Estelle Roberts: The Early Years

When Estelle Roberts was in her thirties a clairvoyant named Elizabeth Cannock told her, "You are a born medium. You have great work to do in the world.". This hardly seemed likely to Estelle. She considered nothing about herself extraordinary. She was a devoted mother, wife and lived a typical life in a small town outside London. Estelle knew the ability to communicate with spirits was a bit odd, but it also was a private matter. And yet, Mrs. Cannock’s prediction would prove true. Where the United States had it’s Edgar Casey, Britain had it’s Estelle Roberts. She is easily one of the recognizable names in the psychic field in Great Britain.

Born May 10, 1889, Estelle had an ordinary childhood, with a few notable exceptions. She could hear voices talking to her. Eventually, she began to understand that these voices were spirits (calling them her ‘spirit people’). She felt she was as much a part of them as they were of her. Asking her parents about these spirits proved a mistake. Estelle’s father, in particular, felt he had a child with an out-of-control imagination and figured the cure was a swift smack of a belt to help her focus. Estelle was admonished that such things were evil and she was not to speak of them nor involve herself in any way such fantasies.

roberts medium At the age of seven she saw her first apparition – a knight in armor. She yelled to her sister, Dolly, to look. Shocked at a huge knight suddenly appearing, Dolly, fainted. Upon later questioning by parents, Dolly confirmed she saw a knight suddenly appear and the surprise caused Dolly to faint. If it were not for the fact the daughters had been questioned separately about what happened, and each confirming the other’s story, it’s likely Estelle would have been disciplined (again) for her over active imagination.

What Estelle learned early was not to discuss with anyone her connection with spirits. In fact, for years Estelle would live in fear of even revealing her clairaudience and clairvoyance except to her most trusted friends. She found it best to discuss these things mostly with Lionel, her bother who had died before she was born. Estelle also learned to be careful not to appear talking to herself for fear of bring down her parent’s wrath about speaking to imaginary friends.

Leaving school at the age of fourteen, Estelle helped care for the family. She would find work as a nursemaid and serve this family for three years. At eighteen she met Hugh Warren Miles and fell in love with the gentle, generous soul that he was.

Married Life and Tragedy
Estelle and Hugh would have three children and scrape by on his clerk wages. They were happy despite their financial limitations. And, Hugh was very understanding about Estelle’s ‘gift’, though he had no direct interest in her abilities. Sadly, after eight years of marriage, Hugh became ill. He struggled to maintain an income and never recovered his health. Estelle watched over him on his deathbed and wrote how she saw spirits standing vigil with her, eventually recognizing them as Hugh’s deceased parents. When he died, Estelle said she saw his spirit leave his body and become part of the spirit world. Left with little money, Estelle had to move to Hampton, outside London.

Working long hours as a waitress, Estelle did all she could to raise her children with a sense of love and security. The children were aware of their mother’s unique psychic gifts. Actually, Estelle’s clairvoyance became part of game they’d play where Estelle would reveal what the kids had been up to while she was gone, or provide predictions about little events that would soon occur. Sometimes, the children would test Estelle’s clairvoyance by hiding particular items behind their backs and making their mother identify them. Victory was declared when Mom made an error, which was so rare it was cause for celebration at having fooled her.

Neighbors would help put Estelle’s children to bed and watch over them. During this time Estelle met Arthur Roberts. The two would eventually marry allowing Estelle to spend more time with her children. Arthur not just tolerated Estelle’s psychic gifts, he had an active interest in those gifts. At this period of time, Estelle wasn’t so sure what her ‘gifts’ were … or if they were really gifts at all. The stress of having to raise three children alone and working all hours (not to mention the subsiding grief of losing Hugh) now moving behind her, Estelle began to spend a bit more time listening to her ‘inner voices’ in an effort to understand them between. It was clear they were not going away, and neither was her ability to ‘know’ about certain coming events.

Having become friends with her next door neighbor, Estelle mentioned her unique gifts. Estelle’s neighbor, Mrs. Slade, rather than being suspicious of such talk, was actually intrigued by Estelle’s experiences. Mrs. Slade then made a suggestion that would forever change Estelle’s life. Mrs. Slade said Estelle should visit the small Spiritualist Church at Hampton Hill. Perhaps they would be able to shed some light on these mysterious experiences.

Transformation: Acceptance of Mediumship
The first few visits to the church were interesting to Estelle, but the attention she received from the psychic mediums at the church didn’t make her feel at home. Instead, Estelle slightly felt there was some covert effort to convert her to this new religion. Then, a visiting medium named Mrs. Elizabeth Cannock finally directly told Estelle, "You are a medium and have much work to do. Chosen by the Spirit World, you must not ignore the call. Please come and see me after the meeting."

After the meeting, Estelle and Mrs. Cannock meet. Estelle talked of the voices she’d heard, the apparitions and premonitions. She also explained that sometimes she feared that she was hallucinating these experiences and the fear she had her father was right, she was over-imaginative. Mrs. Cannock assured Estelle there was nothing wrong with her. Estelle was a gift medium, one with a natural talent for communicating with the spirit world, and, that Estelle was meant to serve a higher purpose as a psychic medium. Estelle found the explanation comforting, somewhat flattering, but wasn’t buying this story. Estelle felt there was nothing extraordinary about herself. If she was meant to be a medium with some higher purpose, Estelle wanted proof. Mrs. Cannock told Estelle to go home and sit at a table. The spirits would make physical contact with her.

So, Estelle did as suggested. She went home and sat at a table and waited. Nothing. The next night Estelle repeated the ritual. Nothing. After six nights of nothing Estelle was done. She told herself maybe there was something to this psychic mediumship idea, but it wasn’t for her. Estelle lugged the table back to the corner of the room. No sooner did she set it down and turn around when the table jumped up and hit Estelle in the back. Shocked, Estelle ran in panic. The table pursued her, just a few inches behind her. Reaching the other end of the room, and with no where else to run, Estelle stopped and turned. As she did the table dropped to the floor.

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Suddenly, Estelle was flooded with emotion. It was if the world had suddenly turned upside down. She wanted proof. She got. Estelle knew some spirit was behind this and said, "thank you!". Then a figure began to form, back lit with a white light. "You can call me Red Cloud", said a voice. This was to be Estelle’s guardian spirit guide whom would be a constant companion for the rest of Estelle’s life.

The spirit who called himself Red Cloud explained that all Estelle’s previous experiences, with her family, the voices, apparitions, the hardships, were all part of a larger plan to prepare her for the path ahead. And, somehow, Estelle knew it was all true. She also knew this was the beginning not of a career, but of a mission.

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