Psychics, Skeptics And A Balanced View

Would it be safe to say that the majority of people are skeptical of psychics? Maybe. Maybe not. It might surprise many people that in a 2012 CBS poll 57% of Americans believed psychic phenomenon was possible. People can be divide into three groups: Those who believe in psychics and divination; harden skeptics who debunk psychics, astrology, tarot and so forth at every turn; and those who take a balanced view. By a balanced view I mean people working to be open minded but cautious. I think people with a balanced view of life also understand that the universe can contain more mystery than science can ever contain. People who take a balanced view also know that people can be fooled or fool themselves. They know not all things claimed to be ‘spiritual’ or real turn out to be spiritual or real.

Much is made of ‘scientific proof’ about psychics and all things mystical. I’m not sure there will ever be scientific proof of anything involving spirituality. If the scientific standard that only the material and physical can be real (which is generally the position of the most hardened skeptics) and all else is removed from the world what happens? Skeptical Of Psychics - Try These Top Psychic Phone Numbers All that is spiritual, mystical and metaphysical disappears from the world. It isn’t just psychics and divination that disappears (which is wholly based in spirituality). What also disappears from the world under a pure scientific standard is the existence of God, all religions and spiritual teachings, the power of faith and belief, some could even argue that love itself has no spiritual dimension but is only a chemical reaction. Where this may please some, I believe for most people this would amount to creating a soulless world.

Conversely, to believe that everyone who claims to have psychic abilities does have such abilities is not wise. Not every psychic prediction or so called insight turns out absolutely true. Psychics, astrologers, tarot readers seek to offer extraordinary insights and advice using tools that are more closely related to art than science. And, even the most gifted psychics will admit they can have ‘off’ days. Psychics are human and can not feel well or be stressed by personal issues just like everyone else. We should know from practical experience that all people, in every profession, are human and sometimes fallible. Which is why a healthy bit of skepticism about any psychic or psychic reading is not a bad idea.

In general, much of the public’s perception of psychics seems to be molded by media. More often than not the media’s depiction of psychics is extreme. In movies, TV and in the news psychics are most often depicted in the extreme. Either psychics are depicted as kooks, frauds, well meaning but clueless individuals, OR, psychics get portrayed as saintly, lovable individuals who’s readings and visions are never wrong. Yes, there are rare psychics like Edgar Cayce who’s readings and talents appear truly remarkable. And, yes, there are those who claim to be psychic who are not. However, the vast majority of professional psychics (and those who have tapped into what seem to be gifts for divination or spirit contact) are honest people just like the rest of us. Professional psychics are not saints nor perfect. Neither are they completely gullible or delusional people. Often those who have psychic gifts are deeply motivated to help others. On the whole psychics are just people like everyone else. They may be drawn towards the mystical and spiritual like an artist is drawn towards art, but they are just like us. That may be boring, but it is pretty accurate.

The warped view psychics, divination and often spirituality itself which is generally presented by the media often gets compounded by the occasional news report of a psychic being ‘wrong’. Or a news flash that someone claiming to be psychic is accused of defrauding a celebrity or the public in general. A strange argument often gets put forth by skeptics. Because a few psychics are proven wrong or that someone claiming to be psychic commits a scam that this makes ALL psychics frauds or scampers. Really? A whole world full of financial experts and the world economy nearly melts down in 2004. Far more danger and harm would seem to involve men in suits than a lady with a crystal ball. So, based on the logic of some skeptics, are all financial experts frauds and there is no reality to field of finance?

Possibly the worst misconception about psychics is that somehow they ALWAYS have to be right and accurate. Psychics themselves often comment that their ‘visions’ or messages from the spirits or tarot readings are often predictions about likely possibilities. Free will plays a huge roll in everyone’s life and the future may not be as fixed as some would believe. Sometimes psychics may struggle with interpreting their own visions, tarot card interpretation or messages from spirits (which is why at times a psychic may ask a client numerous questions about the people and events surrounding the client). There is no one in any profession who is always right. There are no perfect, infallible people.

What happens when this same absolutist logic is applied to science itself? In October of 2012 seven seismologists and geologists in Italy were convicted in court for manslaughter because these experts failed to accurately predict an earthquake that killed 300 people. Naturally, the scientific community was outraged, as I believe all rational people should be. However, this case raises an interesting question. Why is it fair to apply ‘you must be right all the time’ rule to psychics, yet unfair to apply the same rule to science or law or climatologists or any other field?

As mentioned, the truth is there are no perfect professions or people. There are lawyers who scam the law, crooked cops, business people who operate unethically, school teachers who can’t teach, priests and ministers who are less than spiritual. The same applies to the psychic field and applies to all the people who are, or claim to be, part of that field or profession. By taking a balanced, open minded (but with a touch skepticism) approach to all things we at least have a chance to protect ourselves … whether we are talking about psychic readings or getting a bid to repair our car. It would just seem common (or uncommon) sense.

There is nothing wrong with being a pure skeptic or a true believer. Everyone is entitled to think and believe as they wish, at least in most civilized countries. It is worth noting that the idea that people have the right to think and believe as they wish has no real scientific basis. The idea of freedom has no mass, no color, smell, texture, does not make a sound and cannot be tasted.

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Psychic Alex – Call Him At 1-866-327-9032

Freedom means there is the possibility of making a mistake, or even committing a crime, but that does not mean that freedom should be denied to all because such possibilities exist. It is the same with spirituality. Spirituality cannot be taken into a scientific laboratory to be dissected and tested. And, there can be forms of spirituality that don’t work for us. But this does not mean that spirituality, spiritual exploration and spiritual possibilities should all be held suspect or denied to others.

By keeping a balance view of things I believe you have the best opportunity to appreciate a quality psychic reading. If you don’t believe psychics can ‘read’ or predict anything, then that’s your loss, and you have every right to think that way. Proof, or truth, or what is real is really only measured by each of us on our own. There is actually a very scientific principal that states that the observer and the observed cannot be separated. What you think, feel and believe will help create the world you live in. By keeping one’s self balanced between faith in others while being a touch skepticism that anyone or any institution can be perfect, you have the best chance of enjoying life while avoiding some of the disappointments (whether that is with psychics or any other activity or service).

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