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This quality online meditation course is created by davidji, an internationally recognized meditation teacher and author. Davidji apprenticed for nearly a decade under Deepak Chopra and David Simon and has created 100s of guided meditation tapes. The course includes everything you need to know about meditation and getting started. Even expert meditation can learn a thing or two from this online meditation course.

This is a highly interactive, 3-lesson online meditation course. Davidji demystifies meditation and makes it easy, understandable, and practical. Learn to integrate stillness and silence into your daily life. Discover that simple, daily meditation will create a life-long ritual for being the calm in the chaos of daily life. With meditation you can learn to manifest your deepest desires. Start taking your life from where you are, to where you want to be. Move through each with grace and purpose whatever the challenges.

Whether you are new to meditation, or an experienced meditation, you will find this online course loaded with information. Course also includes some guided meditations by Davidji.

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