How to Cleanse Your Aura: A Simple Guide to Good Energy

Do you ever have a conversation with someone and walk away feeling out of the blue exhausted or drained? Or maybe you notice that after speaking to someone else you feel renewed and full of life. This has a lot to do with how your aura is interacting with someone else’s.

Your aura is the energetic field that surrounds your body. This field serves a magnet to the energy vibrations around you. If you begin to notice a feeling of heaviness throughout your day or a wave of negative thoughts, this may mean your aura requires a good cleansing.

Keep reading for our simple guide on how to cleanse your aura and get rid of the negative energy holding you back.

What Is Your Aura

Before learning how to cleanse your aura, it can be helpful to fully understand what your aura is. A person’s aura is seen as a reflection of their inner spirit and soul. It is the energy field that you carry around you every day and it is connected to the deepest parts of you.

Because your aura is connected to your soul, it is also connected to your past life or lives and is the ultimate mirror of who you are. If you’d like to learn more about your past life, you can speak to a psychic for guidance.

One of the greatest parts about your aura is that they interact with the world around you. This means that every interaction you have with a living thing becomes an energy exchange, which can be a beautiful experience. But it also means that if you come in contact with a negative vibration, your aura can take on some of that negativity.

Your aura will weaken over time when exposed to negative energy, stress, lack of nutrition, loss of sleep and negative habits. Because your auras are also responsible for the energy you attract, it’s important to keep it cleansed so that good things will always come your way.

How To Cleanse Your Aura

There are a handful of ways that you can cleanse your aura. Each of these methods can be done as often as you intuitively feel guided to do. Play around with these practices to see which feels the best for you. And remember to set your mental intention before beginning any of these aura cleansing rituals.

Mental Cleanse

One of the easiest ways to cleanse your aura is to do so by mental intention. You’ll begin by sitting in a calm and quiet space, either inside of your home or outside in nature. And you may find that cleansing your space before this practice can help get you in the right frame of mind.

Once your space is quiet, you begin some rounds of deep breathing. Continue breathing for around 15 minutes or so paying all of your attention to your inhales and exhales.

After your mind has entered a relaxed state, begin to imagine a bright white light surrounding you. Picture this light flowing through your being and visualize yourself as a part of it.

Smudge Cleansing

The ritual of smudging is ancient and comes from Native American culture. In this ritual, you take dried sage or other smudging herbs and burn them to cleanse a space or, in this case, your aura.

To begin this ritual, light the end of your smudge stick or choice and wait until the flame dies out. Your smudge stick will be left smoking and ready to use. Begin by wafting the smoke around your body.

Start with your crown and slowly move around and up and down your body to your feet. The smoke works to cleanse your aura by interacting with the energy field around your body.

Cleansing Baths

As you may notice with these rituals, they often combine some form of the most basic elements. A cleansing bath or cleansing dip in a natural body of water is a great way to purify your aura and also provide deep rejuvenation to your body.

If you are taking a bath at home, you should add is some form of salt. Either Epsom salt or sea salt will work. Then consider adding in some of your favorite oils like lavender or eucalyptus.

Soak in the bath for as long as you feel necessary and envision your body and aura being cleansed. Then, as you drain your bath, visualize all of the negative energy attached to you going down the drain with the water.

Spend Time In Nature

Mother nature is extremely healing to all aspects of our mind and body. If you feel like you aura needs some love, go on a nice hike or immerse yourself in nature any way you can.

Surrounding yourself with natural elements such as healing crystals, plants, minerals, and natural oils is a great way to bring the outside in if you don’t have nature accessible nearby. This particular form of aura cleansing is less ritualistic than the above mentioned.

All you need to do is spend time with nature in some form. Notice how it makes you feel and visualize the earth supporting you every day. pay attention to small details and allow your senses to be stimulated by what the earth has given you.

If you are outside, walk around barefoot, smell some flowers, and spend time soaking in some sunlight. You will begin to notice that you feel lighter and more in tune.

Take Care Of Your Aura

Now that you know how to cleanse your aura, you will be able to use this practice to maintain positive energy around you. Play around with these options and intuitively find the one that suits you best.

Your aura is important and deserves to have some time to be nurtured. For more energetic guidance, contact us.

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