How to Interpret Synchronicities and Use Them to Guide Your Life

Have you ever felt out of tune and out of focus? It’s the emotional equivalent of never being able to find a parking spot.

You’re perpetually stranded, helpless, driving in circles and trying desperately to find a place to fit in.

Then something magical happens, and you get a glimpse of the universe at work. You run into old friends while doing errands, you get an unexpected job offer, and you might even meet the love of your life. That’s synchronicity or grace.

If you’ve ever wondered how to enhance the synchronicities in your life, this article’s for you. Continue reading, and we’ll give you a roadmap for discovering deep clues about your true destiny.

What Is Synchronicity?

Synchronicity is a coincidence that is powerful and gives you insight into your destiny.

Synchronicity feels like luck mixed with divine intervention. It works in the same way as an ocean tide does, pulling you powerfully toward your best life.

Imagine that you’re trying to make a career change, but you’re not sure if you’re ready. You’re at the library to return some overdue books, and you see the librarian hanging up a flyer.

Amazingly, an expert in your new field is going to be giving a lecture in a week’s time.

Is it fate? Yes. Synchronicity is intimately connected to your fate.

It is a gigantic, flashing billboard from the universe, printed with clear instructions as to which direction you must take.

Strong Signs from the Universe

The first step toward living in tune with the universe is to find repeating patterns in your life. You may not realize that your dreams have patterns until you start to examine them.

Here are a few common patterns that have a mystical meaning.


Do you have a lot of relatives born in a particular month? Do you notice certain numbers being repeated over and over in your life?

If you always seem to see the number 88, for example, you might be baffled as to its synchronicity meaning. Once you realize that there are 88 keys on a piano, however, you might finally make the connection, take the leap, and start taking lessons.

If you don’t resonate with numbers, that’s okay. There are more ways to access the power of synchronicity.


If you’re on the search for your soulmate, you might be surprised to find that they’ve already graced your dreams. If you have a name that you can’t get out of your head, try to write it down in your journal.

Then, be on the lookout for someone new in your life with that name. If it’s the name of someone you already know, give them a quick call or text to see what they’re up to.

To get more insight into your dreams and daydreams, you might want to consider talking to an experienced psychic. They can do a live tarot reading or astrological reading to help you figure out what the universe is trying to tell you.


Dream journals are a powerful way to encourage synchronicities to occur in your life. Do you feel a connection to a particular animal? Do you ever dream about them?

Animal dreams are often symbolic. If you dream about a skunk, for example, you might need to embrace the feminine aspect of your life more deeply.

Dogs can stand for loyalty, of course, but what if the dog in your dream runs away? What if they won’t come to you when you call them? You might be dealing with an unfaithful friend or lover.

The best way to deal with difficult dreams is to talk about them with someone you trust. You may need to face the truth before you can grow past it and bloom.


Have you ever gotten a piece of music stuck on a loop in your brain? We all have.

What’s weird about these “earworms” is that the lyrics are often related to our lives. Our brains select the appropriate lyrics and play them over and over, hoping that you’ll catch on.

Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind. If you’re having trouble getting rid of a certain thought, musical or otherwise, it might be for a good reason.

How to Encourage Synchronicities

To give your life a tune-up, take a look at your life right now. Are you happy in your job? Do you want to find a long-term romantic relationship?

What are your goals for the next year?

Next, take some time each day to connect with your own kindness and faith. Too often, we develop an adversarial relationship with the universe, holding onto anger and bitterness.

If you start to meditate daily, you may find that you regain a sense of trust and direction in your life. The great thing about meditation is that there’s more than one way to do it.

Common approaches to meditation include

  • Closing your eyes and paying close attention to the rhythm of your breathing
  • Laying down in the sun and relaxing your muscles
  • Keeping a dream journal every morning

Take the time to find out which meditative approach works best for you.

How to Access Your Intuition

If you feel like the universe is trying to connect with you, you’re probably right. There’s an easy way to open yourself up to divine will.

All you have to do is take a walk. You can take a quick walk in the morning before work or a leisurely after-dinner stroll. The time of day doesn’t matter, just the intention.

Before you start your walk, ask for guidance, and the courage to follow that guidance. If you can, choose a route that will allow you to walk in a circle. Try to walk this route at least three times per week and see which doors open up for you.

We have insightful, compassionate psychic advisors who will help you interpret the synchronicities in your life.

You can talk or chat with our psychics any time of day or night. We’re more than happy to share our insights and experience.

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