Diamond Power: Myth and Magic Of the Ultimate Crystal

Of all the crystals and gemstones attributed with mystical properties the diamond is considered the most potent. Diamonds have a long history to make the case that few crystals are as untamed, unpredictable or as powerful. Perhaps a diamond’s unpredictable and untamable nature comes from how it is formed. Mother Earth creates diamonds, the hardest natural substance known, from one of the weakest substance known, carbon. Diamonds are formed deep in the earth, from 75 miles to 130 miles below the earth’s surface where intense pressure and extreme heat compresses turns humble carbon into one of the most valued crystals known: The diamond. When you look at a diamond you are looking at an object that is typically between 50 million and 2.5 billion years old. It is no wonder diamonds are considered timeless. They are near immortal.

If you happen to believe in the power of crystals then likely you appreciate that diamonds need to be handled very carefully. Discovoer The Power Of Crystals As the myths and legends we will examine shortly indicate the diamond crystal has long been associated with bringing power, virtue, strength and purity to those who possess them. But diamonds have a darker side. One could say that just as these potent crystals can promote virtues, even provide protection, diamonds also have a history of bringing punishment to those who embrace vices.

In India, where diamonds were first thought to have been mined and traded, diamonds were considered the first among all the crystals and gemstones. Diamonds were ‘pakka’ or fully formed and all other crystals were considered ‘kaccha’ or unripe. The word for diamond in Hindi is vajra which also means thunderbolt. Indian legend has it that diamonds were the result of the deity Indra striking the earth with thunderbolts (given the unique electrical nature of crystals this is rather a fascinating legend).

In India’s ancient Hindi language the word vajra as well as diamonds themselves would come to represent spiritual power, the power of both destruction and creation, death dealing and yet also life giving, the eternal spin of the yin/yang of the universe and immortality. In some Buddhist sects the throne of enlightenment is made of diamond. Diamonds were thought to be so potent that one could wear diamonds and gain the ability to change one’s astrological fate. Throughout India’s history you can find the diamond representative of spiritual strength, power and

Our word, diamond comes from the ancient Greek word Adamant which can be translated numerous ways: As indestructible or untamable, invincible or unconquerable. To the ancient Greeks anything indestructible was considered adamantine. Diamonds to the ancient Greeks were as revered as diamonds were in ancient India. Diamonds were the ultimate crystal that could be used to cut or carve into other crystals and gems, no doubt making diamonds the first among gemstones. Diamonds were thought to be the tears of the gods which had fallen to earth (maybe given that the gods were immortal and thus so must be the tears of the gods?) Greek mythology says that Cupid, the god of love and passion, used diamonds for his arrow’s tip so even the most hardened heart could be pierce. The Greek philosopher Plato wondered if diamonds were not somehow alive, perhaps magical entities given their power, ability to contain light within themselves and an indestructible nature.

The ancient Romans considered a diamond a piece of a star that had fallen to earth. It is no wonder they attributed many magical powers to these pieces of heaven found on earth. As magical talismans diamonds were thought to be able to ward off evil spirits; protect one’s health and vitality; bring forth courage and help attain victory; and have the power to promote harmony between people. During the early Christian era it was thought that holding a diamond in the left hand while making the sign of the cross could help heal injuries. Also, during the early Christian era, gemstones and crystals were chosen to represent the various apostles. Naturally, the diamond was chosen to represent Christ.

In the Medieval period on through the Renaissance diamonds continued to play a prominent role. Diamond talismans were thought to drive off and protect from sorcerers, curses and protect against poisoning. One should remember that diamonds and precious gems were not worn so much as jewelry but as amulets that conveyed to the wearer certain powers or protection. Sleeping with a diamond was thought to help cure illness. A diamond set in gold and worn on the left was said to keep away nightmares; protect one from demons and phantoms; and even calm wild animals one might encounter.

In case you are wondering about how the gold wedding rings and diamond rings came about: During the late medieval period a man and woman would divide a piece of gold or silver between them to formally commit to marriage. Eventually, someone had the brilliant idea to make the divided gold or silver into rings. Diamond wedding rings came a bit later, some say the tradition originating in Italy. No doubt the addition of the diamond was to symbolize a pure, unbreakable bond with the added benefit that diamonds were considered a crystal capable of promoting harmony.

Diamonds were at one time considered a protection against poison. And, this is where the dual nature, that untamable aspect of diamonds, can be seen. Diamonds in powder form can also be used as a lethal poison. A Turkish Sultan poisoned his father in the 15th century to take the throne. Catherine de Medici became famous with her death dealing diamond powder. In Persian mythology when God created the earth without diamonds, gold, rubies or any precious gems or metals. When Lucifer noticed that Eve in the Garden of Eden was attracted to and adorned herself with brightly colored flowers he created gems, gold and silver in an effort to create lust and envy in humans. The Persians claimed a diamond could bring its wearer sorrow and shame should they indulge in impure thoughts or actions.

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In Judaic lore the diamond on the high priest’s breast plate would sparkle or dim in accordance with a guilt or innocence of an accused criminal, and pity the person convicted by such means. In ancient Indian culture black diamonds were considered diamonds of death and associated with the eye of snakes. The ability for diamonds to protect from curses also seems to extend to diamonds carrying to power to punish the impure.

The power and mystique of diamonds continues to this day. Modern New Agers and crystal specialists feel that diamonds benefit the stomach; help improve concentration and assist with brain diseases; help with emotional, physical and spiritual purification. It is thought diamonds can stimulate the crown chakra, the center of spiritual awakening. Some attribute to diamonds special metaphysical properties not unlike what the ancients believed: Diamonds encourage faith, purity, repentance.

Some say that diamonds can enhance clairvoyance, which make them perfect for scrying or crystal gazing. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible for one to gain access to a diamond large enough for crystal gazing. One can only wonder what a gifted crystal gazer could do with a diamond crystal ball. An actual diamond large enough to create such a divinational tool has never been discovered.

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The mystical aspect of diamonds continues on today and seems to parallel much of what ancient mythology taught. Is the mythology of diamonds just that: Myths? Or, could diamonds somehow resonate and magnify particular positive (and negative) energies? Science may say no, but history and the experiences of many says that much has yet to be discovered about the power of crystals, especially the supreme crystal, the diamond.

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Hope you enjoyed this article on the mythology, magic and power of diamonds, the ultimate crystal.