9 Interesting Facts About Astrology

facts about astrology

Do you believe in astrology?

Astrology and zodiac signs have been around for years. The concept has become a long-running meme on various social media, from Tumblr to Instagram. TikTok users have also thrown their hats into the ring, creating hours of related videos.

However, the psychic arts remain popular, especially among millennials. Many people rely on their horoscopes to seek answers and guidance. You may find that astrology can give you insight into your life with an open mind.

Want to learn more about astrology? This article covers nine facts about astrology that are sure to pique your interest. Read on and discover how astrology can change your life.

1. You Can Better Understand Yourself and Other People

If you’ve heard of astrology, you may already be familiar with zodiac signs. There are 12 zodiac signs overall. By knowing your birth date, you can identify your zodiac sign.

Astrology is not always an accurate source. However, you can often say something about another person based on their zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has characteristics that often correspond to a person with that sign.

This is subtle cosmic energy can help guide you into your life decisions. With your zodiac sign, you can better tap into your emotions and actions.

2. Astrology Has Been Around Forever

The Babylonians were the first great astronomers, starting in the 18th century. They found the sequence of zodiac constellations that appear and move with the stars. They identified 12 constellations and gave them animal names.

The Greeks soon picked up on this and coined the term zodiac, from zodiakos kyklos. The Greeks were also the ones who tied the zodiacs to different gods. They used this to help with state affairs and tell the fortunes of men and women alike.

Zodiacs remain relevant today, especially in some countries like India. For some people elsewhere, zodiac readings became a form of self-indulgence and entertainment.

3. You May Have More Than One Star Sign

Your star sign doesn’t end at your assigned birthdate. The position of the sun is what determines your zodiac sign, also known as your sun sign. However, not many know that other factors affect your sign.

Your moon sign can tell you how you act in an internal mindset. This includes how you process information and emotions. It may also contain childhood memories.

A common misconception is that your rising sun is a planet. However, your rising sun is actually the zodiac constellation rising on the eastern horizon during your time of birth. Your rising sun tells you about how you present yourself as a person.

4. Planet Signs

Your sign of other planets can reveal more aspects of your personality. Your Mercury sign defines how you communicate with others. It may also give you insight into how you accept new information.

Your Venus sign shows your love language. You can know how you express love and affection by knowing your Venus sign.

Mars is the Greek war god’s Roman name. This identifies how you take action and assert yourself in your environment. This planet reveals your ambition, demeanor when you’re upset, and your sex life.

Your Jupiter and Saturn signs reveal your social life. Saturn can tell you about how well you establish limits and boundaries. Jupiter can reveal your ideals and how open you are to change and positivity.

5. Reveal Your Future

Many astrology enthusiasts turn to their horoscopes for guidance in the future. This form of divination can reveal what you should expect in your future. It will often also tell you when the best time is to take action for your goals.

6. Your Zodiac Sign Impacts Your Appearance

Astrologers say that your zodiac sign can influence how you look. This may seem far-fetched to some people. However, astrologers were able to uncover several traits that people with the same signs have in common.

Geminis often have more refined features and have smaller bones. Saggitarius people have longer and more muscular legs. Some Saggitarius women behave like a tomboy.

Cancer people are the babies of the zodiac family. They often have softer features, with chubby cheeks and rounder eyes. Libras are graceful and often have a friendly demeanor.

7. It’s the Most Popular Divination Art

There are many forms of divination, ranging from tarot cards to tea leaf readings. However, astrology is the most popular art of divination. Horoscopes are accessible across various mobile apps and online websites.

One of the reasons why astrology is the most popular divination art is because it’s easy to grasp. Tarot cards require a deep understanding of what each card represents. Psychic readers need a deep connection with the spiritual world and its people.

With minimal reading and time, you can also learn the divination art of astrology.

8. Predictions That Came True

The United Astrology Conference predicted that Obama would win the 2008 election. The same panel of astrologers predicted Obama’s second victory during the 2012 elections.

Hitler was another big believer in astrology. A fan gave him his birth chart and predicted him to become Germany’s new Fuhrer. He often consulted with astrologists during World War II.

9. Star Signs Have Different Elements

Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics and energies. However, you may notice that some signs share similarities. The zodiac family has three different categories, also known as modalities.

The entire family consists of four elements, which work in balance to keep the harmony. This allows each zodiac to distribute strengths and weaknesses. The fire signs consist of Leo, Aries, and Saggitarius.

Fire signs are passionate and have strong wills. Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo comprise the Earth signs. They’re grounded and responsible, often good with their money.

Air signs correspond to intellect. Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius fall under Air. Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio are Water signs, which symbolizes emotions.

Want to Learn More Facts About Astrology?

Here are some fun facts about astrology. If you need guidance in your life, turn to the stars. You may feel surprised about how much insight you can gain from knowing your star sign.

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