What Your Native American Birth Totem Says About Your Spiritual Personality

native american birth totem

Most people know their zodiac sign and quite a few people know their astrology sign or their Chinese zodiac, but few people know what their Native American Birth Totem is.

A Native American birth totem talks specifically about your spiritual personality. The Native American zodiac looks at quite a bit of data to determine what animal most represents your unique traits.

Native American astrology’s main focus is on connectivity, how we connect with our world around us, which is often lost in the many layers in the modern world.

Like most Native American cultures, there is a heavy emphasis on the connection between nature and humans. To learn more about your individual Native American birth totem, read on!

Determining Your Native American Birth Totem

Your Native American birth totem is calculated on the hemisphere you were born on as well as your birth date! Based on this, it will tell you your animal, your element, and your stone.

If you are ever curious about what this information means, curious about your dreams, or just looking for guidance on any love or career moves, you can always contact a psychic specializing in Native People’s topics.

For this article, we will be focusing on the birth totem animals determined by birth dates of people born in the Northern Hemisphere!

The Goose

Dates: Dec 22nd – Jan 19th

Those with the Goose totem have unmatched drive and motivation! These people are thoughtful planners and find security in rules and consistency.

Naturally, these people hold themselves to high expectations and find it difficult when there is a sudden shift or they are unable to meet a goal.

These people have hearts of gold and are able to love fully. They extend this love to themselves when things don’t go quite right and they are able to pick themselves up and try again.

The Otter

Dates: Jan 20th – Feb 18th

Those with the Otter totem are insatiably curious people. The world is their cerebral playground and they love diving into new situations and learning everything there is to know.

People with this totem get swept away by their enthusiasm, curiosity, and knowledge and can tend to be a bit overpowering in conversations and relationships.

However, the energy of an otter is playful and positive and these types of people are quick to make friends with others!

The Wolf

Dates: Feb 19th – March 20th

Those with the wolf totem find themselves most energized by rest and solitude. The trust of a person with this totem must be gained, but if it is they will be truly rewarded.

The wolf is thoughtful, protective, generous and loyal, making them a wonderful friend. Wolves may find themselves leading even when they do not intend to.

The Falcon

Dates: March 21st – April 19th

Those with the falcon totem are synonymous with adventurers! No challenge is too great for people with this totem.

Falcons are creative, motivated, competitive and self-assured. Others may mistake this confidence for having a large ego, but once people get to know those with falcon totems they will be swept away by their spirit and zest for life!

The Beaver

Dates: April 20th – May 20th

Those with the beaver totem are concerned with security. In the real world, those with this totem tend to worry over finances, safety, etc.

However, these people are far from boring. They are quite generous and when they have anything to spare they love to put a smile on other’s faces!

The Deer

Dates: May 21st – June 20th

Those with the deer totem are the friendliest people you can meet. People with this totem go out of their way to show kindness and friendship and are quite talkative.

These individuals love to be the center of attention and will thrive in a career path or a relationship that lets them shine!

The Woodpecker

Dates: June 21st – July 21st

Those with the woodpecker totem love to share the joy with others! They will bend over backward to make those around them happy.

Woodpeckers would be wise to ensure that they are surrounding themselves with supportive friends, as they can easily be taken advantage of. However, when paired with the right people, the woodpecker’s loyalty and joy will shine through!

The Salmon

Dates: July 22nd – Aug 21st

Those with the salmon totem are able to inspire those around them with their confidence and enthusiasm! These people are naturally brave and adventurous.

Despite what you might think, these people do not actually tend to go with the flow. They are driven by deeper meaning and altruistic goals!

The Bear

Dates: Aug 22nd – Sept 21st

Those with the bear totem are loyal and love meaningful friendships. These people often resist change and look to familiar situations as the ultimate security.

These people need time away to recharge and reset, but once they emerge they are supportive and loyal to those in their life.

The Raven

Dates: Sept 22nd – October 22nd

Those with the raven totem have incredible charisma and discipline of character, making them a force in any career they choose!

Despite their high energy, people that fall in this category are able to remain calm and thoughtful in high-stress events, making them a worthy partner and friend.

The Snake

Dates: Oct 23rd – Nov 22nd

Those with the snake totem are known for the level-headedness. It is nearly impossible to ruffle the feathers of people with this personality and they are easy to get along with!

People with this totem can be trusted with secrets. They are flexible in their personal lives and can quickly adapt to sudden shifts.

The Owl

Dates: Nov 23rd – Dec 21st

Those with the owl totem are true observers. They are unmatched as listeners and they are equally as honest.

You can count on these types of people to guide you through tough times, even if they are a bit difficult to read themselves.

Living Your Life Based on your Native American Birth Totem

Now that you know your Native American birth totem, you can think of your spirit animal as a sort of guide or friend throughout your life.

As you notice the similar traits between you and your spirit animal, take this as an opportunity to connect to the nature surrounding you and reflect on your current state of connectivity. Diving deeper into your totem will help you understand your unique responsibilities to the world around you as well as help prepare you for upcoming shifts.

To dig deeper into these topics and to seek guidance, make sure to connect with us so that we can find the perfect psychic for you!

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