7 Questions to Ask a Psychic During Your Next Intuitive Reading

questions to ask a psychic

One of humanity’s biggest fears is the fear of the unknown.

You might be feeling confused in your love life, career, or family matters. Perhaps you’re unsure how to find your soulmate, how to move up in your job, or how to settle a dispute between your children.

Life can be tricky with its ups and downs, but luckily, psychics are available for guidance. They aren’t just great when you’re stuck in bad situations, but they are also available for guidance in the good.

Below are 7 questions to ask a psychic the next time you head in for a reading.

Before You Go

We know you are anxious for the questions, but there are some things to know before you go meet with a psychic. While people love checking out horoscopes, meeting with a psychic isn’t all about asking what cute crush will fall in love with you this month.

Something that could block flowing, honest communication during a psychic reading is asking either close-ended or yes/no questions. You are putting up a roadblock in receiving an answer.

Always ask open-ended questions, and never ask the same questions a million different ways. Just because you may not get the answer you want doesn’t mean you should badger the psychic.

If you’re stuck in life and have done all you can to move forward, be honest with your psychic. Sometimes you may not even know what questions to ask because you’re so confused. It also helps to read ratings on psychics and find one with plenty of experience.

Lastly, just like you would before an important doctor’s visit, write your questions down so you don’t forget anything. Also, ask the most pressing questions first!

1. Where Should I Focus My Thoughts?

A lot of the time, we don’t achieve certain goals because we are focused on the completely wrong thing. When we don’t realize we are swerving off the track, we can get deep into a mess before reality hits us.

By reminding yourself to ask a psychic where to focus your thoughts and energy, you are giving them space to help you place your focus.

Maybe you’ve needed to devote more time to work but didn’t see that because you’ve been hanging out with a new partner. Perhaps you didn’t see your marriage problems because you’ve been stuck at your desk for 60 hours a week.

2. What Can I Do Now to Achieve the Optimal Future?

Once you figure out where you need to focus your thoughts, ask what actions you can take. Like people always say, actions speak louder than words.

You might be having the right mental processes and attitude but the wrong approach or execution. It’s not meant to be a huge failure on your part. It’s meant to be something you can learn from.

By remembering to ask a psychic this question, you could be opening up your eyes to perspectives you’ve never considered. Once they tell you what to do, do it.

3. What Should I Know to Find Romance?

Some people approach a psychic thinking the psychic can perform a crazy spell to suddenly bring a lover to their life.  This isn’t how it works.

If you’re tired of looking at romance tips online in your free time, open your mind up to something new by asking things to know in order to invite romance into your life. Maybe you’ve been blocking off romantic opportunities without realizing it.

It could even be possible that you’re not destined for love at this point in your life. It’s possible you just need to stop trying at all, and it’ll come along.

4. How Can My Family Become Closer?

Psychics aren’t meant to be your hour-long therapist. Instead of venting to them for an hour about how your kids won’t quit sneaking out of the house, ask them how to bring your family closer.

They could lead you to new ways on how to approach conflict or ways to make the household a healthier place so your kids won’t want to sneak out. It could be as simple as having more meals at the table, or perhaps it’s a deeper issue you have to work out within yourself.

5. How Do I Find a Job with Meaning?

Almost all of us are working towards meaning in life. We not only want to do something we love, but we also want to do something that matters.

If you’re stuck in a rut with a job with no meaning, ask a psychic on actions to take to lead you to a more meaningful future. Don’t be afraid of the answer. You might have to do something crazy.

6. How Can I Manage My Money Correctly?

Whether we like to admit it or not, a lot of us are not great with our money. If you’re having financial issues, this might be a question at the top of your list.

If money just seems to disappear from your banking account, it’s possible you aren’t spending it in the right ways. Ask for financial assistance with this open-ended question.

7. What Can I Do Every Day to Tap Into My Higher Thinking?

Every day is a chance to become your better self and to think a little bit higher. We are all human, and life can sometimes get the best of us.

If you feel like you need to get back on track in your mental attitude, it’s never too late. Don’t forget to ask a psychic this question! You might be pleasantly surprised by the answer.

The Best Questions to Ask a Psychic

Whether you’ve been a hundred times or it’s your first psychic visit, make sure you check out the above questions to ask a psychic! You can also use them as inspiration for your own questions.

Remember not to ask close-ended questions. This limits the answer and could hold you off from knowledge you don’t want to miss.

If you want to learn about our psychic services, make sure you check out our site and even take part in a live chat.

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