Numerology Meanings: What Do the Numbers Mean for Me?

numerology meanings

Humans have searched for consistent methods of divination for millennia upon millennia. We’ve looked to the heavens, the stones, and the certainty of numbers for answers about who we are and what we are meant to do.

Numerology is one of the oldest forms of divination, though the currently codified system wasn’t recorded until 1907. Understanding the various numerology meanings can prove difficult, even for those practiced in the art. Luckily, our guide will show you both how to find your numbers, and what these numbers mean for your life.

How to Find Your Life Path Number

When you wish to contact a numerologist, they’ll most likely take you through the process to find your Life Path Number. In numerology, your Life Path Number resembles your astrological Sun Sign. It offers an overview, a method to the madness that is your soul. It reveals your strengths, talents, weaknesses, ambitions, and greater purpose.

In order to discover your Life Path number, you must add each of the numbers that comprise your birthdate until you reach a single digit. For example, if you were born on the eighth of June in 1965, you’d add the following numbers together:

  • 0+6+0+8+1+9+6+5

Adding these numbers together initially gives you a total of 35. By adding those digits together, you arrive at a Life Path Number of 8.

How to Find Your Destiny Number

Your Destiny Number is a bit more difficult to discover. In order to find it, you must first examine the numerology chart designed by Pythagoras (yes, that Pythagoras) to find out which letters correspond with certain numbers. The chart proceeds as follows:

  • The letters A, J, and S are associated with the number 1
  • The letters BK, and T are associated with the number 2
  • The letters CL, and U are associated with the number 3
  • The letters DM, and V are associated with the number 4
  • The letters EN, and W are associated with the number 5
  • The letters FO, and X are associated with the number 6
  • The letters GP, and Y are associated with the number 7
  • The letters HQ, and Z are associated with the number 8
  • The letters I and R are associated with the number 9

With these number correspondences in mind, to find your Destiny Number, you must add the digits associated with each letter of your name together until only one digit remains. By discovering your Destiny Number, you’ll find the method by which you reach your destined Life Path.

Numerology Meanings 101: Your Path By Numbers

Now that you understand how to calculate your Life Path and Destiny Numbers, let’s dive deeper into numerology meanings. Here’s what each number means for you:

Life Path and Destiny Number 1

As one might expect, the number 1 is linked to action, moving forward, and accomplishing great things. 1s are pioneers, leaders, and independent innovators. At their worst, 1s are bossy and overbearing, using overconfidence to hide insecurity. 1s must remember that, despite their power and strength, need assistance from family, friends, and lovers.

Life Path and Destiny Number 2

As the number of balance, harmony, and emotional sensitivity, 2 seeks to mediate opposing forces. 2s often have powerful innate intuition and psychic abilities. However, this desire to balance opposites and avoid conflict can often lead to 2s feeling unappreciated and seeking external validation. They must recognize that their balance lies within, not without.

Life Path and Destiny Number 3

3s represent the pure essence of creation, the result of two forces becoming more than the sum of their parts. 3s are consummate artists, creatives, and entertainers. They adore making others smile but may wind up feeling misplaced or misunderstood, leading them to withdraw. 3s must find internal quiet and a chance to reset their active minds.

Life Path and Destiny Number 4

4s are practical, logical, responsible, and hard-working to a fault. 4 in numerology represents setting down roots and digging into the physical world, which makes them exceptional realistic planners. However, this stubbornness and solidity can lead to inflexibility and dogmatism. 4s must be careful to think outside the box once in a while.

Life Path and Destiny Number 5

5 is a sensual and free-spirited number. 5s adore embracing their impulses, but this can lead them to impatience and restlessness. Those on life path 5 can struggle with “normal” responsibilities, so they must be willing to find new experiences in their own backyard.

Life Path and Destiny Number 6

Those on Life Path 6 prove natural healers with a strong sense of personal responsibility for friends, lovers, and family members. They make wonderful caretakers for children and animals, but they must take care not to over-parent everything, least of all themselves. 6s must learn to trust in themselves and others.

Life Path and Destiny Number 7

Natural investigators and analysts, the detail-driven 7s pierce through the veil of flaws surrounding any person or system with pointed observations. They are inherent skeptics and critics but must learn to approach life with an open mind.

Life Path and Destiny Number 8

In numerology, the number 8 is associated with power and material wealth. 8s have natural magnetism that makes them born leaders. However, they can become controlling workaholics at their worst. They must be willing to give what they have freely back to the community which supports them.

Life Path and Destiny Number 9

As the highest of the base numbers, 9 is an older soul whose main goal is to seek enlightenment and help others ascend to their level as well. 9 is the number of transformations and ascent. However, this can lead to them lacking an anchor in the physical world.

Understanding the Master Numbers

There are two Life Path and Destiny Numbers which do not get reduced to a single digit: 11 and 22. These are considered Master Numbers, and those who bear them have special paths which connect the physical and spiritual worlds.

Time for a Numerology Recap

If you understand how to calculate your Life Path and Destiny numbers, you can understand numerology meanings on a base level. However, for further insight, you’ll need a well-studied hand. Contact us today by phone or email, and a trained psychic will be ready to help you.

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