Myths Debunked: An Analysis of What a Psychic Can And Can’t Do For You

A Gallup poll found that 26% of Americans believe in the power of clairvoyance and 21% believe that some of us can communicate with the deceased.

These numbers may surprise those of us who know that authentic psychics do exist, and many possess both clairvoyance and the ability to communicate with the deceased.

The proliferation of skeptics is likely the result of the abundance of myths about what psychics can do. These false claims can certainly make the possibility of an authentic psychic seem outlandish!

That’s why we’re here to dispell these myths and answer the question, “What do psychics do?” Read on for answers.

Myth 1. Psychics Are Mind Readers

If the first thing you ask a psychic is, “What am I thinking right now?” you’re not going to get the answer you’re looking for. Psychics are not mind readers. They don’t know what you’re thinking and they can’t tap into all of the minute details about your life or even your day.

Myth 2. Psychics Tell You Exactly What Lies in Your Future

Some people seem to think that a psychic’s goal is to reveal an unbendable truth about the future. That may create quite a bit of skepticism for those who have received a reading that didn’t “come true.” If a psychic says something like, “I see a positive change in your love life coming,” don’t expect that to happen without putting in some effort on your end.

Myth 3. Psychics Deliver Negative News

People who have never received a psychic reading often make the joke that psychics prey on vulnerability by giving horribly negative readings. A good psychic operates under a moral code that does not allow them to reveal information that could hurt a client mentally.

Myth 4. Psychics Can Curse You

Perhaps we can blame Hollywood for this one! Psychics will not curse you if you don’t follow their orders. They don’t possess that power and if they did, they would never use it.

Myth 5. Psychics Are Always “On”

Those who do not possess clairvoyance or other psychic abilities may believe that psychics are using their abilities all day, every day. They may even expect that once they have communicated with a psychic, that psychic holds some kind of responsibility to contact them if something “bad” is approaching.

Psychics do not use their abilities constantly, and they certainly won’t stay tuned into your psychic field after a reading. This would be exhausting and would create far too much mental and emotional strain.

Myth 6. Psychics Are Just Intuitive

Perhaps the biggest myth about psychics is that they are simply intuitive and that readings are nothing more than generalized comments based on what a client has revealed. There are frauds out there who will do exactly that.

However, a true psychic may begin with their intuition to tap into the issues that are troubling you most. From there, they will delve much deeper into your energy field to go beyond what you, yourself, can understand about your feelings or your path. Someone with basic intuition does not have the tools to do this.

Myth 7. Phone Psychics Aren’t Real

Not every skeptic is skeptical of all psychics. Some reserve their skepticism for psychics who do their readings over the phone.

This is an interesting assumption that lies in the belief that psychics must have a physical closeness to a client in order to read them. In reality, it is not your physical presence a psychic needs to tap into, unless they are performing a palm reading. Instead, it is your energetic presence they are seeking, and this can be found from any distance.

What Do Psychics Do?

Now that we’ve discussed what psychics can’t do, let’s talk about what they can do.

Let’s begin with why psychics ask you questions. Humans are complicated beings and experience a myriad of emotions and thoughts all at once at any given time. Before a psychic taps into your energy field, it is beneficial for both of you to briefly discuss what you’re seeking answers to.

For those who feel skeptical about the existence of energy fields, let us note that little scientific research has been devoted to our metaphysical presence. However, a handful of scientists, including a 20th-century professor at Yale University, have found evidence that we do have an energy field. Not only that, but they also found evidence that our energy fields can be used to promote physical and emotional repair and emotional growth.

Once a psychic has tapped into your energy field, they come into contact with your spirit guide. Together, the psychic and your spirit guide note the path that you appear to be on in the present and where that make take you in the future.

This is what a psychic can report to you. Not what your future holds for certainty, but what it may hold and how you may achieve this path or, if it is not the one you desire, how you can avoid it. From there, it is up to you to make the appropriate choices to wind up on the path that you desire.

Finally, some psychics may receive messages from the deceased. They may refer to themselves as “mediums,” as they are a sort of vessel between our world and the beyond. However, mediums can only communicate with the deceased if the deceased wish to be found and have something they need to say or show.

How to Find a Reliable Psychic

Unfortunately, much of the skepticism people may feel regarding psychics is due to the number of fraudulent “psychics” that perform readings. That is why we at the Psychics Directory seek out only authentic psychics who can back up their claims.

If you’re ready to answer the question, “What do psychics do?” on your own, give one of our psychics a call. There are always psychics available to speak with you over the phone. Find out who’s available to speak with you now!

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