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"If you are looking to develop your psychic abilities ... you have arrive in the right place"

Hello and Welcome to our Psychic Courses Page.
Here you'll find excellent courses classes to learn how to develop psychic talents; how to properly use your psychic skills; develop your intuitive abilities; and much, much more. You can download a course, or, take an online study class ... or just explore books related to understanding and/or increasing your psychic powers and abilities. Enjoy!

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How To Discover Your Psychic Powers

Learn How To Be A Psychic One of the top selling psychic training courses on the Internet. Developed by Bradley Thompson, this course on developing ESP and other paranormal ability works from the concept humans naturally have these gifts and only need to discover them within. The Be Psychic course includes books, audio CDs and software and comes with a money back guarantee!. You will also get to explore the possibilities of astral projection, healing, pet communication and more.

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Psychic Institute's Psychic Course

Learn Psychic Powers You will get over 2 hours, 30 minutes of convenient audio that is jam-packed with the expert advice, cutting-edge information and effective exercises you need to get the maximum benefits from your psychic abilities. You will also receive personal coaching and an especially designed workbook. This is a complete psychic course that is both practical and affordable.

Curious about the 2012 predictions? Get a special bonus book of information Channeled by Annette Sassou Psychic Medium and Spiritual Counselor and psychic course author.

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Am I Psychic Or Going Crazy?

Learn Psychic Powers Where most psychic course books deal with techniques and discovering one's psychic talents, this book goes a unique (and fasinating) direction. This is a course on how to deal with life when you begin encountering 'paranormal' experiences that reveal you are psychic. Written with depth and humor, this is the true experiences of psychics and lessons on you can cope with your emerging psychic talent. Comes with a risk free guarantee

Excellent book for those who feel they have experienced 'psychic' events AND those who want and inside look at how psychics, mediums and clairvoyants (and their families) deal with their 'gifts'.

Learn More Am I Psychic Or Going Crazy?

Zack Martin's ESP Course
This ESP and self-improvement series is a best seller translated into several languages. ESP Course Zack Martin is a noted psychic and an authority on the paranormal. He is a psychic adviser to numerous celebrities. Zack has been frequently been in the media with radio and TV appearences and well has making headlines for his work with Scotland Yard.

If you are looking for a straight forward approach to ESP and psychic talents, you will likely appreciate Zack's How To Develop Your ESP ebook.

     Psychic Development Psychical Studies at the University of Alternative Studies
The University of Alternative Studies offers 21st century higher education Psychical Studies in course and degree program formats. UAS was founded to provide the public with affordable educational opportunities in regards to Psychical Studies. Degree program and individual course curriculums involve current interdisciplinary research (e.g. parapsychology, psychology, neuroscience, quantum mechanics, etc.) and combine advanced innovative concepts with non-traditional educational methods. Tuition is very affordable, and they do offer scholarships. The UAS Library has over 450 articles, research papers, and books available to the public. 10% of all UAS degree program proceeds are donated to charitable organization for parapsychological research efforts. Visit and check out the professional courses available, and explore some of the free courses available on topics such as Telepathy.

Developing Psychic Powers

Learn Psychic Powers A fascinating, straight forward course on developing your psychic abilities. What makes this psychic course a bit more interesting is that it introduces you to a number of paranormal and mystical phenomena with some interesting historical insights and explanations for such events. It is rare to see a psychic course or book provide such a broad spiritual, mystical introduction with historical date. Comes with a risk free guarantee

Topics include: Developing Psychic Powers; Developing Clairvoyance; Telepathy; Dreams; The Spirit World; Eastern Philosophies; and much, much more.

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Psychic Navigator
Psychic Training Materials

Internationally renowned psychic medium John Holland has been lecturing, teaching, Learn the skill to be a psychic medium online demonstrating, and reading for private clients for more than 18 years. Now, he has assembled this bundle of psychic and intuitive training materials to assist you in developing your own ESP, intuitive and psychic abilities. Course includes Awakening Your Psychic Strengths CDs; 101 Ways to Jump-Start Your Intuition; and Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards. You will get step-by-step instructions and exercises that are easy to follow, yet effective.

One of the most powerful set of instructions available offered at a very affordable price
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Spiritual Courses From Hay House

More Online Classes, Courses And Books For Psychic Development

     Psychic Development ESP And Psychic Skills Enhanced
The Unexplained Store offers a unique, scientific approach to enhancing a persons natural psychic abilities (on any paranormal ability). Using special audio sounds and frequencies, the brain can be calmed and focused and the brain waves most commonly associated with paranormal mental powers can be fostered/ Then, you can begin to develop and control your ESP abilities. Go visit and learn more ... it is very fascinating material and a VERY unique approach to developing your paranormal abilities.

Become A Medium
Become A Medium
Are you fascinated by the spirit world? Wish you could communicate with loved ones on the Other Side? According to Spiritualist minister Rose Vanden Eynden, everyone possesses innate capabilities for spirit communication. Learn the principles of modern Spiritualism.
About This Book

Psychic Development
Psychic Development For Beginners
Imagine a friend gives you a ring to look at. The ring has been in her family for generations. Suddenly, your mind fills with images. Births, marriages, lovers, deathbeds, infants and the aged. You describe the images and your friend is shocked. You described her family history. How could you have known?
About This Book

Learn To Be A Psychic
Becoming Psychic
What happens when a psychic and a scientist decide to explore the possiblities of psychic phenomena? A rather interesting and personal journey ... not to mention an interesting book. This book takes a look at telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, precognition, mind/body healing, prayer, and synchronicity from a psychic's perspective, a scientist's and how such phenomena can impact anyone.
About This Book

Being Clarivoyent
Calls to Mystic Alice
Alice Rose Morgan has been giving psychic readings over the telephone long before it became a trendy. This psychic grandmother gives sound advice on finding love, dealing with death, using affirmations, how to develop one's psychic skills ... and understanding our objective for this incarnation ... all with great warmth and humor.
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