Don’t Be Duped: Common Psychic Tricks to Look For

psychic tricksYou’re at a carnival and the giant “PSYCHIC” sign catches your eye. You decide to stop and get yourself a reading. Visiting a psychic like this can be a fun and enlightening experience, but you have to be careful.

You need to make sure that the psychic is giving you an accurate reading and isn’t in it only to get your money. The good news is that there are tons of telltale signs that someone is a fake psychic.

To help you get the most out of your psychic reading and find someone legit, here are a few psychic tricks that the fakes will use.

1. They Make Claims that Could Apply to Anyone

The most common trick that fake psychics use is to make vague claims that apply to you and everyone else they see regularly. These claims tend to be mostly positive with a little bit of negativity sprinkled in so you believe them.

Fakes will make very broad statements like “you’ve got a lot of potential in life, but your anxiety makes you too afraid to take that next step”. Everyone has some level of anxiety when it comes to making big decisions, so it’s not hard to assume that you have it. Fakes make broad statements that apply to everyone, but they’ll say things in a way that makes you believe that these traits are unique.

These claims will always contain things that you want to hear, but the fake will say them with such confidence that you don’t’ notice that they’re duping you.

2. They Get You to Tell them the Important Information

If you’re visiting a psychic, it’s because you want to be there. They know this, so they will work to get you so caught up in the reading that you start doing their work for them. They will push you into giving them your life story without you even realizing it.

One of the most popular tricks a fake psychic will use is cold reading. It’s when they throw names or family members out and see how you respond. They’ll ‘see’ your mother, or someone who knew her.

If you respond that your mother is still alive, then it must have been a friend of your mother. Before you know it, they’ve identified a pain point and push it, creating an emotional experience because they know that emotions make you more likely to believe them. A real psychic will give you concise information without asking if you know someone who’s name starts with every letter of the alphabet.

Some psychics, many of which you’ve seen on TV, will have audience members fill out forms asking them who they want to contact and some information about them. They’ll then repeat that information, but throw in an emotional moment, such as “your father wants you to know he’s proud of you”. If you have to do their job for them, there’s a good chance they don’t truly have psychic abilities.

3. Past Life Claims

It’s popular for fake psychics to tell you that you were someone influential in a past life. If you’re a woman they may tell you that you were a queen of some country or a famous actress.

People like feeling important, so they eat these sort of claims up. A legit psychic won’t use cheap tricks such as this.

4. They Leave You Hanging

If someone tells you that they have important information to give you, but only if you get an advanced reading, you’re more likely to hand over money to get more information. Fake psychics are likely to use trigger phrases to get you to pay for a more “advanced reading”. Some phrases to look out for are:

  • Your troubles come from a former life
  • I can fix your problems with a more advanced reading
  • You’ve got such a powerful aura
  • You’ve become the victim of a dark and evil spell
  • I saw you in a vision/dream

If one of these phrases come up, don’t give them more money, even if your mind may be screaming at you that it wants to learn more.

5. They Tell You What You Want to Hear

Again, fake psychics only tell you the things that you want to hear. They know their target audience well. For example, they know if they are working with a woman, 9 times out of 10 she wants a love reading.

If a man ventures into their establishment, fake psychics play the odds and assume that they want a reading regarding money or their job.

6. They Will Use Fear Tactics

No psychic worth their salt will use cheap fear tactics in their readings. Fake ones use these tactics to keep you coming back in for more readings. Their goal is for you to make appointments, after all.

They may tell that you’re on a slippery slope and you’ll need continuous advice to keep from going down the wrong path. It’s horrible and manipulative, but it is a method that will keep you coming through their doors.

7. They Claim that You’re Cursed

Similar to fear tactics, they may also claim that you have a horrible curse over your head. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book by fake psychics to use because it works.

They will then follow it up by telling you that they can lift your curse if you come in for more sessions. The biggest sign that it’s a scam is if they start pulling out props, like white candles, to absorb the dark cloud from you.

8. The Psychic Approaches You

A genuine psychic can get little feelings from you but they won’t approach you in public to talk to you about it or pester you to make an appointment. They wait for you to come to them.

Fake psychics are more likely to approach you in public to try and entice you to seek out their services.

Common Psychic Tricks that You Should be Looking For

Getting a psychic reading can be fun and give you a little bit of insight about the current path you’re going toward. Unfortunately, there are some fake psychics out there willing to take advantage of your curiosity. Keep some of these psychic tricks in mind the next time you go in for a reading to stop yourself from getting fooled.

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