Do You Have a Spirit Guide? Here’s What They Are

spirit guideEver have a feeling that something beyond your human reality existed? Do you believe that you are a spiritual being living in a human body? Gaining knowledge about the spiritual world can be a powerful tool for connection and growth.

A spirit guide can provide us with a direct point of contact to a purely spiritual world and can act as a source of guidance. Spirit guides communicate with us in a variety of ways. What’s most important is that we learn how to interpret these signs one by one.

Learning to interpret these signs can take years. Such is the case of a medium, for example, who can pass on messages from our loved ones who have crossed over. But, learning how to hone your powers of spiritual communication to become a medium is no easy task.

Despite whether or not you want to become a medium, you still have spirit guides. These spirit guides can take on many forms and they don’t always make sense to the mind. Sometimes their essence is merely a feeling instead of a visual experience in our conscious mind.

Read on to learn more about spirit guides and their role in the Universe.

Getting to Know Your Spirit Guide

People’s opinions vary on how you can connect with your spirit guide. Some people say that all you need to do is imagine your spirit guide. Others say a guided meditation for meeting your spirit guide is useful.

On the opposite end of the debate, some believers assert that it takes hard work and time to truly know your spirit guides. And people in this camp also believe that you may never know their names nor their stories. They believe that spirit guides aren’t meant to soothe our egos, but to truly gain access to the spiritual realm.

It can be difficult to know the difference between what is spiritual and what is the mind’s way of filling in the gaps. But, what ultimately matters is what you are relying on your spirit guide for. For someone who does intend to become a medium, accurate and strong contact with spirit is necessary.

For people who are looking for personal guidance, encouragement, and inspiration, spirit guides can remain more fluid. This is because the stakes aren’t as high. However, you should learn how to discern from egoic spiritual guidance and authentic spiritual guidance.

Explore the following information to learn more about spirit guides and how they can become an important role in your life.

Your Spirit Guide’s Role

Some people believe that our spirit guides have been with us since the time we were born. Other people believe that we must call upon spirit guides to join us on our journey. But, a common belief between most people who believe in spirit guides is that they are here to help us lead more fulfilling and compelling lives.

Their role is to act a part of your conscience. They can embody your highest values and qualities to achieve an aim that benefits everyone. They embody the essence of love, compassion, and protection.

They are here to support your own soul’s journey to higher awareness. They want to see you fulfill your life’s mission you set out to achieve before you came to the physical world. They are ultimately interested in the evolution of your spirit and the course of mankind.

They are gentle, warm, and encouraging beings. Your spirit guide would never wish harm on you or anyone else. But, they will help you to avoid harm by making certain decisions.

They are your protectors and guides and they want you to be the version of your highest self. Some people also believe that your highest self is also one of your spirit guides. Other forms of spirit guides include angels, ancestors, people who have crossed over, and collective animal spirits.

The Great Spirit, God, or other names for the highest spiritual governing power can also act as a spirit guide.

How to Interact with Your Spirit Guides

There are many ways you can interact with your spirit guides to receive their guidance and support. To start, you need to quiet your mind and open up your energetic field. You can do this by practicing meditation and setting a positive intention to connect with your spirit guides.

Once you are open to your spirit guide’s guidance, then you can start a discussion with them. Ask them questions and see what answers appear from your inner voice. Get still and don’t force any responses.

If you worry your ego could insert itself by using this method, then ask your spirit guide for signs. Signs will provide tangible proof of what your guides are trying to tell you. Signs are very personal everyone, but when you notice a sign a feeling of serendipity will typically overwhelm you.

Another way to connect with your spirit guide is through your dreams. Spirits who have crossed over who you knew in the physical realm may also communicate with you through your dreams. The reason why this occurs is that your mind and energetic fields are more open to it.

When you are awake, you may have certain defense mechanisms in place to prevent spiritual connection. But, in your dream world, these defenses are less active. Keep a dream journal near your bed to track the guidance you receive from your spirit guide.

It’s important to note, however, that the mind may also process events and emotions by dreaming. Notice how you feel during your dream to determine if you’re receiving guidance from a spirit guide or simply processing emotions. Remember, spirit guides are full of love, pureness, and compassion.

Any message you receive needs to match this frequency to be deemed authentic. To gain more guidance on interacting with your spirit guides, it’s a good idea to speak with a psychic medium.

Getting Close to Your Spirit Guide

If you’re interested in getting closer to your spirit guide, then you’ll need to increase your awareness. You can increase your awareness by practicing meditation, going into nature, or by using crystals to cleanse and enhance your energy.

Another way you can get closer to your spirit guide is by seeking the help of a psychic medium. A psychic medium can help you to determine who your spirit guide is and how to best connect with them.

Interested in speaking with your spirit guide through a psychic medium? Contact us today and we will connect you to a psychic medium who you can connect with in a deep and intuitive way.

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