What Is The Age Of Aquarius?

Many have heard the term ‘Age of Aquarius’. Most associate the term ‘Age of Aquarius’ with the late 1960s song ‘Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In’ which was part of the hit musical ‘Hair’. The Age of Aquarius is suppose herald the dawning of a new Age for humanity. The entire counter culture revolution that began in the late 1960’s embraced exploring spirituality without the restrictions of religion could be very easily called ‘Aquarian’ in nature. It would not be surprising that another well known term, ‘New Age’, as in the New Age Movement, could be traced back to the idea that the world passes through various ‘Ages’ as explained by astrology. There is a lot of beliefs about what this new Age of Aquarius might bring, but most lack a clear idea of what passing into the Age of Aquarius means.

First, let’s explore what the various ‘Ages’ are as explained in astrology. It takes the Earth about a year to orbit the sun. The ancient Babylonians (and Greeks) divided those 365 days into 12 astrological signs giving each about 30 days. Has The Age Of Aquarius Begun? If the earth had a perfect orbit around the sun, that would be the end of it. But the earth doesn’t have a perfect orbit, the earth has a very tiny wobble that changes where the stars appear in the sky and is only visible over vast amounts of time. You could say the earth has an orbit within it’s orbit. In astrology, this other, lesser known orbit is called ‘The Great Year’ and takes 25,800 years to complete.

Imagine the 12 astrologic signs of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and so forth passing through the heavens above us in a clockwise motion over a year. Now imagine a larger circle that encloses our 12 astrological signs but it flows counter clockwise, or backward (astrologers call this retrograde), and is called the Great Year. Now, take the ‘Great Year’ and divide those 25,800 years by the 12 Zodiac signs and you have the various ‘Ages’ such as the Age of Aries, Age of Taurus and so forth. Each each ‘Age’ lasts approximately 2,150 years. We know what ‘Age’ we are in by the position of the sun within the 2,150 year cycle. If the sun is in the sign of Pisces, then we are in the Age of Pisces.

If all this circular motion makes your head spin, think of it this way: We know the earth’s orbit is not absolutely perfect. There is wobble. In our life time the stars appear constant. So constant, in fact, that we can navigate by them and always know where we are by looking to the night sky. We can go out in our backyard any night and see the same stars pass through each night, every night. However, due to this tiny wobble of earth’s orbit, in 20,000 years, the stars in the sky from your backyard will have changed. People will look up at night and see a different star filled sky. They may be seeing the end of the Age of Aquarius and the beginning of the Age of Capricorn. Who knows, they may even write a hit musical of their own with the song ‘Age of Capricorn’.

This should give you an appreciation of how ancient the art of astrology is. It took thousands of years and hundreds of generations of astrologers to figure out the stars did not, over vast amounts of time, move in an absolutely perfect path across the night sky. And, more importantly, that there was a ‘Great Year’ over 25,800 years long that contained 12 ‘Ages’. One can also see why scientific astronomy is the child of astrology owing much of it’s history and records to ancient astrologers. Some say astrology began over 25,000 years ago when mankind first creating cave paintings to track the movement of the moon and stars. Historians say Babylonian astrology dates back to 2,000 BC. Some scholars think astrology could be even older and date back to 3,000 BC. That would make astrology over 5,000 years old.

Each ‘Age’ is marked by the influences and universal forces attributed to a particular astrological sign. For example the Age of Taurus, an earth sign, (approximately 3,800 to 1,660 BC) saw the birth of agriculture and religious cults or idols involving bulls. The Age of Aries, a sign ruled by Mars the god of war and heroes, (approximately 1,662 BC to 498 AD) saw the birth of the Olympics in Greece as well as the age of heroes. As the Age of Taurus ends the influence of the bull is ended with the domestication of cattle. Just as each astrological sign has it’s traits, so each Age is marked with those same traits.

Generally astrologers agree that say humanity has experienced 6 Ages. The Age of Aquarius will be the 7th Age for humanity. With the deep history of astrology and accurate tracking of the stars you would think there would be general agreement about when a particular astrological Age ends and a new one begins. However, the opposite is true.
There is a great deal of debate as when a certain Age ends and a new Age (there is that term again) begins. Part of this has to do with pinpointing exactly when the First Age began. The other reason for this debate is that over such vast amounts of time (with a 25,000+ year mathematical curve there is always a plus or minus tolerance). Ages within the ‘Great Year’ also slightly overlap because some parts of the each zodiac sign overlap in the heavens. Zodiac signs in the heavens are all slightly different in size with some larger than others. So, it is no wonder that over the last century there has been a debate about when the Age of Aquarius did or will begin.

But, perhaps there is another way to examine if the Age of Aquarius has begun. And that is to starting looking at the signs and influences of Aquarius on humanity and the earth itself. In the next article we will look at Has The Age Of Aquarius Begun?

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