Simple Love Spell to Improve Romantic Relationships

All too often people who look for simple love spells tend to find love spells that focus on finding a new lover or change something about themselves so they can start a relationship. These are not the type of love spells you need when you’re already in a relationship and want to maintain or improve it. Love spells to find or attract a lover can wreak havoc when what you want is a love spell to strengthen or improve a current or long term relationship. In love or anything else with spell casting, it’s better to use a spell especially crafted for specific needs and situation, and that includes spells for those already in relationship.

Relationships evolve and face challenges. Newly formed relationships require a different approach than a well established relationships. Those who appreciate Wicca and spell casting feel that all relationships can benefit with the help of a well-chosen and carefully-cast love spell. If you are new to using love and relationship spells it is a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected. Love spells can sometimes produce unplanned events, maybe even cause some minor strife, if the spell is not well chosen or you try and cut corners when practicing a spell. But, with the right spell, well, you can create magick.

Below are instructions for a spell is aimed specifically at honoring the good times you and your partner have had and asking for blessings for wonderful relationship to continue. Think of this spell as an expression of gratitude and a request for additional blessings. Once cast, this spell can help you find newfound appreciation and love for your partner (and energize for all the things you love about them). This love spell is all about deepening and improving romance within the relationship.

First: Collect your Elements
Elements are the things you will need for your love relationship spell. For this spell you’ll need one of each of the classic four wedding elements: "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" is how the saying goes, so find something in each category. If possible, these items should also relate to your relationship, but don’t go searching through your lover’s underwear drawer! You will want items that are either yours (excepted the borrowed item) and will not be missed as these items will be put away and saved. Next, get one white candle or tealight for each year you have been with your lover.

Second: Start the Ritual
When you’re alone and have some quiet time, you can start the ritual. If you are familiar with Wiccan traditions you may wish to cast a circle or smudge the room. If you are not familiar with these types of observances, do not worry about. Far more important is what is in your heart and your worthy intentions. When you’re ready, set up the candles symbolizing your years together in a semicircle if you have three or more candles. You will put each of the four significant items down in the semicircle – (If you have only two candles then set the items between the candles. If you have one candle, place the items in front of the candle). Keep in mind that you do this with unlit candles. The lighting part of the ceremony is yet to come.

As you set an item down, say what the item symbolizes – for example – say "something old" and then place the item which is something selected that symbolizes the beginning of your relationship like the first love letter or first gift. Repeat this process with each item.

Once these items are set down, pick up a candle and say this:

"Lord and Lady [or the divine titles, or gods/goddesses’ names of your choice], bless our union if it is meant to be, and give us strength in the times to come, both good and bad. Let nothing come between us and our future be happy. With harm to none, so mote it be!"

Third: Light the Candles
Light the candle you have picked up. Now use this candle to light each other candle. As you light each candle, visualize something you love about your partner. Is it their sense of humor, their smile, which has attracted you? Is it there wisdom? Innocence? Passion? The way they communicate? Whatever it is, visualize that trait, and light a candle. If you have several candles to light consider yourself fortunate that you have found a partner who possess so many wonderful traits. Place the candle (or each candle) candle back in its place in the semicircle and watch the flames. Sit comfortably in front of the candles.

Forth: Reflect on Your Relationship
Take a few minutes to reflect or meditate on your relationship, your time together. Think about your happiest moments together and give thanks for all you have experienced with this person so far, and for yet is to come. Finally, extinguish the candles one by one and say this:

"These candles represent the years we have spent together, and accumulate as we walk our path. Although they are extinguished, may our love burn bright as we become one. With harm to none, so mote it be."

Lastly: Closing the Ceremony
Should you have used more formal Wiccan practices, now is time to close those rituals (if you have cast a circle or summoned any earth elements them make sure you dispel the circle and thank and release the elements). Otherwise, close this spell by placing the items you chose in a safe place, possibly keeping them aside in a memento box. Carefully, respectfully clean up the area you held your ritual. The white candles you use MUST NOT be reused. Bury them or cut them up and spread them in some natural area.

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Love spells aren’t just for people looking to get into a new relationship. This sentimental spell is designed to put some fire and romance back into an existing or long term relationship. There is something special about any effort to generate more love, to rediscover the wonderful times you have had together. The Divine in all things looks favorably on such efforts. Seeking assistance of the divine entities of your choice for their blessings for you and your partner is a beautiful thing. For more about this check out A Better Understanding of Spell Casting.

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