What You Need to Know About How to Contact Your Spirit Guide

how to contact your spirit guide

It doesn’t matter what religion you are, what your spiritual background is, or where you come from, you have spirit guides who are sending you messages. But unless you know how to contact your spirit guide, you may wind up missing your messages entirely. 

We’ve created this crash course on spirit guides to help you better connect to the spiritual world around you. Keep reading to learn more. 

How Do Spirit Guides Communicate? 

To know how to contact your spirit guide, you have to learn how spirit guides communicate with us. Communication with spirit guides isn’t always straight forward and you may have to fine-tune your spiritual ear to hear them. 

Spirit guides send us signs. These signs are called synchronicities, or “meaningful coincidences.” 

Here’s an example. After fighting with your best friend who you think doesn’t mind your boundaries, you stop by the library and see that there is a book about establishing meaningful boundaries with your loved ones. That is synchronicity. 

Spirit guides can also connect with you through dreams, music on the radio, helpful opportunities, or new people in your life. 

How to Contact Your Spirit Guide 

If you’ve been looking for a sign from your spirit guides but don’t feel like you’ve been getting any, don’t worry! While most communication with your spirit guides happens randomly or by accident, there are things you can do to sharpen your spiritual senses. 

Be More Mindful During Your Day 

The first step you should take on the path to becoming more connected to your spirit guide is becoming more mindful and present during your daily life. Spirit guides don’t send obvious messages. If you’re not paying attention, you’re going to miss them. 

Try to lighten your load schedule-wise. Stop rushing so much and allow yourself to notice the things going on around you. 

Keep Watch 

The more you actively look for the signs from your spirit guides, the better you’ll get at recognizing them. Plus, once you start paying attention, your spirit guides will start to communicate even more. 

Take some time each day to remember that your spirit guides are sending you messages all the time. If you’re in the time of a big transition, welcome and be grateful for the guidance that comes your way. 

Keep a Spirit Guide Journal 

Find a cute journal and use it to communicate with your spirit guides. Cleanse it regularly and let it become a space that is sacred to you. Write your guides letters and ask them specific questions. 

You should also use this journal to write down all the various ways you think your spirit guides have communicated with you. Write down the synchronicities you’ve noticed and what you interpret them to mean. 

Don’t forget to regularly write down your gratitude too!

Get to Know Your Guides

Give your guides a name to help you feel closer to them. Use that name when you speak to them and write to them. You might even notice that your spirit guides have unique personalities. 

See if any name comes to you through your intuition or other synchronicity. Ask your spirit guide what their name is and pay attention to discover their answer. 

When you personify your guides, you can get even closer to them.  

Give Them a Gift 

A great way to get close to your guide is by leaving them gifts or offerings. Set up a small altar in a quiet place in your home and use it to leave your spirit guide small gifts. 

Flowers from your garden, trinkets, notes, and other small things all make great gifts to your spirit guides. 

Another thing you could do is practice releasing your fears and worries to your spirit guides. Spend time mentally releasing your energy and letting your spirit guides know that you’re leaving the outcome up to them. 

Research Spirit Guides 

What you’re doing right now, researching spirit guides, is another great step on the path of getting to know them better. Reach out to contact spirit guide experts and psychics who can help you on your journey to understanding the spirit realm better. 

Take a class, read books about spirit guides, and talk to experts in the field. 

Improve Your Intuition 

Everyone has intuition. It takes a little work to sharpen your intuition so you can use it every day, but you can do it. 

Sometimes our intuition is a quiet voice in the back of our minds. It can also show up as pictures that you see in your head. You could have thoughts that come through at random times or feel the energy pulling you in specific directions. 

All of these are intuitive paths. You can practice using your intuition to make small choices until it’s stronger. Then, use that intuition to better understand your spirit guides.  


Lastly, meditating is a great way to get in contact with your spirit guides. On top of all the other benefits of meditation, when you force your mind and body to sit still and listen to the world around you, you open your mind up to the spirit realm. 

Meditating can also help you sharpen all the other methods we’ve mentioned so far. You’ll be more in tune with your intuition and able to spot the signs of a spirit guide when you’re calm. 

Need Help Knowing How to Connect to Your Spirit Guide?

Now that you know how to connect to your spirit guide, you can get started listening to all the messages they send to you. A world of possibility opens up when you start to listen to the spiritual world around you. 

Sometimes, no matter how hard you listen or watch for your spirit guides, it’s hard to hear them. That’s why reaching out to a professional may be the right option for you. 

If you’re not sure how to contact your spirit guides, call one of our psychic specialists today

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