Psychics And The Paranormal

Psychics spend most of their professional time answering questions and giving insights into love and relationships. Close behind are readings about careers, money and family. One area that psychics, mediums and spiritualist are under utilized is in answering questions about the paranormal. Yet, it would seem, the paranormal so often is categorized as part of the ‘metaphysical’ brance knowledge … and no group is as familar with the metaphysical than psychics, mediums and spiritual advisors.

Psychics And The Paranormal If you were to seek answers about the paranormal within the scientific community you would largely be told that there are no paranormal events … just normal events that are misunderstood. Not much help. Especially if you feel you have encountered an apparition or your house could be haunted or you just saw the ghost of a relative who has died. Paranormal events can be very disturbing. It is not uncommon for those who have had a paranormal experience to begin reevaluating their spiritual beliefs … and all spirituality is in the branch of knowledge called (you guessed it) ‘metaphysical’.

So, if you go to the ‘rational’ people, especially those who subscribe absolutely to the scientific view of life (and death), you will get little help dealing with disturbing paranormal experiences. You may even get questioned as if your mental abilities are broken. This only adds insult to injury, especially when you have had your world rattled by a paranormal encounter. This dismissive attitude about the paranormal is slowly changing as society begins to enbrace the possiblity of ghosts, spirits, poltergiests, hauntings and related paranormal events. About half the U.S. population now believes in the possibility of ‘ghosts’. Among young people, the percentage is even higher. However, do not expect any sympathy from those who only believe in what science can prove. When you, personally, have a paranormal experience, the question becomes, ‘who ya’ gonna’ call?’ …

It would seem to make perfect sense to contact a professional psychic, medium, spiritualist, someone who has likely spent their lives dealing with the spiritually paranormal. Largely, however, people do not, for a several reasons.

One, no one wants to thought of a ‘crazy’. Here you are already questioning your mental capacities because of a paranormal experience, are you going to risk being called REALLY crazy by calling a psychic? Next, religions by their very nature, do not want to share ‘spirituality’ with any other group. Psychics, tarot readers, astrologers and mediums almost universally consider their profession a spiritual one which most other religions reject. Since little to nothing in the field of psychic work is considered ‘real’, the wholesale rejection of anything and everything psychics believe is considered a ‘scientifically ‘ sound idea. Lastly, there are those who abuse the title of ‘psychic’ by commiting fraud. There are also those who just are not as ‘psychic’ as they think they are.

Psychics, tarot readers, divination specialists, mediums and clairvoyants have largely been persicuted through out history in North America, Europe and Russia. Yet, these mystical arts and paranormal experiences continue. Ghost, life after death experiences, hauntings, past life flashbacks, spirits, prophetic dreams and so forth just seem to continue to happen dispite what science says or what certain religions accept. And the group most experienced with these events (and who may have dedicated their lives to understand these paranormal experiences) are psychics, mediums, spiritualist and so forth.

If you think you have had a haunting, seen a ghost, met a spirit of some sort, had a precognitive dream or whatever, consider talking to a psychic about it. You might find these unique professionals very understanding and can help you regain your balance and peace of mind. You still may need to re-evaluate your spiritual beliefs. But, it can be very comforting and helpful to know you are not alone when it comes to paranormal events … and that there are some interesting spiritual insights into such events.

For myself, I have found Psychic Minister Roy very helpful. Roy is not only a clairvoyant minister, but also heads one of the largest paranormal research groups in the Southeastern U.S.. The psychics, mediums and clairvoyants at 1800 Ghost Help are also very helpful and experienced with professionally helping those who encounter ghosts, hauntings and so forth. My personal favorite at 1800 ghost help is Clairvoyant Coffee. Psychic Coffee actually seeks out haunted houses to live in. For those who are dedicated Christians, Psychic Grace is excellent as she is a devoted Christian herself. I also just have to mention Psychic Penny who is a spirit medium with a Native American heritage and provides a fascinating perspective on spirits, especially animal spirits.

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