the show ‘The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau’. National Geographic has done entire TV specials on The Bimini road or featured the controversy in other specials. The height of interest in The Bimini road seems to have from the 1970’s into the early 1990’s. However, a little known second prediction by Edgar Cayce about the Bimini Road and what would be discovered seems to also now been fulfilled.

Granite and Marble are not natural stone formations to Bimini. Cayce predicted that both granite and marble would be discovered not far from the original Bimini road discovery. Marble was found around the Bimini Road in the 1970s. Then, in 1994 a rectangular granite block was discovered at the Bimini Road site. So curious was this granite block that permission was granted to remove it for study and protect if from the possibility archeological scavengers may steal the block. Many dismiss the granite block as an anomaly, very likely part of the cargo of a ship lost at sea. There are numerous sunken ships around Bimini and carved granite related to those lost ships has been found. But, it was the most recent discoveries that are beginning to rekindle archeological interest in the seas around Bimini.

A hurricane in 2006 would scrub the ocean bottom and more marble and granite near Bimini road and reveal what appears to be a harbor at about 100 feet below sea level. Dubbed ‘Paradise Point Pier’ some theorize that this apparent structure would have been above sea level 10,000 BC. This appears much more like a man made structure and research is on going. More archeological ruins near Bimini have also caught the interest of researchers, geologists and others which may lead to additional, serious scientific exploration around the entire ocean area around Bimini.

Those in the scientific community loath to pursue a path of research based on the predictions of a psychic, especially a psychic commenting on a mythological society where there is no serious evidence as to it’s existence. Yet, here we are. All I can say is, " … follow the Bimini Road". It may yet lead to ‘Oz’.

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