How to Cast a Love Spell: The Basics to Get You Started Today

love spell

Did you know that one of the most famous love spells is the Finnish Midsummer spell? This ancient process involves creating bonds with nature to secure love and fertility. But do you know how to create these spells in your own home? Of all magic, love spells are one of the most surprisingly easy to cast. Read on as we give our must-know guide on how to cast a love spell. 

Honey Jar

One of the most common and frequently used love spells is the honey jar method. Honey has been used as a cure-all for a number of ailments since ancient times. Its blend of vitamins, minerals, and sweetness is a natural medication, but it also has a number of hidden properties. 

The idea is that the sweetness of honey creates a bond between people. This can make them be more affectionate to one another, facilitating love. They are not just used to create a new bond, but it is often used as a marriage spell to bring people already in relationships closer together. 

For this spell, you will need a honey jar, alcohol, rose petals and thorns, herbs, a crystal, pen and paper, and a candle. The herb you choose also depends upon your intention and you should do some research into the traditional uses of herbs in spellcasting. 

Performing a Honey Jar Spell

Begin by mixing the honey and alcohol in a jar. You don’t need much of each, but you should ensure they are well mixed. After this, drop in your rose petals, thorns, herbs, and crystals. 

On the paper, write your intentions. It is important that they are written in past or present tense, and not the future. Place this in the jar with the other ingredients. 

Close the lid and give the jar a shake, while thinking about your intentions. Keep thinking and imagining them as you light a candle. Say them aloud and raise the energy by repeating them like an incantation. 

Let the candle burn out then close the spell. The jar should be disposed of at a crossroads. 

Red Candle Love Spell

For this spell, you can use both a pink or red candle depending upon your intention. Both have been used in witchcraft for thousands of years. 

Pink candles are a very pure form of magic that should be chosen if you want true love. Pink is a symbol of purity and love. It is also synonymous with deflecting negative energies. 

Red is a much more passionate color to choose. If you want a spell cast to invoke lust and desire, then it is the ideal choice. 

For this spell, you will need your chosen candle, paper, an envelope, and a pen with ink that matches the color of your candle. You will also need a nail or a small pointed tool. 

Casting a Candle Love Spell

Set your candle upon a clear table. Light it, then write a love letter to the object of your affection. This can be someone you want to attract or someone in a current relationship you want to bring closer. 

When the letter is complete, fold it as tight as possible and place it into the envelope. Seal the envelope using the wax from the candle. 

For the next section, you need to use your small nail or sharp tool. Etch and X in the wax just before it hardens. This is the rune known as Gebu and symbolizes love and partnership. 

After this, you have a choice. You can either mail it to the person or place it somewhere close to your bed. The influence of the spell should not take long to work. 

Salt and Rose Spell

A salt and rose spell can be used for two outcomes. The first is to create positive energy in one’s self. It can increase your own self-confidence, inspiring self-love. 

Its second use is to attract an ex-lover. It can be someone you recently parted with or someone you may have known a long time ago. It is much more ritualistic than the other spells, and as such, it is often better to contact a professional to do these types of spells for you. 

For this spell, you do not need a lot of items. You need some high-quality salt, either rock or bath varieties. Other than this, select rose petals, a candle, and your favorite fragrance or outfit. 

Before you begin, you will need to do some research. In this spell, you need to bond with a chosen deity or god. It can be taken from any culture or religion but must be one who represents what you are hoping to achieve from the spell. 

Performing a Salt and Rose Ritual

Start by running a bath and place your candle around the edge of the tub. Light it, then add your salt and rose petals to the water. Gently lower yourself into the bathtub. 

Start to connect with your chosen deity. Think about them and visualize them. Offer love to them and then offer it to yourself. 

Once the bath is over, drain it off and snub out the candle. Put on your favorite outfit and scent. Take a little time to sit and think about how to give yourself self-love, and meditate for around fifteen minutes. 

Getting Assistance

When casting a love spell, it always helps to get assistance. If you are worried about selecting the wrong materials or doing a ritual incorrectly, then reach out. There are a number of experts online waiting to provide advice.

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