What Are Angel Cards? This Is How They Differ From Tarot Cards

what are angel cards

Exploring the various divination tools can be a fun and exciting first step toward a deeper connection to your spirituality. There are a number of different options, though, some of the most popular being tarot and angel cards.

In order to get the most out of these cards and actually put them to use, you have to understand what they are and how they work. Sometimes those differences can be subtle, making it a little trickier to have a grasp on what you’re doing.

We’re going to answer a few questions in this article, giving you a little better idea of how to move forward with your divination tools. Namely, what are angel cards and how do they differ from tarot cards?

What Are Angel Cards?

Angel cards are cards that appear similar to tarot cards, although they are very different in terms of their application. Angel cards help you to access information about angels that are watching and guiding you.

Depending on your specific set of beliefs, you can interpret this information however you like. In other words, it’s not necessary to believe in what most people consider to be “angels” in order to use and benefit from a deck of angel cards.

The deck is arranged of a number of cards that seek to serve as symbols for specific angels. For example, angels of hope or angels of success might be included in your deck. It’s thought that drawing a specific card is a way to engage with or summon that particular angel directly.

It’s not necessary to believe in any specific religion or dogma in order to benefit from these cards because it isn’t necessarily the belief of any one religion that there are angels devoted to particular areas of human life like, say, success or friendship. There are certainly some that have beliefs mirroring those ideas, but it’s not as though these cards are strictly Christian or Jewish, for example.

When you draw a specific card, it’s thought that you’re just getting closer to those energies. An angel, in this way, can be considered an energy or the reality of a particular outcome. However you want to think of that energy manifesting in your life or out there somewhere in the universe is up to you.

While we can’t all agree on the existence of “angels,” we can definitely all agree that there are such things as hope, love, success, friendship, etc.

Those energies are what we’re after, and the cards are just tools to get closer to the spiritual aspects of those energies.

What Are Tarot Cards?

Tarot cards are similar to angel cards in the way they work, but they have different applications and uses.

The tarot deck is arranged into a number of different sections, all of which containing various cards that display different symbols. These symbols are relatively specific, although broad enough to be interpreted in different ways.

A tarot reading could go in a number of ways, whereas an angel card reading is aimed at targeting those specific energies we discussed earlier. Instead, tarot readings can be used to see how you’re doing in life, what to expect in the future, various elements of your spirit or personality, and more.

A tarot reading involves trained readers drawing cards from the different areas of the tarot deck and interpreting them. There are different ways to interpret cards and do readings, but the outcome tends to be that the individual who is being read has the other person work with the cards to tell them something about themselves.

There are a lot of people who are skeptical about this process, but most people who go in for a reading will come out a little less skeptical than they were going in. Many people find that a tarot reading i scarily touching, and can actually have a big impact on the trajectory of their lives.

Understanding The Idea of Divination Cards

When you’re thinking about how these cards work and what they actually do, it’s important to remember that they aren’t magic. Nobody claims that tarot cards are magic and that people can read the future from them, or that they draw the attention of spirits or different energies in all cases.

Conducting a tarot reading is more like interpreting an abstract work of art than seeing the future. Those are conducting the readings are accessing nonphysical information and trying their best to interpret what it may mean about your life. There’s certainly a small leap of faith required to actually engage with a tarot reading because not everyone goes around talking about non-physical and spiritual information all of the time.

Some people may not even believe that those things exist. So, in that sense, there is a spiritual element involved that not everyone might be certain is real. That said there’s no harm in trying to get a reading and seeing how it goes, if it isn’t real then you can leave knowing that you were right.

One thing to grapple with, though, is that the different cards and images used to display symbols that are meant to access wide ranges of our subconscious minds. These symbols may seem very striking when they’re pulled at random from the deck because there are probably elements of each symbol occurring in your life at any given time.

A piece of the tarot reading process is using these symbols to dislodge certain ideas or feelings that exist in your subconscious and sending them to the top. The cards can act as a certain permission for your mind to acknowledge these thoughts and allow them to rise to the surface when they might not otherwise.

This is a non-spiritual element of the process that can lead to some radical spiritual results.

Interested in a Reading?

So, what are angel cards and how do they compare to tarot cards? Both are divination tools used to help you access different parts of your life and potentially get a little insight from the various energies present in the universe.

We’re here to help you get on your way toward a more meaningful life through one of these readings. Explore our site for access to readings, materials, and much more.

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