Coffee Cup Images Interpretations

This is a list of images one might possibly see in a coffee cup reading. There are endless possibilities to be ‘seen’ Live Psychic Chatline 24/7in a coffee cup reading. And,naturally, there is no substitution for a professional coffee cup reader psychic. However, the interpretations of images below based on folklore does give you a place to begin with doing your own coffee cup readings and understanding the ancient divination of coffee cup reading. For the full article on this topic go to Psychic Coffee Cup Readings.

Acorn: The acorn is a very positive image. If the acorn appears here the lip edge of the coffee cup this means success and personal gain is possible. If the acorn is near the bottom of the cup then good health is assured.

Aircraft or Airplane: This image can have multiple meanings. It can mean there is a chance that one is about to rise in the world. It can also indicate a distant journey is about to occur. If the aircraft appears broken or damaged this indicates there is danger within this journey and caution is advised. – journey; if broken means danger of accident; can also mean a rise in position

Anchor: If the anchor appears at the top of the cup near the lip then rest and stability are what the future hold. However an anchor appears near the bottom of the cup then the future is clouded and confusion is ahead. Should the anchor appear more as a cross then there some spiritual or religious forces at work.

Angel: The image of an angel means good news has been received or is about to be received. One should express gratitude.

Ant: A ant often means one should press forward with one’s endeavors. Whatever the activity you are engaged in will eventually achieve some level of success.

Apple: A apple is an enigmatic image. You are seeking knowledge or have gained some special knowledge. This knowledge could be good. Or, it could be this knowledge will only cause you trouble. Whatever it is one knows; or think one knows; or soon will know; you have been warned to act cautiously.

Axe: An axe indicates one has some difficulties, and those difficulties are challenging. Should the axe appear near the top or lip of the cup then one is overcoming those difficulties (whether they think they are or not).

Baby: Something very new is brewing or about to occur. It could be a pregnancy. It could be a birth. It could be an event so unique that one will need time to understand what it means.

Baby Crib Or Baby Bed: Such an image indicate that whatever you are concerned about, it is a small issue.

Ball: Balls are similar to circles and much depends on how interprets the image. It could indicate some circumstance is about to conclude, however there the outcome carries unpredictable consequences and variable possibilities.

Bean: Guard you money and keep a lookout for financial instability.

Bear: Should the image of a bear form near the coffee cup handle then the one should think carefully about solutions that have been proposed or that one is considering to solve a problem. If the bear is mostly away from the handle then important issues involving you are being discussed about you without your knowledge.

Bee: The bee image can depend on the age of the person who’s coffee cup this is. If young, then new friends about to be made and with those new friends will come some good news. Should the client be older then it depends on where in the cup the image appears. A bee near the handle means a gathering of old friends is about to occur. Should the bee appear away from the handle, then the client is, or will shortly will be, searching for an old friend.

Beetle: Beetles battle and push throughout their lives. The image generally indicate a difficult task ahead, or that your character and values are about to be tested. This task or struggle may take some time.

Bell: The bell (or bells) are a unique image in that they represent both an object and a sound. Either way, a bell means a message has just arrive or soon will that is unexpected. The sound of a bell can be spiritual, harmonious so the news and then events that follow could be of a religious or spiritual nature. A bell near the top or lip of the cup could indicate possible good fortune, perhaps in a business deal or at work. A bell near the bottom of the cup may indicate some disappointment with the news. Two or more bells in the cup is a very good omen for the future, spiritually and personally.

Bird: A bird or bird-like images generally mean that there is good news about, but you have not heard it. A bird-headed being may indicate someone is trying to bring you a message, but somehow is being obstructed or delayed. On can think of ‘bird news’ as soaring, you could be raised up in someway.

Boat: The image of a boat in the cup depends on the size of the boat and if the boat appears to be traveling swiftly. This could mean one is on the right course in life. Other readers translate this image as a message that a friend is about to come visiting. Another interpretation is that you are or will be protected in some trial to come, most likely by a friend or relative.

Book: Much depends on how the image of the book appears in the coffee cup. In general, a book image means knowledge, particularly in writing. If the book appears open then the knowledge you discover is good or will sever you well. If the book appears closed, then, regardless of what you think now, the answers you seek still elude you. You need to do some investigating to find the right answer.

Butterfly: The client is about to be transformed or a transition is about to occur. One needs to prepare for it. Typically, this transformation or change will be good. Still, it will or could be a struggle.

Candle: The candle can have multiple meanings. Much depends on who’s coffee cup is being read. It could be interpreted that a sacred or creative flame is burning within that person, however, for success, another person is needed. Perhaps a friend, a teacher or mentor. It could by creativity is coming or that an important person to one’s mission is about to arrive.

Cat: This is a warning image, a heads-up that someone is deceiving you. It could be someone posing as a friend or lover. This could be a large or small issue. Which ever it is, when you know the truth it will be upsetting. If the issue is small, or the deceit harmless, then the issue will pass quickly. If the image is a cat-headed being then likely you are dealing with a traitor who means harm. Be on guard.

Chain or Chain links: This image indicates a linking of fates in about to occur. It could be a marriage or it could be a business partnership. Whatever the linking, it is to be long term and lasting. A broken chain could mean links are about to be broken. This could be good or bad, it depends on the location of the chain in the coffee cup. Be careful not to confuse the chain image with the necklace image (see ‘necklace’ below). Though similar, there can be important differences.

Chair: You are being advised by this image a guest is about to arrive. Either someone is coming to stay with you, or you will be staying with someone new, soon.

Circle: It is always a question with this image: Is it a circle or a ball. This is where a skilled coffee cup reading psychic proves valuable. If the image is a circle the one should prepare for success. A circle near the edge or lip of the cup indicates the family is involved, perhaps a new baby or a change within the family. Multiple circles could indicate overlapping circumstances are hindering your success or the success of the family. You need to be looking into things at home and at work.

Clock: The image of clock is a perplexing one. Again, this is where a good coffee cup reader is needed. Generally, it means timing is important. However, some interpret the image based on who’s cup of coffee this image appears on and what answers they are seeking. It could mean there is plenty of time or time is running out. Much of the interpretation of this image depends on the reader and the client.

Coin or Money: This is a pretty straight forward image. Something involving finances or money is about to change. It could be good or bad.

Crooked Line: The one being read is having a difficult time making a choice. The right choice is important. If the indecision continues, matter may get worse, not better.

Cross: See the interpretation of the anchor image. Another interpretation of this image is that sacrifice is about to be required for the good of another.

Cup: The image of cup with the coffee cup means a reward is coming your way. It could be an award or it could be money or payback for a deed done.

Dagger: A dagger should not be confused with a knife image. A dagger is a curved blade and dangerous, which is what the image is trying to convey. Power is involved, or ego, and the dagger is a warning. It can also indicate the client is putting him or herself in danger and needs to relax or take another course of action.

Devil or Horns: Often this images can indicate that influential people in your life do not have your best interests at heart. This image is a warning. The influential person is generally not in one’s immediate family, but at one’s job, in the government or has influence of one’s finances or close relationships. Be on guard.

Diamond: When a diamond (or any other jewel image appears) it is all about gifts, or perhaps flattery one is receiving. The question is: Are these gifts really gifts? A diamond on the dark side of the cup may indicate a gift is about to be given, but the giver is not free of ill intentions. A diamond on the light side of the cup may be a wonderful sign that one is about to receive an important gift, or that something special (like a surprise birthday party) is coming one’s way. A sideways diamond may indicate this gift may cause some trouble.

Dog: The image of a dog is an interesting one. It can indicate that one’s friends and/or relatives can be relied on in good times and bad. It can be telling one that your partner/lover/wife is faithful and a spiritual connection has been made. Should the dog image appear close to the bottom of the cup, then a close friend or beloved relative is in danger and needs your help. The question is, is this an image of a dog or a wolf (see ‘wolf’ below).

Door: The question is, is the image of the door opening or closing. What position is the image of the door in. The is another image that a talented psychic coffee reader is very helpful. The image of door generally means an opportunity is involved. That can mean an opportunity is about to appear, or is now open to you or is about to close. Generally, this image is a positive sign.

Duck: This is another quizzical image. It can mean you need to get organized in order for success to be achieved. Possibly you need to organize with other to succeed. Overall, this image is about money and achievement.

Eagle: When the image of the eagle appears, one should prepare for major changes in one’s life in a positive way. The future, both long and short term, is positive for you provided you continue to do the right things.

Ear or Ears: Important information is traveling your way when the image of an ear or ears appear. One needs to be listening for it.

Earring or Ear With Earring: Whatever information is coming your way, or has arrived, needs to handled carefully when this image appears. It can also mean you need to explain yourself (or whatever news has arrived) carefully – and you need to examine the news or information carefully. Things are more complicated, or perhaps deception is involved, than may seem on the surface.

Egg: Always a positive sign. The image of the egg shows that things are unfolding positively, both in business and spiritually. Many times this image will appear when new, good things have or are about to happen. One just needs to go with the flow or life.

Elephant: An unusual image to appear and it can carry an important message. The one whose coffee cup is being read has hidden wisdom, strength and can push through difficulties. It might be said that luck is on the side of one who has an image of an elephant in their cup. Should the elephant’s truck be rising or upward, the difficulties will be overcome, no need for worry.

Envelope: This image can indicate that a message or news personal to the client is on the way. This can be good news, or bad.

Eye: A single eye open can signify that one is beginning to awaken. It could be awakening to the truth of situation; awakening to one’s true nature; having a spiritual awakening; much depends on who the coffee reading is being done for. An image of an eye close usually means one is ignoring a situation, or, possibly there is something unseen behind a person or situation.

Eyes: The two eyes image generally indicates someone is watching you closely with envy or jealousy in their heart. This person could be a problem in the future. Two eyes closed is someone ignoring your faults or transgression and is a situation you need to deal with. Possibly (though unlikely) this person has been misinformed.

Face: See ‘Mask’ below.

Feather(s): Could angles be at work behind the scenes? Is the person being read ready to forward in some spiritual manner? The image of a feather or feathers generally indicates something spiritual or religious is transpiring around the one being read.

Fence: A fence is a message that one’s limitations are being reached. Maybe it is time for a rest. Or, the image may indicate that setbacks and road blocks are ahead, however, they will be minor. – limitations, minor setbacks, not permanent

Finger: The image of a finger requires a psychic coffee cup reader to consider closely what is transpiring with the client. So much can be interpreted here such as, is the finger on the light or dark side of the cup? Which direction is it pointed? Is the finger at the bottom of the cup or near the top. A psychic coffee cup reader proves his/her worth with the translation of this image.

Fire: The image of fire is all about where the image forms in the cup. Should the image appear near the top of the cup, then likely some achievement is near, and this achievement could be of spiritual significance. A sacred flame is burning on your behalf. Should the image be on the dark side of the cup, some hazard is ahead and you will need light. A flame near the bottom of the cup indicates that rushing ahead is unwise. More needs to known to move forward.

Fish: The fish is overall a good omen. Life is about to become richer and more fulfilling. This is not about money or wealth (although the possibility of money cannot be discounted). This is more about enrichment spiritually and personally.

Fly: The image of a fly generally indicates some annoyance is taking place at home or among one’s close friends. This annoyance is minor, but it will be frustrating.

Fork: Whatever type of fork one sees there are likely two possibilities. This image indicates someone close to you is lying to you or about you. Someone could be giving you false compliments in order to gain your trust so that they can get something from you. Another possibility is that a time of choice is coming. You will have to choose.

Fruit: The image of a fruit, regardless of type (except the apple) is a good omen. Whatever endeavors you begin today will work out in your favor. This is an omen that it is a perfect time for one to get started on projects or goals. New ventures will prove highly successful.

Gate: See above information on ‘Door’.

Glow: Often a coffee cup reader may see a ‘glow’ or ‘halo’ around the image. This often indicates that, whatever the image, a glow or halo indicates some form of divine protection or purpose is at work. Whatever the circumstance, the outcome is about enlightenment for the client.

Goat: The image of a goat is a warning. Everyone has people who do not like them. The image of a goat indicates either you enemies are up to something, or there is an issue antagonizing them. Rather than boldness it is a time to be cautious in regards to one’s enemies.

Hammer: If the hammer image appear then you are being told it is time to go to work. It could be a relationship needs repair or you need to get serious about your job, or your dreams. More, it indicates you need to get serious about life. It is not a time to be timid.

Hand: When the hand appears it can be interpreted several ways, depending on the nature of the person being read. If the image of the hand is open, then it may indicate it is time to offer friendship, or that an important friendship is about to develop. Some readers interpret an open hand palm out as a sign to ‘stop’. A closed hand can indicate an argument is about to ensue with someone important. In general, the sign of the hand is about friendship and/or family. Again, this is where the talent of a coffee cup reader is required.

Harp: The harp image is a good omen. Things for the client are, or soon will be, in harmony (especially in the area of love and relationships). Spiritual, creative energies are at work.

Hat: It is tempting to say that when the image of the hat appears it is time to ‘get your head on straight’. Either one needs to expand one’s awareness or one will be made aware by force. Fascinating image with a number of meanings depending on the client.

Hawk: With the image of the hawk one is being made aware that jealousy is at work. It could be that one is being jealously guarded by another, or that one’s own jealousies are becoming a problem. Some readers interpret the image that the owner of this particular cup needs to rise above petty emotions.

Heart: The heart is an easy image to understand. It is all about love, trust compassion, faith and so forth. Where the heart appears on the cup tells the story. Should the heart appear on the light side of the cup, then true love is present, or soon will be. If the heart is on the dark side of the cup, danger to love is present. In rare instances, the heart will appear in between the light and dark, indicating a bitter sweet love, perhaps star-crossed lovers or a passion or goal that will be unfulfilled (or if the passion does bring success, it will be both a blessing and a curse). One of the most interesting of images to appear and the reader will need to explore the possibilities with the client.

Horse: The image of a horse can have a couple of different interpretations. A running horse means an important message is coming your way. The horse is also a symbol of strength and reliability which could indicate this coffee cup belongs to someone of strong character. If only a horse head is visible, then one’s lover/wife is dependable, but can be stubborn at times.

Horseshoe: The horseshoe image can be perplexing. More Western interpretations are this is a good luck omen. More Easter interpretations are that a horseshoe mean closure is about to occur. It could be that one is finally ready to let a lover go, or that a business deal is about to finish. Another image a good psychic coffee cup reader would need to work out with further discussions with the client.

Hourglass: An hourglass can be read similar to a clock image. In general, the appearance of the hourglass means, whatever the issue, time is of the essence. A more urgent symbol than the clock.

House: The image of the house in one’s cup has many possible meaning. A house on the light side of the coffee cup can indicate your home life is far better, more stable than one thinks. A house on the dark side of the cup may indicate one’s stable household is under a threat and one needs to figure out what the danger is and create a solution. This image appearing should provoke a discussion about what is going on at home.

Kite: The kite is a good omen. It can foretell of one’s wishes and desires coming true. The image of the kite in flight can indicate that one has permission to be free, or to fly free (whoever is holding the string will allow this. Break the string and things could be different). A kite on the dark side of the coffee cup may mean someone is holding you back from being or feeling free, but in true, it is O.K. to take flight. – wishes coming true, flying free

Key: The image of a key or keys can get very complicated. In general, it means you have the answers, or that the answers are very close at hand. It is a matter of believing in yourself, now. Another image where a discussion with the psychic coffee reader may be in order.

Knife: The image of the knife should not be confused with a dagger. The image of the dagger implies urgency, a more serious matter. The knife is a straight blade, a dagger is curved blade. The knife is another warning sign. Perhaps a friendship or relationship is about to be severed. Or, is could be that someone close to you is more of an assassin. Something unfortunate is afoot. Tread with care. Watch those who are around you closely.

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Ladder: The way up or the way down is right in front of you. Which will it be? The image of a ladder has much to do with where the ladder appears in the coffee cup. Near the lip of the cup indicates you have a way out of whatever the problem is. A sideways ladder may indicate you have what you need to success, you just need to get yourself (or your project or a relation) oriented in the right direction.

Lamp: The image of the lamp has all sorts of implications. The appearance of a lamp on the light side of the cup may indicate this client is lit from within, a more spiritual, enlightened individual than one might assume. A lamp near the lip of the cup can mean that this client is about to find be bound for an important mission as an envoy for good. A lamp at the bottom of the cup may indicate that one’s fulfillment in life, or perhaps one’s dreams, need to be or will be delayed. But in the end, success is assured. Another image that can and should provoke a discussion about what is going on in the client’s life.

Leaf: The leaf is a bitter sweet omen. A leaf is two side. Something is beginning, something new. But, something else is going to be leaving or ending. Leaves travel on the wind, it is just fate, the way life is. Autumn may seem an ending, but it is also a beginning.

Letter or Envelope: The image of a letter generally means money is heading your way. A blurred of broken letter may mean this money is tainted or that it’s when the money arrives, money is going to be going out the backdoor no sooner than you thought you were rich.

Line: The appearance of a line or lines indicates progress is being made and will continue. See ‘Crooked Line’ above for interpretation of irregular lines. A curved line may indicate that progress will proceed, but the destination may not be what was planned.

LION: The image of lion is unique. It could be that the one who drank this cup of coffee is powerful person. Some readers interpret this image to one has or will have influential friends soon.

Lock: Much depend on how the image of the lock appear, and of course, where the lock appears on the cup. A ‘closed’ or ‘locked’ lock often means that there are obstacles ahead. A lock that is ‘open’ or ‘unlocked’ generally indicated the path is clear, however, be cautious not get yourself ‘locked in’ at this time. A lock on the dark side of the cup may indicate that there is some dangerous secret hidden which you should be aware of.

Mask: High interpretive image which will need some thought or exploration when it appears. One could say all faces which appear in a coffee cup are ‘masks’. In general, it indicates someone is not who they appear to be. Something is hidden from you. How the mask appears, where it appears on the coffee cup, begins to unravel the mystery.

Moon: The image of the moon or orb can be to let one know the love of a woman or significant other is at work. A crescent moon can mean this love is in decline (or growing) and one needs to act appropriately.

Mountain: A difficult path lay ahead. Generally, when the image of mountain emerges it is about a specific subject, and not about life in general. Possibly a relationship, job, business project is going to be a challenge. However, once the journey is completed, you likely will find yourself on top of the world.

Mouse: There is a mouse in the house. Someone you are overlooking is important. There is a person (maybe a fact or piece of the puzzle) which is right in front of you, or that you often see and ignore, that is important. More often than not, there is someone special who is humble, often overlooked, that you should be paying attention too. This person could be very good for you, or be doing you harm unseen. It depends. MOUSE – theft, computer

Mushroom: There is a vacation, or maybe even a move to another location in the future. It is possible this will be to another nation. The image of a mushroom is about travel and life course. A mushroom can also indicate the rapid progress in a career, or that a relationship is about to move very quickly. An upside down mushroom is more of a warning, an omen that things are about to stop or get stuck in the dark.

Nail: When the image of the nail appears something is out of balance. Perhaps the client has wronged someone or the client has been wronged. This situation needs to be resolved.

Necklace: It can be very difficult to distinguish between a necklace (see ‘chain’ above). – DNA, complete, admirers; if broken means danger of losing a lover

Needle: In this we are talking about a sewing needle. A needle can be indicative of several things. Perhaps a relationship needs repair or should be revitalized in some way. The position of the needle within the cup can add various shades to the meaning. Needles can sometimes mean your efforts within a relationship are recognized, but not openly. A broken or bent needle indicates there is more damage in a relationship than one recognizes, possible the relationship will fail soon.

Owl: The appearance of the owl image is a warning. Dangerous gossip is going on about you. Your reputation is at stake. It can be a warning that a scandal is about to break involving you. Generally, the owl image is warning you need to find the person at the source of this negative talk and correct the situation.

Palm Tree; Although the image of tree is about one’s life and life path, sometimes an omen that good health is assured, the palm tree can have several, unique meanings. A palm tree is an omen of success or that one will be recognized for acting honorably. Much more can be learned from where the palm tree appears on the coffee cup. Nearly always a positive omen regarding the future.

Parrot: Very unique image to appear. This is about the client’s current friends and activities. There is a lot of talking going on, a lot of repetition, but not much progress. Some coffee cup readers feel this image can also portend a vacation, or relaxing with friends in a new place is about to occur (or should be pursued).

Pig: This is an image related to greed, either the clients greed or the greed of those around the client. It is a cautionary sign, as pigs often can be lead to slaughter.

Purse or Wallet: The image of the purse can be either some something like a handbag women carry, or a bag typical of a money purse tied to one’s waist, or even a wallet. Should the image be near the top of the cup then whatever one’s career or job, an increase in money is coming. Should the image appear near the bottom, then losses loam for the client and caution should be taken.

Pyramid: See ‘triangle’ below.

Question Mark: This is a big warning image to appear. Something is not right and the client needs to reassess everything from relationships to one’s career.

Rabbit: A number of possible interpretations are possible when the image of the rabbit appears. Has the client been acting too timidly in work or a relationship? Is there some hazard or disharmony that the client needs to escape quickly? Some dangers are best dealt with by avoidance. Some more Westernized coffee cup readers read this image as a symbol that strong sexual attraction is building, either within the client or someone near the client is beginning to be strongly sexually attracted to the client. The outcome of this attraction is uncertain, but be prepared to flee if necessary.

Rake: To distinguish a rake from a fork, look at the end of the prongs. If the ‘fork’ has the tips bent, then the image is like best interpreted as a rake. The rake image can be seen as a message to clear the clutter, prepare for planting new seeds. It can also be a caution that one need to return to one’s own garden and work.

Raven: Very strong sign that things are about to change. It will not be pleasant, however, this change will bring about new, previously undreamed of possibilities.

Ring: To distinguish a ring from a circle, look for flaw or bulge of something mounted within the circle. A ring close to the lip of the cup indicates some important proposal is coming, could be marriage, could be a partnership. Should the ring be found near the bottom of the coffee cup, then there may be a long courtship before the proposal occurs. A broken ring can indicate this proposal may be best avoided, or if there is a current serious relationship or partnership, that this arrangement will end soon.

Rose: This is another enigmatic image. It is about family. Something is going on within the family and needs attention. The solution will be found in love and compassion.

Sea Shell: Another welcome image to appear. Someone is going to bring you positive news. Another interpretation is that someone from a distance will contact the client, and that contact will open some positive events. Other coffee cup readers see the of positive communication, the flow of good conversation and feeling is going to occur, soon. Poetry, art, creative results may be in the offing.

Saw: We are talking about a hand saw here, a tool. Someone or something is tearing up things. They may be trying to help, or they are building their own version of events. This ‘tearing up’ of things will become apparent soon and the client will need to deal with it quickly.

Scale or Balance: The image of the scale is often interpreted as some legal issue is or soon will be occurring. A broader interpretation is something regarding fairness is happening. The scale can be indicated how this issue of fairness will be resolved in court or in some formal setting. Should the scales be equal or balanced, then a just outcome will prevail. Should the scales be tilted than an injustice may occur or continue. The psychic coffee cup reader may wish to pursue the reading further if the message is that the client needs to take some sort of action to set things right.

Scissors: A fairly straight forward omen. The image of the scissors indicates some sort of domestic dispute is happening or soon will. A separation of some sort is possible.

Sheep: The image of a sheep is always a welcome sign. Good fortune favors the client. Should the sheep appear on the dark side of the coffee cup, then this good fortune will occur when one most needs it.

Snake: Much depends on how the snake image appears, and where it appears on the cup. A snake, jaws open, hostile often indicates and attack of some sort is about to occur. Perhaps a friend will turn on the client or a the clients enemies are organizing to harm the client in some way. Should the snake appear more ‘passive’ or just passing by, then an argument can be made that wisdom is at play near the client. It this wisdom wise or a deception? That is the question.

Spider: The appearance of the spider often indicates that one’s hard will is going to pay off. The appearance of a spider’s web is rare, but a strong indication a trap is near the client.

Star: A good omen image. The star foretells of good health and happiness. If one is in difficulties now, then be hopeful.

Sun: The image of the sun is about power. Often it can indicate the powerful people are about to side with the client in some pursuit. Or, that spiritual forces will align to assist the client.

Sword: The sword is a strong signal the conflict will begin soon, and this conflict could be serious. However, the message of the sword is that the client can ultimate prevail.

Table: The image of a table is a message that some sort of important social gathering is about to occur. The client will be invited and it is important that they attend. What will be discovered at this gathering is unknown, but it will be important.

Tent: See ‘House’ above. An additional interpretation of the tent image is that some truth is being hidden, or possibly a person is hiding from the client for some reason. The client should look to discover this truth or uncover why a friend has turned away from them.

Thimble: One could say that the needle is being blocked (see ‘Needle’ above). Whatever the issue, it is in one’s home. This blocking could be good, or bad. The client may need to have patience to see what is involved in the blockage.

Tortoise or Turtle: This is a unique image to appear in that the appearance of the turtle is more advice that an omen. The client may soon (or recently has) been criticised. This criticism or reprimand is a good thing and the client needs to learn from it. The client’s direction is correct, the journey long, harden one’s shell and keep moving.

Tree: The image of a tree is always a welcome omen. The client’s path is true and long life is possible. One will succeed more often than not.

Triangle: This is a complex image to interpret. The coffee cup reader will need to talk with the client to learn more in order to shed some light on why this image appeared. Triangles are an omen of complex changes to come. Much depends on where the triangle has appeared in the cup. An upward pointing triangle then these changes will be good. A triangle pointed down indicate these changes likely will be unfortunate if allowed to proceed. Spiritual issues likely are involved.

Urn: The appearance of the urn image indicates the client has potentials untapped. More is possible. The client needs only to call on what they have within themselves. The omen is that good fortune is in store. Note: an urn has a lid or is sealed, not to be confused with a vase which is open and has a lip round the edge.

Umbrella or Parasol: Generally, the image of an umbrella is about information that is known and unknown. This information can protect the client or ‘rain on someone else’s parade’. Should the umbrella be closed, then the information is out of sight but could be brought into play when needed. This particular image has much to do with the client and what is going on in the client’s life. Some readers interpret this image differently, such as that the client is prepared for future difficulties or will need to seek shelter soon.

Vase: The image of the vase should not be confused with the image of an urn (see ‘urn’ above). The image of the vase has appeared to advise the client that someone is in need of the client’s help. An opportunity is being offered to prove one’s love or friendship.

Volcano: This is a potent omen. The image of the volcano generally indicates some ugly emotions are bottled up somewhere. Possibly the client is bottling up harmful feeling, or someone close to the client. A volcano on the dark side of the cup is a warning to tread careful regarding these dark, hidden emotions. VOLCANO – harmful emotions

Wasp: The image of the wasp foretells of love and romantic problems brewing, likely someone else is creating these romance difficulties. Whatever the cause, settle the issue quickly, deal with the troublemaker if necessary, or get stung.

Waterfall: A great image to have appear on ones cup. Good things, very good things, are flowing towards the client.

Wheel: This image is a message that one’s fate is in play. Changes are coming either to align you with your fate. A broken wheel can indicate your fortunes will shift negatively and the client will need to get back on the right path. A complete will indicated the client’s future is bright, even with the coming changes. Go with the flow.

Wolf: The question is this: Is the image that has appeared that of a dog or a wolf (see ‘dog’ above). It takes a good psychic coffee reader to sense the truth about this image. If the image is a wolf, the something is amiss somewhere. Typically, jealousy or envy is at work. And, whomever is harboring this jealousy is dangerous is some way.

Wood: Wood is an interesting image to appear. The patterns of wood imply that one’s life is going well, perhaps the client does not know this, but should. Things are solid. Generally, a good omen.

Yoke: Generally, when the image of the yoke appears some sort of domination is occurring or is about to occur. This this image a warning to avoid dominating someone else, or to avoid being dominated by another. This is something that needs to be sorted out.

Zebra or Zebra Strips: This is a fun image to appear. It indicates that adventure is in store for the client. Perhaps an opportunity to travel or a friend that will involve the client in some sort of adventure. Other coffee cup readers interpret the image differently and some questioning of the client is likely. Some readers see this image as an omen that thing for the client are about to get complicated. Things may not as clear cut as they seem.

As previously stated, there are unlimited images on could see in a coffee cup reading. Hopefully, this humble list of noted interpretations help you grasp the complexity and possibilities of this unique form of divination. Likely psychic coffee cup reading never caught on in the West due to the invention of ugly styrofoam cups. The local Starbucks would be rather different place if the coffee, particularly the richer, thicker coffees, were served in real China cups. Please visit the complete article at Psychic Coffee Cup Readings.

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