The Art Of Psychic Coffee Cup Reading

Perhaps you have heard of an ancient, divinational technique called reading tea leaves? Reading tea leaves is a fortune foretelling technique that traces it’s heritage back to ancient China when monks would read the tea leaves in a cup to divine the future. Did you know that there is also a very old, similar divination technique called ‘coffee cup reading’? Well, there is. In many an Arab households throughout the Middle East a professional ‘coffee cup reader’ will come and provide readings for a family member(s). In the nation of Turkey from Istanbul to small villages you are likely to find friends and family having coffee then reading the coffee cups for each other, seeking clues about the future.

Psychic coffee cup reading originated in the Middle East, but this technique for divining the future has also spread to Greece, Russia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Romania and beyond. Live Psychic Chatline 24/7 Though coffee cup readings are somewhat unique to these regions, on occasion, you can sometimes find a gifted ‘seer’ who provides coffee cup readings in Europe and North America (who are usually psychics who lived in the Middle East or have traveled extensively there).

Around 600 AD, the Arabs discovered coffee beans and managed to keep the secret of coffee (thereby being the only suppliers of these magic beans) for hundreds of years. Near as anyone can tell, the psychic art of coffee reading has been going on for over a thousand years. Historians speculate that merchants and nomadic gypsies spread the divinational art of coffee reading throughout the Mideast where coffee was the primary hot drink. Gypsies in Europe tended toward tea leaf readings where hot tea was the drink of choice. It is possible the gypsies picked up reading tea leaves in the Far East and brought the technique with them as they traveled through the Near East, Middle East and eventually Europe. Others feel that tea leaf reading traveled with the monks of China who carried the art of tasseography to the Middle East, India and beyond.

Before dismissing coffee cup reading and/or tea leaf reading, one needs to reflect a moment on meditative states and the significance which symbolism plays in psychology. Coffee cup reading is not dissimilar to Tarot reading, the difference being that the images are fixed on Tarot cards, whereas with coffee cup readings a psychic or ‘seer’ is reading the designs or images within the cup of the ‘client’. The same can be said of crystal readings (or scrying. Tools to tap into the subconscious and utilize the powers found there can be impressive. It is often reported among those who us tools for divination that they discover psychic gifts within themselves. Others report they find potent, problem solving abilities. Still others find access to artist talents previously unknown. Most report that a meditative state, where the reader connects with powers on the subconscious level, assists the reader in going beyond the rational mind. Some rare individuals seem to be born with a talent to draw upon mystical, subconscious almost instantly.

Like tea leaf reading, coffee cup reading is classified as a form of tasseography (or tasseomancy or tassology). It is a divination method that interprets shapes, lines and ridges left by coffee residue. Coffee cup readings is a mystical art. At a gathering, a skilled psychic coffee cup reader will read everyone’s cup, but the reader will not read his/her own cup as it is considered very bad luck to do so. This is why in Mideastern countries where coffee cup reading is popular those gathered for coffee will read each other’s cups, but never their own. There are also other rules and ‘rites’ in the Middle Eastern tradition of coffee cup readings. As mentioned, a reader should never read their own cup. Also, it is not uncommon for professional or gifted psychic readers to refuse to give readings to anyone which the reader thinks is undeserving. Here are some of the other traditional ‘rules’ of coffee cup reading:

One) The coffee served needs to be prepared specifically for a reading. Many readers feel only ground Turkish coffee should be used (other readers outside the Middle East argue that any a rich, thick coffee will work. The proper preparation is more important). Scented herbs, rose water, cardamom and other natural flavoring are allowed. However sugar, milk or cream is now allowed. The coffee must be served black.

Two) Turkish coffee is traditionally served thick and rich in small cups. For coffee readings the cup cannot be overly large. The inside of the cup must be white. And, the cup must served on a saucer (like a typical tea cup with a saucer). The saucer serves an important purpose which will be explained in a moment.

Three) The person drinking from the cup, whose fortune is about to be read, needs to be pure of heart, sincere and worthy of a reading. This is part of the tradition that professional psychic coffee readers do not read for the unworthy.

Four) When drinking the coffee, the person needs to sit in a contemplative mood inhaling and exhaling inside the cup with every sip, taking their time drinking the coffee. Often the psychic and the client will discuss the issues of the day. Perhaps touch upon why the client wishes a reading. Generally, while drinking coffee, the objective is to achieve a relaxed, reflective mood.

Five) When the client’s cup of coffee is finished there will be a residue of coffee grounds on the bottom of the cup covered by a small amount of liquid. The client then swirls the remaining mixture around slightly to mix both layers, then puts the saucer on top and shakes again (more vigorously this time). The coffee cup is then flipped over, the cup resting tilted slightly on edge of the saucer. The cup and saucer then needs to be left to sit for about 5 minutes to dry. If done correctly, the inner sides of the cup will look like an abstract dark brown piece of art, with one side darker than the other. Creating this light side/dark side of the dried coffee is an important aspect of the reading (which we will cover in a moment).

Six) Once the cup has dried, the psychic reader will take the cup, gaze into it and formally begin the reading.

What does the psychic coffee reader see in the cup?
It is impossible to say what a ‘seer’ will see in anyone’s individual cup. What folklore tells us is that a psychic will allow the cup to ‘speak’ to the them. Within the lines, shapes and forms left by the dried coffee in the cup the seer will begin to recognize images. It is said a skilled reader knows how to recognize subtle differences in the colors, shades and variation within the cup, all of which can have meanings. In some ways, finding the images and meanings is akin to cloud gazing. One could say that as awareness reaches deeper into subconscious, tapping into who-knows-what talents, the shapes seen within the coffee cup become distinct images which the reader begins to interpret.

What, if anything, do the images mean?
The translation of the images and the meanings of the shades of colors and lines within the cup is typically passed down from generation to generation in families. An older, skilled coffee cup reader may take on a student who seems gifted and pass along years of experience. Below are some insights into what coffee readers see which has been passed on to others:

– If seen at the lighter side of the cup, and the images looks like a person walking on a path, then this seems to mean that marriage, success, or winning is close at hand. If the image looks like a someone walking up a hill or a flight of stairs, the one who drank from the cup has an opportunity to either be hired, promoted or have a lucky break with a job or business project.

– If there is an image of a person riding a horse on the lighter side of the cup this generally means good news is coming. If the human shape is riding any other animal, it indicates reaching goals or the fulfillment of dreams is possible soon.

– In general, when human shapes are seen on the lighter side of the cup it is indicative of good luck. There are some exceptions though. The shape of a person squatting or laying down can mean sickness or unhappiness is possible. If it appears as if the human shape is holding a stick or a weapon can warn of a dispute or a fight is developing and needs to be handled carefully. A human shape standing near a river indicates emotional difficulties or an unstable love life is occurring.

– An incomplete human shape on the light side of the cup missing a body part such as a head, a hand or a leg means there is a situation that will take time to resolve (or that a long term project or pursuit will not show results any time soon). The same partial human shape on the dark side of the cup generally indicates guilt or deep regret about something done wrong but the opportunity to change direction towards the spiritual is available.

– If the image of a woman and a man together appear on the light side of the cup, then this is a very fortunate sign. It reveals that joy, happiness and harmony are coming for a couple in the near future. If the same image of a man and woman together appears on the edge of the cup then the client is going to be married soon, and to someone they love. If this same image appears at the bottom of the same cup, then this love has the possibility of lasting a lifetime. If the image of a man and woman together appears on the dark side of the cup then challenges are ahead for a couple, however, the difficulties will not last.

– The image of a lone woman can have many meaning, depending on where it appears on the cup. Should a woman appear on the light side of the cup, this can be a sign of general good luck and happiness. The image of a lone woman on the dark side of the cup often means hostility or envy is directed towards you (likely a woman). If the lone woman image appears on the very edge of the light side of the cup then the possibility is the client will or is falling in love with someone who has never been married. If the lone woman image appears on the light side of the cup near the bottom then the client has or will have a love interest who is divorced or widowed. A lone woman image on the dark side of the cup near the bottom signifies a marriage is failing (either the clients or someone very close to them).

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– If the shape of a person appears on the dark side of the cup holding a sword this is an omen that the client may soon be involved in a war or serious dispute. If the same image appearing on the bottom of the cup often means problems and disputes within the family. However, if the image with a sword is surrounded by a white halo or outline the trouble within the family will be resolved fairly quickly.

There are an infinite number of images that could be seen in coffee cup reading. Coffee cup readings is a venerable, social tradition that has been going on over a millennium. Translations and interpretations of the possible images ‘seen’ during a coffee cup reading have been recorded, passed down in families and even posted online. To give you an idea of how some of the images are interpreted during a coffee readings I’ve created a list of images and interpretations based on folklore. Visit the Coffee Cup Reading Images And Meanings page to learn more.

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