Signs Of Paranormal Activity in 2020: What To Watch For

paranormal activity

Humankind has long been aware of the presence of the paranormal. The spiritualist foremothers and forefathers of 21st-century psychics embarked on the journey of trying to get into contact with the paranormal back in the 19th century.

The science behind paranormal communication has never been perfected, as skeptics are prone to point out. Yet, there is a vast number of psychic specialists that can confirm that we do coexist with the deceased.

Are you beginning to feel as though you are sharing your home or workplace with a paranormal entity?

Read on to find out if what you’re experiencing is, in fact, paranormal activity. We’ll talk about some of the biggest signs that you are in the presence of a ghost.

Inexplicable Changes in Temperature

One of the most commonly cited signs of paranormal activity is a change in temperature. To be more specific, when a ghost is present, you’re likely to notice a drop in the temperature.

Spirits require energy to exist. When you feel that temperature drop in the presence of a ghost, that’s because they’re actually taking a bit of your energy.

Don’t be alarmed! This is a normal function of the transfer of energy. Energy, in a literal sense, exists as heat and when energy is taken from a source more than it is returned, the source will lower in temperature.

Unless the paranormal presence is leaving you feeling negative or drained, this shouldn’t be a problem. Most ghosts are harmless and what they’re seeking often has little to do with you.

Untraceable Smells

Of course, we all know that a waft of perfume or a recently blown out candle can linger in the air. However, what should we make of smells that seem to come out of thin air?

Many ghosts do generate a specific smell. Fortunately for us, those smells tend to be pleasant.

You might get a hint of pipe tobacco or a whiff of fresh herbs. You might smell the cologne your spirit wore when they walked the earth or the powder they used in their laundry.

On rare occasions, residents of haunted spaces have reported a sulfuric smell. We tend to associate this smell with evil or angered spirits, and the odds are high that you won’t encounter one of these.

Object Movement or Change

Are you certain you left the remote on the couch but wake to find it on the floor across the room? Do your eyeglasses seem to go missing every time you take them off to bathe? Does the window in your attic keep opening even though you’ve bolted it shut?

If you’re experiencing object movement, make sure that no one in your house or workspace is responsible. You may even want to keep an eye on your pets.

However, if you’re certain that no one else has touched your belongings and they continue to turn up in strange places, you may be dealing with a case of paranormal activity. Note that if a ghost does have the energy to touch tangible objects, they’ve gotten quite strong.

Strange Sounds

Buildings have a habit of creaking and groaning as the foundation settles or the wind blows outside. However, no house can create the sound of footsteps or of a human voice on its own.

Most of the time, ghosts will continue to make the same sounds over and over again. They may even stick to a similar schedule every day. For example, you may hear pacing upstairs at around the same time every night.

If your ghost is causing a raucous, you’re dealing with a poltergeist. Contrary to what popular films would suggest, poltergeists are not inherently evil. Sometimes, they’re just rambunctious.

Pet Discomfort or Distraction

Though the jury is still out on why this occurs, we’ve long known that pets can detect natural disasters before they hit. Some suggest that this is due to a change in air pressure while others suggest that our cats and dogs can detect vibrational frequencies that humans cannot.

In that same way that Fluffy knows when a thunderstorm is on the approach, she can also sense the presence of a spirit better than you can. How can you tell when this occurs?

Your pet may return to the same spot again and again, looking at what appears to you to be empty space. It may growl, hiss, or arch its back. If it has gotten used to the presence and no longer minds it, your pet may even wag its tail or purr.

Remember that dogs and cats have a keener sense of smell than we do and tend to hear and see better than us, too. If you’re starting to pick up on signs of paranormal activity in your home, your pet probably noticed those signs weeks ago.

How to Respond to Paranormal Activity

Do the signs we’ve discussed check the boxes of the unusual activity you’ve picked up on? It sounds like there’s a good chance that you are dealing with a ghost.

If your ghost hasn’t caused trouble, there’s no reason to expect that they will in the future. However, it’s still understandable if you want them to move on. Consider burning sage, focusing on areas where the activity is concentrated.

In addition, you’re going to want to find out more information about your spirit. Our psychics can help you! See who’s available now to address your paranormal activity.

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