Sharpen Your Psychic Abilities

People fall into three categories when it comes to psychic abilities: Those who think people can be psychic; people who think there are no such things as psychic abilities; and those who are just not sure. If you have come to the realization that you, and likely everyone else, has the capacity for some psychic abilities, then maybe you are eager to explore your psychic capacity. The first big step is to embrace your psychic self. The next step becomes honing your gifts through practice and exploring your potential.

Call a Psychic Anytime Most people in the West are taught very early in life to ignore their intuition, their imaginings and empathic feelings. We are indoctrinated at an early age to consider only the rational, material and logically as ‘real’. We are encouraged to dismiss any expression of, or evidence about, paranormal abilities. Unfortunately, that leads most people to dismiss and ‘unlearn’ much of the natural psychic ability they may have had as children. By adulthood, even the idea of ‘psychic powers’ is considered foolishness, if not downright taboo.

For those who choose to take possesion of their psychic gifts, even to a small degree, discover the world a much more mystical and magical than they thought. If you are such a person, perhaps you have been looking for some simple but effective techniques to enhance your particular psychic gifts. Maybe you would like to have more faith in your intuition and ‘gut feelings’. Well, here are some simple exercises and practical applications that allow you to put the psychic part of your mind to work.

Psychic Abilities Technique 1: The Empty Bowl
One of the easiest exercises for sharpening your psychic awareness also doubles as a method for quiet meditation. Like all meditation, this exercise will help center your mind while simultaneously opening your thoughts to receive psychic information. Begin in a quiet room free of distractions. Make sure the lights are pleasantly dim and that you are sitting in a comfortable position. Don’t worry if you have never learned any traditional meditative positions or techniques. Sitting upright in a comfortable chair with your hands resting on your lap will work just fine.

Next, close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths. With each breath, allow your mind to become more blank and relaxed. For most people this is the hardest part. Simply brush aside any intruding stress and worries and continue to breathe slowly and deeply until you are as relaxed and open as possible. Some practitioners of the Empty Bowl use a prayer or positive affirmations to open the process of quieting the mind. Quieting your mind will get easier with practice.

Once you have relaxed your thoughts, visualize a large, ornate bowl. The bowl is empty, and you are waiting for wisdom and guidance to fill it. You may place a question into the bowl, if you have one. Ask about circumstances in your life at the moment. Place a question about relationships, work, money – the question doesn’t matter as long as you place the single question. Then, wait for the answer to join it.

Some practitioners of the Empty Bowl technique like to address the question to a particular spiritual entity, like God, spirit guides, or angels or someone who has passed over. Alternatively, you can leave the question unaddressed and trust that the being with the best advice for you at the moment will answer, or that the best possible answer will arise from one’ own subconscious.

Do not be discouraged if this method appears not work the first time. Often, we put up our own mental roadblocks and try to logic away the answers that come to us. Sometimes keeping yourself in a peaceful, meditative state seems difficult. Keep at it, and you will get more successful with practice. Also, when answers appear, regardless on unusual, give them a little consideration before dismissing them. The response may not be the one you wanted to hear, but perhaps there is angle you have not looked at regarding your question.

Psychic Abilities Technique 2: The Pre-Meeting
Before a business meeting, first date, or other appointment, take a few moments to clear your mind. Take a couple of deep breathes and relax. Then, ask for psychic information on what will be happening at this meeting. Be open to images, feelings flashes of insights that occur. If you can, jot down anything that seems important. You may even get feeling about something special you should take with you to this meeting, or suddenly get the feeling there is a special question you need to ask during this meeting. Again, be open to the things that come to you. If you get images of what color people will be wearing, what they look like and so forth, note this information if possible.

Once the meeting, date or appointment is over, go back and look at your notes. Were you right about a person’s appearance, the subject of the meeting, or your date’s late arrival? Did any of the information you ask for ahead of time pan out. If so, take that as a confidence builder. If not, keep in mind it is all in the practice. Once you have worked with this technique for a while you will begin to recognize a ‘feeling’ about information you envision that often proves correct. You will also get better at quickly calming the mind, receiving impressions.

Psychic Abilities Technique 3: Telephone Telepathy
Nearly everyone has had the experience of thinking about someone and suddenly the phone rings and there they are calling. The same with the experience that you feel a desire to contact someone, call them, and they respond with, "I was just thinking about you". The Telephone Telepathy technique is meant to tap into this intuition and turn it into a skill.

The next time your home, work, or cell phone rings, stop and take a moment to ‘see’ who is calling before answering the call or checking the caller ID. Before you pull out and read that text or listen to a voicemail, ask yourself who is calling, and what they want. With practice, it won’t take long for you to become very attuned to who is trying to reach you, even before they actually send the text or make the call.

Create a special category in my mind for ‘something new’. This new mental category is for calls from people and businesses with whom you do not have a special connection. When you get a call, and you get no impression, call it ‘something new’. This will help you to not rush your intuition. With time, you will begin to recognize a particular feeling of certainty when you KNOW who is calling. It is this feeling you are looking to cultivate and enhance. You will not always be right, but with practice, you may be shocked at how much more often you are right than wrong.

Psychic Abilities Technique 4: Who is on TV?
Another good way to practice your psychic skills is to sit with your back to the television, away from any reflective surfaces or mirrors. Randomly select a channel. Then, with your eyes closed, visualize the people talking. Try to get an image of what they look like, what they are wearing, and what the surroundings look like. Make sure you periodically spin around to check your accuracy.

The Who is on TV technique is meant to work on one’s ability to ‘remote view’. Remote viewing is a talent to view people, places, events in another location without using any of the five senses. As with all psychic talents, remote viewing is highly controversial. However, the reports of extraordinary successes does make one wonder. This technique is a small step towards enhancing one’s remote viewing psychic ability.

Psychic Abilities Technique 5: Keep a Journal
Keeping a psychic journal of your hits an misses can prove very valuable. The Keep A Journal technique can help you build confidence, understand how certain successes came about and how to avoid those things that seem to undermine your psychic self. It is not a technique for everyone. But those who have used it continue to report the value of keeping up a journal.

As you incorporate notes on the above psychic exercises into your daily routine, you may suddenly find yourself receiving more and more psychic information (as if being rewarded for the effort to enhance one’s skills). It is recommended going beyond just keeping notes on how the various practice sessions with the above psychic ability techniques. Take notes on seemingly psychic information you think you receive throughout the day or week. See how much of that information pans out to be true.

Keeping a journal of the information you receive, as well as any validation that you were right, is an excellent way to develop trust in yourself and your gifts. Keep in mind that it is just as important to note when you are incorrect as when you are correct.

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This will keep you balanced and allow you to start recognizing when some fleeting feelings are just that, a fleeting feeling or wish.

Like all psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, remote viewing, empathy, mediumship, telepathy and others, there is a need to practiced.

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