Foretelling Fate: What Story Do Hand Lines Tell?

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The majority of Americans, over 55% percent, believe in psychic abilities to heal and foresee the future. Psychics use powers that are rooted in tradition and history to access the present and even the future. They can’t predict every little thing that will happen to you, but they can see characteristics of the future with surprising accuracy.

When you look down at your palms, you might see a jumble of hand lines and folds. To the untrained eye, they’re just hands. To palmistry experts, they reveal your past, your character, and your future.

Think of how much you use your hands – they are your primary tool for interacting with the world. It’s no surprise your hands know you better than you know yourself.

In this article, we’ll give a brief overview of psychic palm readings and their history. So if you’ve ever wondered about palm readings and if they’re the real deal, read on and wonder no more!

Origins of Palm Reading

From murals and tapestries, we can see that palmistry originated in ancient India, where it spread to the rest of ancient Asia. They viewed palmistry as a way to see the person’s fate and personality traits, hidden in the folds of the hand.

Palmistry found its way to ancient China in the Zhou Dynasty. The Zhou Dynasty spanned from 1045 to 256 BC, so that’s over 3000 years ago! Ancient Chinese spiritualists developed palmistry into a set of techniques, documenting it like a scientific procedure.

Eventually, the art found its way to ancient Greece and Rome, where Aristotle found himself enthralled with it. He even taught what he knew to Alexander the Great, another lover of the occult.

Other famous palmists have circulated throughout history, reading the palms of world leaders and celebrities alike.

Josef Ranald read the hands of Hitler, finding him artistic but passionately selfish. He found Mussolini to be vain, and capable of satisfying his own vanity. He even read FDR’s palms, finding him to be a great orator, leader, and businessman.

You can read more about Josef Ranald in this article.

An Overview of Hand Lines

If you look at your hands, you’ll see that your palm lines differ slightly on each side.

One school of palmistry believes that your dominant hand represents your present and future, and can change over time. The nondominant hand represents your past and the traits that you were born with. Under this tradition, palm readers will favor reading the dominant hand.

Another school follows the Chinese association of femininity and motherhood with the right hand and masculinity and fatherhood with the left hand. These palm readers will always read the left hand for men, and the right hand for women.

Both sides have the same lines, with different characteristics. The five main lines are the love line, the life line, the fate line, the wisdom line, and the marriage line.

The Love Line

Usually, you can see three main horizontal lines on the palm, the love line is the topmost one. The love line stretches across the middle of your palm from the pinky side to the pointer finger.

The longer your love line is, the better. A long love line represents a good lover, who is understanding and romantic. A short and straight love line indicates little interest in romance.

If the love line reaches the index finger, this foretells a happy experience in love. If it reaches the middle finger, the palm’s owner usually thinks more about themselves than their significant other. A short love line that reaches the ring finger means the person falls in love easily.

The Life Line

Your life line curves around your thumb in an arc, going from the middle of the wrist to just above the thumb.

Unsurprisingly, a longer life line is better. However, the life line doesn’t correspond to longevity, but instead the quality of life.

A big, clear radius indicates vitality. A small arc indicates that the person is easy to tire. If the start, the thumb side, is broken, they were sick in childhood. If the end, the wrist side, is broken, they could be sick in old age.

A circle in the life line indicates a hospital stay, while a cut indicates a misfortune.

The Fate Line

The fate line, also known as the career line, shows facets of your professional life. This line goes down the center of the palm, from the middle of the wrist to the middle finger.

A straight and clear line indicates very little change in careers. Two lines could mean the person works two jobs, while multiple sections indicate a lot of job changes.

If the life and career lines start from the same point, the person is ambitious and confident. If the career line ends on the wisdom line, they will retire of their own volition.

The Wisdom Line

The wisdom line starts above the thumb like the life line, and curves across the palm between the life and love lines.

The wisdom line shows mental clarity and cleverness. A very curved line shows high creativity, while a wavering line reflects a wavering focus.

If the wisdom and life lines are parallel, the person is brave and outgoing.

The Marriage Line

The marriage lines are short lines under the little finger. Some people have multiple while others have only one. If the person has multiple lines, only the clearest one is read.

A long marriage line indicates that the person has high requirements for their spouse. A line that goes to the ring finger is considered too long and indicates a potential bad union.

Other Hand Topography

These are just a few of the main lines, but there are more including the sun line, the health line, and creativity and popularity lines.

The palms also feature mounts and plains showing personality traits. The mounts are named after the classical planets of astrology: Apollo, Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

A sunken mount shows an underdeveloped attribute, while a prominent mount shows an exaggerated personality trait.

See a Palm Reading Expert

If you’ve been reading this guide while looking down at your hand lines, you’re only getting a brief glimpse into the powerful world of palmistry.

You can’t get an accurate medical diagnosis from googling symptoms, and likewise, you can’t get an accurate palm reading without contacting an experienced, professional reader.

If you’re ready to see what your hands are saying about you, reach out to one of our psychic specialists today to set up some online palm readings!

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