Has The Age Of Aquarius Begun?

Is it the Age of Aquarius, yet? Is it the dawning of Aquarius as the hit 1969 from the musical ‘Hair’ said? Seems a simple question, but in astrological terms the answer is unclear. Could be yes, could be no. What we do know is this: If we are not already living in the Age of Aquarius we are very close to doing so. In a previous article What Is The Age of Aquarius?, we covered that an ‘Age’ is an approximately 2,150 year cycle within the Great Year. The Great Year is about 25,800 years long and is divided between the 12 zodiac signs. We also covered why it seems so difficult to pinpoint exactly when the Age of Aquarius did or will begin.

Each new Age in astrology is dominated by the universal forces or influences as the zodiac sign of that Age. For example, the Age of Taurus, an earth sign, saw the rise of agriculture, religious cults revolving around the bull and many say the beginning of people wearing jewelry. All this follows the same traits that one might expect to see in someone born under the sign of Taurus: A love of the earth, a bullish attitude and a love for beautiful things particularly jewelry. The Age of Aries (god of war and heroes) saw the creation of the ancient Greek Olympics and the worship of heroes and heroic events. Alexander The Great lived in the Age of Aries.

We are currently leaving or have left the Age of Pisces (sometimes called The Piscean Age). A strong characteristic of Pisces is spirituality, so it seems no coincident the Age of Pisces is also sometimes known as the Age of Christianity. To astrologers it is no coincidence that Christianity adopted the symbol of the fish, also one of the symbols for Pisces. The ending of the Age of Aries and the beginning of the Age of Pisces sees more than just the birth of Christianity, there is also the birth of Buddha who establishes Buddhism and Mohammed who establishes Islam. Three of today’s dominant world religions rise with the Age of Pisces. Generally, wars fought in the Age of Pisces are not fought for glory or for kings and conquest, but rather fought over which of humanities values would prevail.

To answer the question "Has the Age of Aquarius begun?" I propose we do not worry so much about pinpointing a time when the Age of Aquarius begins but rather look at the signs the Age of Aquarius is near (or has indeed begun). To do that, first let us take a look at who Aquarius was and the astrological attributes of Aquarius.

Aquarius is not so much a name as it is a title. Aquarius is Latin (‘aqua’ means water and adding ‘arius’ which turns the word aqua into an action). Aquarius is translated as ‘Water Bearer or Water Controller’ or ‘Water Carrier’. Ancient Greek mythology tells a story of how Zeus upon seeing a young boy so beautiful decided to that he had to have this boy by his side. The boy’s name was Ganymede and he was said to be the son of Tros, king of Troy. Naturally, the king was furious and Zeus tried to console king Tros with a gift of the fastest horses ever known (The city-state of Troy would go on to be famous for horse and adopt the horse as it’s symbol) Ganymede would also be elevated to the cup bearer, or water bearer, for the gods. As so was born Aquarius who ensured that Zeus and the other gods would always have a full cup at hand. This tradition of a cup bearer would be continued with the ancient Romans. The wealthy Roman elite would have attractive young men, generally slaves, tasked as cup bearers or water bearers who made sure the master and guests always had a full cup.

Aquarius became known for his quiet intelligence, effective communication and sympathy for humanity. But, it was his rebellious nature that would eventually put him at odds with Zeus. Angered at Zeus was treating humans so poorly Aquarius is said to have rebelled and poured all the gods water to earth causing a massive flood. Zeus at first wanted to punish Aquarius but upon reflection was too fond of and impressed by Aquarius’ intelligence, kindness and spirit. Instead, Zeus made Aquarius immortal and cast his image into the stars as Aquarius, the water bearer, making Aquarius immortal.

When one begins to look at the characteristics and influences of Aquarius, it is not hard to see the Age of Aquarius beginning. Effective communication with the birth of the telephone, TV and the Internet. Certainly the youth of the counter culture movement of the 1960s could identify with Aquarius. With the advent of improved communication, for the first time, everyone could witness the horrors of war as the Vietnam war was broadcast world wide. Young people began to challenge authority, and not just the authority of the government, but also the authority of churches and religious leaders.

Though many believe the counter culture of the 1960s somehow ended with the beginning of the 1980s greed, an argument can be made that the rebellion has only spread and morphed in form. There is the fall of communism, the established order of the old Soviet Russia and then there is the Arab Spring in the Middle East. One only needs to look around the world to see a rising rebellion against many established institutions from banks to governments to religion. And, most often, at the core of this rebellion is a theme: How human being should be treated.

Another aspect to the story of Aquarius is that his abduction was motivated by more than just acquiring a beautiful cup bearer. Zeus also had a sexual motive for capturing Aquarius. Homosexuality was not forbidden in ancient Greek culture. And some scholars say that the story of Aquarius was an effort to establish a certain legitimacy about homosexuality. After all, if the gods indulged in gay relationships, it must make it OK for humanity to do the same. It would be hard to deny that today there is huge discussion about homosexuality and a redefinition of what role homosexuality will play in society. Again, at the core, is a discussion about human rights. It can also be looked upon as a rebellion against those put in authority during the Age of Pisces.

Possibly the most important sign of Aquarius is water and the influence and power of the water bearer. It is difficult to ignore the rising oceans and devastating floods world wide. There are other myths about Aquarius. There is the myth that Aquarius was the first to bring rain to mankind. In Egyptian mythology, it is Aquarius who pours water into the Nile River causing it to rise and flood. Ancient Greek mythology associates Aquarius with the great, world wide flood of 1500 BC. The ancient Babylonian astrologers looked upon Aquarius with suspicion and the constellation was associated with floods and droughts.

Yes, the Age of Aquarius is said to be about the arrival of a new age of peace, love and understanding, but it is also about rebellion, challenging authority over human values. There is also could be a darker side of rising tides, more sever storms, floods and prolonged droughts, that is if one takes the full mythology of Aquarius into account. Free Aquarius Horoscope It would not be surprising to see new discovers soon surface regarding the Lost City of Atlantis given the relationship to water between Atalantis and Aquarius.

If life long, professional astrologers cannot agree on the exact date when the Age of Aquarius began or will begin, it is not so difficult to read the signs of the times to see in astrological terms that, as Bob Dylan once sang, "the times, they are a changing". And, we are only at the beginning of a very long change as the Age of Aquarius descends upon us.

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