Spiritual Smells and Their Meanings: A Guide on Clairalience

spiritual smells and their meanings

Do you ever feel like the spiritual world is trying to send you a message? Have you ever smelled smoke or other scents when there was no source to be found?

If you’ve been having psychic experiences, you’re not going crazy. As we get older, our psychic abilities often develop, growing deeper with time. 

In this article, we’ll discuss clairalience, or psychic smelling, and talk about spiritual smells and their meanings.

We’ll also help you find an experienced psychic who can help you decipher messages from loved ones and angels.  

What is Clairalience?

Even if psychic communication is new to you, you’ve probably experienced a clairalient moment or two. Clairalience happens when you suddenly smell a loved one’s cologne, flowers out of nowhere, or even smoke.

You may also experience a strong smell when you meet certain people. You’re not actually smelling them, but rather having a clairalient reaction to their aura. 

If you are having psychic moments that are hard to ignore, you might want to meet with an experienced psychic. They can help you figure out the spiritual meaning of smells and access messages from spirit guides and angels

Spiritual Smells and Their Meanings

The most important thing to remember about clairalience is that it can occur suddenly, in any situation. If you’ve been having strong feelings of clairalience that stop you in your tracks, you may want to keep a journal. 

Talk to your psychic adviser about when and where these experiences are occurring. If you ever feel scared or overwhelmed, your psychic can help make sense of your psychic abilities. 

Here are a few of the most common psychic smells. 

Cologne or Perfume

No list of psychic smelling would be complete without mentioning cologne and perfume. Out of the blue, you smell your aunt’s perfume. You haven’t smelled it for 20 years, but there it is. 

There’s no denying clairalience. If you smell your loved one’s perfume, they are definitely trying to send you a message. 

When you have a clairalient experience, try to remember how it makes you feel. Is your loved one trying to warn you or are they just sending some love your way? 

Take the time to meditate on these types of experiences. Breathe deeply and open your mind to messages from your loved ones. 


If you smell flowers indoors, stay alert for a message. Every flower has its own meaning and its own blessing. 

Lilac, for example, stands for pride. Lavender stands for love, and roses stand for love and passion. If you smell orange blossoms, you might be meeting the love of your life very soon.

You might also have a personal connection to certain flowers. You might associate roses with purity instead of passion, lilac with beauty instead of pride. 

Psychic experiences do vary from person to person, so keep track of how they make you feel. Trust your inner knowing to guide you.


If you frequently smell smoke, you could have a major upheaval in your life pretty soon. Smoke isn’t always negative, but it can point to negativity or even evil in your life. 

Smoke is one of the smells associated with demons, but it can also mean spiritual renewal. It could remind you of camping as a child, or it could bring a specific person to mind. 

If you ever meet someone and smell smoke on their aura, it could mean that they’re not someone you should associate with.

Always trust your gut level instincts and that cold, shivery feeling we all get at times. If someone makes the hair stand up on your arms, you should avoid pursuing an intimate relationship.


One of the most positive spiritual scents is mint. It symbolizes joy and harmony, especially in the family. 

If you’re single and you smell mint, you may want to ask for that promotion at work. You should seize the moment and breathe in the expansion and balance that mint provides. 

Clairalience can also help guide you to eat more of certain foods. If you’re constantly smelling mint, that might be your body’s way of asking you for some mint tea. 

You could also get a bundle of mint and dry it, then keep it at your office. Before you go in to ask for a raise, crush a little bit of the mint and smell it for a confidence boost. 


If you’re smelling cinnamon, you or someone you know might be getting pregnant soon. Cinnamon is a symbol of fertility and has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac

Smelling apple pie, cinnamon, and nutmeg are all associated with babies and home life. It’s a trustworthy smell that would never signify something negative. 

If you’re trying to get pregnant, put a teaspoon of cinnamon and a dash of salt into a glass of water or milk. Cinnamon has warming properties and can help your relaxation. 

Pine Trees

Do you ever smell pine trees out of nowhere? You might need a vacation. 

Many of us have positive experiences associated with pine: fresh air, walks through nature, and camp fires. If you’re smelling pine trees, it might be time to take a weekend and bathe in the beauty of the forest. 

If you often smell pine, you might want to make a small sachet of pine needles. Keep your clairalient smells as close to you as possible. 

Finding the Right Psychic 

The message behind spiritual smells and their meanings is that our guides and angels care about our happiness. 

When you’re on the hunt for an experienced psychic, look for an immediate feeling of trust and warmth. We have psychics who specialize in tarot, astrology, past life regressions, and numerology. 

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