How To Deal With Ghosts

Ghosts, spirits, apparitions have been reported in every culture since the beginning of recorded history. Even in the most advanced civilizations today, there is always part of the society who has some metaphysical explanation for ghostly, paranormal events. Because ghosts and spirit fall in the realm of the spiritual, science has no means to explore such a phenomena given that science is the pure exploration and explanation of the physical universe. One commonality with ghosts and spirits in all cultures is that they have some connection with the after life’. That is, some form of existence after death. Ghost stories abound in every society.

Ghosts Are Everywhere Why spirits return as ghosts has been a subject of fascination for people since people have been on earth. It is a common theory that ghosts or apparitions are people who return or are ‘stuck’ having died in a violent or abrupt way. They have a “reason” to come back to our world. They have some loose ends that they need to tie up before they are satisfied. The only thing keeping them in this world is this “task” that they think they need to complete. While a spirits return as a ghost might seem simple, sometimes dealing with a haunting can be difficult and some form of ghost help might be appropriate.

Ghosts are often known to be stubborn and sometimes very unreasonable. There is no ‘known’ methodology that works with ghosts and hauntings. Even noted psychic mediums who specialize in “communicating with the dead” often find getting a ghost or spirit to do anything a challenge (this method should not be counted out however as will be discussed later on). Thus, dealing with ghosts can be compared to dealing with an unreasonable and imaginative child. If a ghost wants attention, sometimes it is best to just give it to them. This approach might even be fun for those fascinated with ghosts, ghost hunters and such. Poltergeist can be another matter, since the classic definition of a poltergeist is that they are a disruptive presence.

Ghosts who have been haunting a location or object for an extended time are reported to be the most difficult to deal with. The amount of the time that a haunting has taken place can often be directly proportional to how persistent a ghost can be. Many people who have purchase a property have decided that a ghost or ghosts are just part of the package and decide to simply co-habit with the spirits.

Dealing with a malevolent ghost is particularly challenging Those who work in the paranormal field generally find different strategies have to be used, generally spiritual approaches. What many paranormal investigators are expert at is eliminating all other possible explanations for a ghost, especially a ghost causing trouble. By far, most hauntings and ghostly events can be explained in a more rational way. It is that remaining ‘unexplainable’ situations that make ghosts, spirits and the like such an exciting, interesting field of study.

Depending on the culture, religion or spiritual inclinations of ‘ghost busters’ who are brought in to deal with a troublesome ghost, you are likely to see crosses, holy water, incense and other spiritual items. Some may call for a seance where others may bring a priest. In Asia, especially Japan, there are whole spiritual rituals for dealing with ghosts and spirits within the various Buddhist sects. However, the likelihood of your ever encountering a ‘evil ghost’ is extremely rare. You are more likely to get hit by lighting. That is why, the few times that seriously troublesome spirits are reported, someone makes a movie about it. Those who know about such things almost universally recommend that when dealing this a troublesome ghost you get professional help and advice.

If you don’t know what the ghost wants, how can you be expected to placate it? To deal with this problem, the scientifically minded often try recording a ghost’s presence and see if the ghost will communicate with the researches. This is called Electronic Voice Phenomenon. More often than not however, this type of communication can yield mixed results and rarely results in getting a ghost to move on. The numerous ‘ghost meters’ and various scientific instruments can yeild surprising data on a haunting, however, there is a reason so many ghost hunter groups, ghost explores and paranormal specialists have a spirit medium, or psychic medium as part of the ghost hunting team.

Dealing with ghosts, spirits and other paranormal events depends largely on your attitude, beliefs and personal character. Some people will never see a ghost and could care less. Others seek out haunted places, go ghost hunting for sport and make the pursuit of the paranormal a hobby. A few undertake the scientific approach to explain hauntings. There are people scared to death of ghosts and those who live with them everyday. Frankly, all indications are that ghosts, apparitions, poltergeists and spirits could care less about what people think … they just keep on being ghosts … and let the living figure out how they want to deal with it.

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