Moon Water: The Power of the Moon at Your Fingertips

moon water

Did you know that the moon is more than 4.5 billion years old? The entirety of human history has transpired under the gaze of this lunar body. Since the very beginning of spiritual practices, the moon’s power and wisdom have been recognized as guiding forces.

The moon manifests power over of lives, and the waxing and waning of our mental state are mirrored by this celestial being’s own cycle. Making Moon Water is a great way to tap into this ancient power, realign with the celestial bodies, and create a tool for manifestation and even cleaning! 

If you’re interested in learning how to make and use Moon Water, read on for a complete guide! 

What Is Moon Water?

Moon Water is exactly what the name implies! It’s water that has been charged by the moon.

The moon has a powerful connection with water, as it changes the ocean’s tides. Making Moon Water uses this connection on a smaller scale to manifest your intentions and power them up with the light of the moon. 

Some companies sell bottled Moon Water, and celebrities like Victoria Beckham use it every time they go on a wellness retreat. However, making it yourself is easy, free, and allows you to channel your personal intentions into this healing ritual. 

Pick Your Moon Phase

Before you make your Moon Water, consider what moon phase best represents your goals and intentions. Moon Water from any phase is effective, but some phases have specific qualities that can enhance your life.

Water empowered during the new moon has power for fresh starts and new beginnings, restoring clarity, and setting an intention.

Waxing crescent water is all about taking action, manifesting success, planning, and following through.

First-quarter Moon Water can enrich your feelings of creativity, reduce anxiety, and increase your psychic ability. 

Waxing gibbous water is all about healing and maintaining good health. This type of water is often used in Ayurveda lifestyles to promote good health and prevent illness. 

Full moon Moon Water is full power water, allowing you to channel success and achieve your goals. The full moon is also best for your Prana, the vital force of life and light. 

Waning gibbous allows you to undo curses, any potential bindings, or limitations. 

Third-quarter moon water allows you to break both curses and your own bad habits.

Waning crescent water is about releasing your burdens, finding balance, and major stress relief. 

What About the Eclipse? 

The shadowy nature of an eclipse can overpower the moon and is said to channel only negative and dark energy. For that reason, most spiritualists advise avoiding making Moon Water during the eclipse. Stick to times where you can use the clear white light of the moon. 

How to Make Moon Water

Making Moon Water can be as simple as placing water in the moon, but there are a few extra touches that can really jazz up the elixir you’re crafting. To make your own Moon Water, you’ll need the following: 

  • A container, bottle, or jar
  • A label 
  • Water from any source
  • (optional) crystals of your choosing
  • (optional) ceremonial herbs

Begin by cleaning your bottle with water and some cleansing incense. On your label, note the date of collection and the phase of the moon. 

Then, fill your jar with water. It’s important to note that if you plan on drinking your Moon Water, your water should be potable. If your intended use is primarily ceremonial or for cleaning and bathing purposes, you can use river water, seawater, or any water of your choosing. 

You can also amplify its power by adding crystals. 

Your crystals should be water-safe. They shouldn’t dissolve in water and should be non-toxic. For example, Malachite can be toxic in water.

The best crystals to use in this ceremony are quartz or amethyst. You can also add silver to your water. Silver has properties of purification and protection, so it will imbue those energies to your water.

If you want to use crystals that are not water-safe, you can place them outside the jar. 

As you seal your jar, seal your intentions in with it. These will empower your Moon Water and focus its purpose. Place your jar in the moon for up to three nights in a row. 

You can either leave the jar in the window or outside, under direct moonlight. Make sure to wake up before the sun, and grab your water before sunlight touches it.

How to Use Moon Water

Now it’s time to use your Moon Water! You can use it in almost any way you want. You can use it to drink by itself, or make tea with it.

These beverages can enhance your psychic abilities, and help you achieve your intentions. You can also add it to your bath, to cleanse your aura. This is especially powerful with water charged by the new moon.

You can use it to water your plants or in a flower vase, you can use it in cooking, or add it to your oil diffuser. You can also put it into a spray bottle, and use it in conjunction with white sage to cleanse your home. 

You can also use it in any ceremonies or rituals, place it on your altar, or use it to make rose water. Rose Moon Water is an especially beautiful elixir.

Essentially, anywhere you use water, you can instead use Moon Water for an extra boost!

Start Making Moon Water Tonight 

Now that you understand the power of Moon Water, how to make it, and how to use it, it’s time to get started. The process is simple and straightforward, and the spiritual benefits are vast. After you experience your first bottle, you won’t be able to stop making it. 

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