6 Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You

signs a deceased loved one is trying to contact you

After a loved one passes, our emotional states are vulnerable. You may find yourself feeling guilty, lost, and overall depressed. People grieve in different ways, but the stages of grieving are similar for everyone.

Because you’re feeling emotionally unstable at the moment, you may begin to question what’s real and what’s your imagination. If you’ve been sensing that your deceased loved one has been trying to contact you, you may not be imagining things as much as you believe. There are signs a deceased loved one is trying to contact you, and you should be aware of them.

Because your loved one’s body is no longer alive does not mean that their spirit has left you. If you believe that your deceased loved one has been trying to contact you, you might be right. Here are 6 signs that this person is, indeed, trying to reach you and how to respond!

1. Sensing Their Presence

Before your loved one passed, were you able to sense when they walk into a room? That feeling that someone is watching you or in the same room as you is a valid one. Think about all of the times when you could feel someone looking at you only to turn around and confirm that someone was indeed looking at you.

These feelings are real and if you were able to sense when your loved one was in a room with you before their passing, then you’ll be able to sense it when they’re gone as well. Even if you don’t recall sensing their presence when they were alive, you can still have the ability to sense them after their passing.

You might feel a movement in the air or a shift in the energy. Sensing their presence comes in a variety of ways.

2. Meeting Them in Dreams

Meeting your loved one in a dream is one of the more common ways for your deceased loved one to contact you. Although you may have dreams that include your loved one like any other dream might include someone you know, a dream where your loved one is visiting you might feel a bit different.

In some instances, your loved one might appear with a light or a glow surrounding him or her. He or she might also speak to you and leave you a message. You might even approach him or her in your dream and give them a message of your own.

Upon awaking, you might even feel a sense of peacefulness. This is a sign that your loved one is letting you know that he or she is okay.

3. Non-Coincidental Signs

If you’ve noticed a few things happening around you that remind you of your loved one, professional physics will tell you it’s not a coincidence. Your loved one might be trying to reach you through showing you things that remind you of him or her on a consistent basis. For example, if your loved one enjoyed a specific type of flower and you’re now seeing this exact flower all around you, it’s not a coincidence.

This is your loved one making their presence known to you. You may begin to see this flower outside everywhere you go, on the television, on computer backgrounds, on random people’s t-shirts, and so much more.

4. Seeing Signs Through Nature

Nature also has its way of passing along signs from your loved one to you. Noticing falling feathers is one way to tell that your loved one is near. The falling of feathers signifies that your loved one is safe and that there’s a message for you.

You might also notice a certain type of bird following you around such as a dove, a robin, or another species. Have you noticed butterflies surrounding your home lately or hanging out right outside your window? These are all signs of your loved one watching over you and trying to contact you.

5. Smelling or Hearing Them

If you’ve ever caught yourself hearing or smelling your loved one, this is not your imagination. Deceased loved ones will commonly try to contact us through scents or noises. The scents could be any kind of sweet smell that hit your nose randomly without a clear reason why.

You might even notice the scent of perfume or cologne that she or he used to wear frequently. Hearing a loved one’s voice might come in the form of hearing a whisper or hearing a sense of direction. You might hear your loved one’s actual voice whispering to you, or you might have an overwhelming sense of what to do in a situation.

Both are signs of your loved one trying to contact you.

6. Noticing Patterns of Three

When things happen in threes, it’s time to take your loved one seriously. You might notice a sign and blow it off, but once it happens two more times, you know it’s something to take seriously. This pattern of threes can happen in several different ways.

Maybe you’re having the same dream over and over again, maybe you keep thinking about the same random thing, maybe three different people mention the same thing in three separate occasions. These are all signs that your loved one is trying to reach you.

Lookout for These Signs a Deceased Loved One Is Trying to Contact You!

If a loved one has recently passed away, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for these signs a deceased loved one is trying to contact you. These signs and plenty of other signs are all forms of contact from your loved one.

Once you know that a loved one is trying to contact you, it’s time to respond. Contact a physic today to help guide you through the process of contacting and responding to a loved one!

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