10 Signs That You’ve Had a Spiritual Awakening

spiritual awakeningAre you seeking a deeper connection with the universe and a higher purpose?

Have the old ways ceased to work for you, as you search for a more spiritual way of existing?

You may have experienced a spiritual awakening, and you may not even know it!

While some philosophers and seekers describe a “white light” experience which revolutionizes their thoughts and lives, many others find that the experience is actually slow and gradual.

Look at these ten signs and ask yourself if perhaps you may already be in the process of experiencing a spiritual awakening?

1. Heightened Awareness

Have you ever thought about an old friend you have not spoken to in years, and then the phone rings and it is them? Or found a lost item at just the moment when you had given up all hope? You might think that these instances are coincidences.

When you start acknowledging the spiritual realm, you develop a heightened awareness of the connections in the universe. Suddenly things that seemed coincidental take on a deeper meaning.

Sometimes you receive signs that a force is looking out for you. You just have to be open to sensing the signals. When you are open to these possibilities, that is an indication you have experienced a spiritual awakening.

2. Increased Sensitivity

A spiritual awakening can be uncomfortable because you are developing a consciousness that did not exist before. You may feel your feelings more intensely. You may have more empathy for others. You may be more upset by the suffering in the world around you.

The Dalai Lama says, “In the first step toward a compassionate heart, we must develop our empathy or closeness to others. We must also recognize the gravity of their misery.”

As your spirituality awakens, you will find deeper wells of both joy and pain.

4. Acknowledgement of a Higher Power

Another mark of a spiritual awakening is the acknowledgement of a universal power. Some may call this force God, but that is only one manifestation of this higher power.

Wiccans find a higher power in natural elements. Other faiths attribute divinity to a range of mythical or cosmic beings, from the spirits revered by the Native Americans to the pantheon of deities in Greek and Hindu mythologies.

The unifying experience across many faiths in the acceptance of power beyond human experience. A spiritual awakening often entails finding the humility to accept that you are not entirely in charge. Another – usually benevolent – force is.

5. Gratitude

A primary sign that your soul is awakening on a spiritual level is gaining the ability to give thanks.

Children often recite their evening prayers and ask God for a laundry list of requests, like Santa Claus. A more mature form of spirituality evolves when instead of petitioning the Lord with prayer, you learn to give thanks for what you already have.

Mother Theresa said that “The best way to show your gratitude to God and people is to accept everything with joy… We may not be able to give much, but we can always give the joy that springs from a heart that is in love with God.”

Whether or not you believe in a Judeo-Christian God or another universal force, the ability to be joyful for what you have been given is a sure sign that you are on the spiritual plane.

6. Urge to Help Others

Many people who say that they have felt a spiritual awakening see changes in their behavior towards others. These changes may be dramatic, like giving up a job in the corporate world and devoting oneself to helping the poor.

However, spiritual changes may also be more subtle. You may find that where you once avoided helping an elderly relative because they were irritating or demanding, you now find new reserves of patience and can show up for them once a week. You may find yourself volunteering at the local soup kitchen on weekends instead of sleeping in or going out for drinks with friends.

With spirituality often comes a desire to help others, and a sense of fulfilment in doing so.

7. Difficulty Sleeping

As mentioned earlier, a spiritual awakening may result in discomfort as new feelings and thoughts flood your brain. Many find this causes an inability to sleep. You may be tossing and turning as you cannot turn off this new train of profound existential thinking.

Meditation is one way to help calm the mind (see #10).

Usually, this period of insomnia passes as the initial euphoria and stimulation of a raised consciousness becomes more familiar.

8. Dissatisfaction with Old Ways of Doing Things

Modes of behavior that were once effective may no longer work for you.

The aggressive debate, unyielding competition and a “take no prisoners” attitude you once employed may reap benefits in the material world, but it is a different story in the realm of the spirit.

You may find yourself engaging in actions you would never have considered as “fun” a few years ago. You may choose to attend a silent retreat instead of taking a raucous vacation or blowing thousands of dollars on a shopping spree.

A spiritual awakening often causes a dramatic change in how you conduct your day to day life.

9. Less Concern with Material World

The same way that fancy cars and clothes no longer bring you the joy they once did, you may find yourself less concerned with how much money you make or how big your house is.

One of the many joys of a spiritual awakening is finding satisfaction in the non-material world, and ceasing the relentless pursuit of material gain.

You may find as much happiness in petting a dog or smelling a flower that you once sought in an expensive suit or a fancy job title.

10.Meditation and Prayer

Another surprise for you may be that you have a new interest in engaging in meditation or prayer. Conscious, deliberate contact with the higher power of your understanding often becomes an integral part of many people’s new spiritual practice.

Indeed, prayer and meditation is not something that comes naturally to all people. You may need some guidance on developing a meditation practice so that you can direct your mind, away from the many distracting thoughts that can impede your journey.

Spiritual Awakening: A Revolution in Thought and Action

You may have experienced a spiritual awakening if you find you are approaching life, relationships, and the universe in different ways than you used to. If you are seeking greater meaning than that offered by the material world, you have already embarked on your quest.

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