Involuntary Astral Projection: Reluctant Projectors

It is not common. Whenever it does occur, people are very reluctant to report that it did, or even discuss it with friends or family. What is interesting is that with the advent of the Internet, many people are beginning to be more open about the phenomena and others are beginning to be more accepting of it. We’re talking about being a ‘reluctant astral projector’ or having an ‘involuntary astral projection’ experience. This article is an effort to offer those who may have had such an experience some background and provide a few straight forward answers about this unusual paranormal experience.

Astral Projection verses Near Death Experiences

Astral projection is an out-of-body experience involving the astral (spirit) body leaving the physical body. The out-of-body experience is a phenomena which has been recorded by people, both average folks and those with spiritual dedication, since the beginning of human history. Astral projection, or reasonable descriptions of it, are recorded in ancient Hindu scriptures. The ancient Chinese Taoist also record incidents of astral projection. For all it’s historical roots, astral project remains a poorly understood phenomena, especially in the West where scientists largely reject the possibility of astral project. Astral projectors, those who claim to have achieved astral projection, report being able to travel within this material world and, occasionally, to the ‘astral planes’, a spiritual dimension of ‘light’ that exists between earth and heaven.

Out-of-body experiences are also occasionally reported by those with near death experiences. People who have had near-death experiences which results in out-of-body experiences as NDEs (near death experiencers). Both astral project and near death experiences are forms of out -of-body experiences, but with one big difference: Astral projection is (largely) a voluntary, sought after out-of-body experience where the out-of-body experiences of NDEs are not. The out-of-body experiences by those with near death experiences is brought about by some sort of physical, life threatening trauma. The choice to leave their body is not something that NDEs are seeking (or even thought was possible).

There is some dispute that astral projection and near death experiences are same thing. As with astral projection, the scientific community largely rejects that ANY out-of-body experience is possible, so any chance of a scientific resolution to this dispute is very unlikely in the near future. However, it is fair to say that astral projection and the experience of NDEs can both be classified as out-of-body experiences. There is a small, gray area between these two ‘paranormal’ experiences – what can be called ‘reluctant astral projectors’ or ‘involuntary astral projection’. This is a phenomena where someone suddenly finds themselves in their ‘astral body’ involuntarily, either ‘waking up’ from sleep or emotional shock of some sort. There is no ‘near death’ to the experience (although there are some documented cases where coma patients have reported experiences remarkably similar to astral projection).

Questions & Concerns of Reluctant Projectors/Involuntary Astral Projectors

Before we begin, it is worth noting that much of what we think we know about astral projection in the West is the result of one persons involuntary astral projection, Robert Monroe. After an involuntary astral projection experience, Robert Monroe spent most of his remaining adult life studying and writing about the phenomena, eventually founding The Monroe Institute.
Although astral projections (and out-of-body experiences) are well documented in different cultures and religions, it was Monroe who brought the phenomena of astral projection to Western attention, in fact, he is credited with coining the term ‘out-of-body experience’.
Answers, thoughts below are based on various religious documents and some Western researchers in the field.

Who Most Commonly Experiences Involuntary Astral Projection?
Involuntary astral projection is very rare, but it has been reported for centuries. The most common reports from reluctant projectors come from a few groups. One, the children of and teens of those who’s parents are open about the possibility of astral project. Skeptics say these reports only prove the power of suggestion, but how can we know that unless every case is thoroughly investigated? Younger people may likely have less resistance to experiencing astral projection. Another group is those who have sleep disorders. There are some reports of astral projection-like experiences by those who never heard of astral projection. As mentioned there are also reports of astral projection by coma patients. Reluctant projectors also include some who entered into deep states of meditation with no intent to ‘astral project’ (or even thought it possible). Some who experience an emotional shock (sometimes even faint) have reported ‘looking down at themselves’ as if in an astral body.

Is there some value to astral projection?
That’s difficult to answer. Many people in various spiritual practices spend years working on astral travel. Astral projection is largely considered a spiritual phenomena (especially historically) so there is the value of learning there may be more to life and human capacity, but only if that interests you. It is hard to say that separating the physical and astral bodies for a short time then reuniting them serves some important purpose. Those who have sought out an experience of astral projection say it expands spiritual awareness. Those who have near death experiences report they feel permanently changed having experienced a spiritual dimension outside their body. For those who become reluctant astral projectors, the experience is just shocking, confusing and not particularly spiritually uplifting.

If it’s supposed to be so good, why am I terrified?

Astral projection generally starts with bodily paralysis, possibly with flashes of light at the edge of one’s vision. This is followed by an intense vibration and/or a buzzing sound that blocks out all other sounds. Suddenly one is in his/her ‘astral body’, likely looking at one’s physical body. It is not, if reports are accurate, a warm and fuzzy experience. Even those who claim to practice astral projection say they commonly feel fear and apprehension the closer they get to leaving their physical form (especially the first time they do astral project). It’s safe to say that fear is natural with astral projection. There is just no easy way for the mind to comprehend the body is ‘over there’ while you are ‘over here’. It goes against all the logic and education. Those who have studies astral projection and out-of-body experience suggest that struggling against the process of astral projection can be counter productive, only increasing the fear and confusion. A better possible course is to begin a prayer or affirmation such as "I am safe and protected" and keep repeating it, calming one’s self.

What if I can’t return to my physical body?
You can. It is said that all during astral projection a person remains joined to their physical body by a silver, ‘astral cord’. It is a spiritual cord, a spiritual connection, that cannot be broken. One’s ‘astral cord’ can and will guide a person back into their body. Some involuntary projectors report that their cord literally just pulled them back into their body and voluntary projectors report that, on occasion, the astral cord seemed to decide the astral travel time was over and pulled them back into the body.

What if someone takes over my body during astral projection?
According to those who study and/or practice astral projection there has never been a credible report about someone hijacking another’s body. Think about it this way: Your physical body, astral body and astral cord are all one. Do you worry about someone taking over your arm? Astral project seems to be completely different phenomena than being a psychic medium or clairvoyance. It’s tempting to think that some sort of ‘possession’ is possible give the nature of astral project, but what is known about the phenomena doesn’t remotely support that possible reality. Your body is only for you.

What if I just don’t want to experience astral projection?
Chances are you never will. Again, it is a rare phenomena and those who seek the experience have to work to even get close to achieving it. Should you stumble into astral projection, here are some tips to avoid the experience.

Where astral project seems to occur is in deep meditative states, somewhere between the waking and sleep states. It is possible you are not astral projecting at all, but rather experiencing a lucid dream. Try to avoid lingering in the drowsy state between wake and sleep. Either go to sleep or just get up and do something else until you are tired enough to sleep.

If you meditate, do your meditation in the morning after you get up. Avoid trying to meditate as you go to sleep. Rather, meditate in the evening, then proceed to whatever your evening habits usually are. Some say meditation right before sleep promotes the appropriate ‘vibrational’ state of mind and receptiveness to astral projection.

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Instead of being concerned about involuntary astral projection, be proactive and positive. Before sleep visualize yourself being wrapped in a warm blank of binding light. Should you be religious, offer a prayer for protection and guidance to God, your guardian angel or whomever. Ask your spirit guide to watch over you. Do what works best for you to affirm there is nothing to fear about ‘astral experiences’ and you prefer to live without them. Recorded cases of reluctant astral projectors strongly suggest that once you’ve determined you no longer wish such experience, the experiences with astral project cease. Breaking whatever cycle brought on the unwanted experiences seem to ensure such experiences do not return.

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